Best Stool Softener For Post Pregnancy


Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful events that every parent wishes to live at least once in their lifetime, but the pregnant experiences some difficulty during and after the pregnancy.

One of the foremost common difficulties that woman experiences are incorrect bowel movement. It may be a question to dear ladies what is bowel movement? Let us explain.

Bowel movement is the final destination of your food’s movement in the digestive tract. Your stool passes out of the rectum and the anus. The stool is made what is after the digestive system. After pregnancy, most women in front with incorrect bowel movements.

“What do you mean by incorrect?” It becomes difficult to let your stool out of your body. So, experts tried finding a cure for it and found stool softener.

It may not be evident to you guys, but we will introduce you to a great website that will answer all the questions that run through your head.

Hipregnancy is a website founded to answer all the questions about pregnancy and anything related. Today we will discuss the best stool softener for post pregnancy and give you ladies a hand.

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But first of all, let’s see what stool softener is.

What is stool softener?

What is stool softener?

A stool softener is a medicine that makes the stool soft, so it passes quickly. It may occur because of conditions such as heart diseases, hemorrhoids, and after pregnancy which is our main discussion.

This medicine comes as a capsule, tablet, liquid, or syrup, which should be consumed from the mouth. People usually take this capsule at bedtime.

Now that you have a little background about stool softeners, we can start the list of the top 5 best stool softeners for post-pregnancy.

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Top 5 best stool softeners post pregnancy

1. Colace stool softener postpartum

Colace stool softener postpartum

This medicine takes the first spot on the list of best stool softeners for post-pregnancy. Colace contains Docusate sodium, which does not have any simulates in it.

Manufacturers say that this medicine works for 12-72 hours which creators describe as a peaceful way to seek relief. This medicine s available as a capsule.

2. Philips stool softener

Philips stool softener

The Docusate sodium in this product is 100% real, and there are no fillers or artificial ingredients anywhere in sight.

The recommended dose by the doctors is 1 or 3 times a day which the creators describe as “easy-to-consume gels in liquid form.”

Philips stool softener will show its effect between 12-72 hours. Philips stool softener is considered one of the best stool softeners for post-pregnancy.

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3. Dulcolax pink

Dulcolax pink

Again, this product shows its effects in 12-72 hours which most doctors recommend for persons who suffer from complex bowel movements.

Founders produced this product as soft gels; each pack of Dulcolax contains 24 soft gels.

Doctors say that probably it’s not going to end up in cramps. Dulcolax pink is number 3 on the best stool softeners for post-pregnancy.

4. Delco ease

Delco ease

Stool softener includes Docusate sodium. The decrease is a stool softener in gelatin soft gel capsules.

Doctors recommend taking it with water r because it has the chance to react with mineral oil.

All of the stool softeners on the list relieve pain in 12-72 hours, except the last one that we will mention now.

This stool softener deserves to be on the list of best stool softeners for post-pregnancy.

5. Organic smooth move tea

Organic smooth move tea

Oh, this is herbal tea, not a pill. The results from this tea are seen after 6-12 hours. This herbal tea ranks fifth on the list of the most delicate stool softeners for use after pregnancy; the only drawback is that its effects wear off more quickly than those of the other options.

Senna, the active component in this tea, is categorized with other medications as a stimulant laxative.

Besides, just to let you know, this herbal tea doesn’t technically consider a stool softener. This medicine is produced for people who struggle with taking pills.

Last but not the least

As you can see, it’s normal for women to experience gastrointestinal issues following pregnancy.

Doctors and experts were aware of that, so they invented a medicine that would relieve your pain as fast as they could: a stool softener.

As you can see in the paragraphs below, all stool softeners contain Docusate sodium which shows that this substance has an intense effect on bowel movement after pregnancy.

Thanks for reading our articles on the Hipregnancy site; we hope our list of best stool softeners for post pregnancy will help you someday.


1. How long to take a stool softener after birth?

After giving birth, many women find that it takes three to five days to use a stool softener before seeing a difference.

2. What is the natural stool softener postpartum?

Some foods, drinks, and remedies can naturally soften stools and ease the process of constipation. For example, probiotics, Epsom salts, and aloe vera may help soften stools.

3. Can stool softeners cause gas in breastfed Babies?

Yes, the stool softener can give your baby gas or diarrhea.

4. What is the best stool softener after a c-section?

Colace is known as the best stool softener for post-pregnancy and is also known and also the best after c-section.

5. Is the stool softener safe for breastfeeding?

We cannot be sure about this because there is no specific answer to it. So, it’s better to talk with your doctor.

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