Can You Eat Blueberry while pregnant?


Pregnancy is a time you need to pay extra attention to your diet; therefore, pregnant ladies should be aware of the foods fall into the category of best food in pregnancy. Blueberry is one of the fruits considered safe for pregnant women. Consuming blueberry while pregnant provides several health benefits for mom and the baby as well.

In this article on Hipregnancy, there is a complete guide to have blueberries during pregnancy. If you are a pregnant woman who loves blueberry, keep reading this article to the end to know all about eating this yummy fruit.

Is it safe to eat blueberry while pregnant?

Is it safe to eat blueberry while pregnant?

Generally speaking, pregnant ladies should add fruits into their diet to support a healthy pregnancy. In other words, fruits are packed with nutrients your body needs to be healthy during 9 months of being pregnant.

Since blueberries are rich in essential nutrients, consuming blueberry while pregnant is considered safe for both the expecting mother and the growing baby. This kind of berry is one of the best fruits for pregnancy, packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants, and phytochemicals.

Eating blueberry during first trimester, second, or third one support overall health as long as it has been thoroughly washed before consumption to prevent food poisoning when pregnant. Consider, you should not overeat blueberries during pregnancy 2nd trimester, 3rd trimester, or even at early stages of pregnancy, due to the following rule which should be followed to the end of pregnancy;

“All pregnancy-safe foods and fruits should be eaten in moderate amounts while pregnant to prevent any possible dangers.”

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Health benefits of blueberry while pregnant

Health benefits of blueberry while pregnant

Now, you know that it is safe to have blueberries in pregnancy, but why? Why are blueberries good for pregnant women and their babies?

Here are common benefits of blueberries during pregnancy, including;

  • Boosting the immune system

Blueberry is rich in vitamin C, which can strengthen the immune system and prevents infections while pregnant. It is good to know that pregnant ladies’ immunity is very low during pregnancy, and they shouldn’t take pills to strengthen the immune system or fight infection.

It is a good idea to eat fruits, such as blueberry or cherries during pregnancy to reduce the risk of illnesses and infections.

  • Preventing and controlling hypertension

This benefit of consuming blueberry while pregnant is related to its potassium levels. Blueberries are packed with potassium, which can prevent and control high blood pressure during pregnancy.

Hipregnancy warns you about hypertension! It can cause less blood flow to the placenta and receiving less oxygen and nutrients by the fetus, result in premature birth, or low birth weight. Therefore, you should eat foods and fruits rich in potassium, like blueberries, banana, and avocado during pregnancy to prevent such issues.

  • Supporting normal weight gain

This tasty fruit is low in fat; therefore, it can keep weight gain in check and prevent obesity during pregnancy. Enjoy consuming blueberry in pregnancy and don’t be worried about excessive weight, as the moderate amounts of this fruit won’t cause any risks.

If you want to learn more about healthy fats, check the article titled good fat for pregnancy.

  • Reducing stress levels

The other blueberry benefit while pregnant is lowering the level of stress during pregnancy. The same goes for jackfruit during pregnancy. These two fruits can help you manage your stress while pregnant and improve the cognitive function of your brain as well.

  • Lowering the chance of constipation

Having fruits such as blueberry and watermelon during pregnancy can help you manage pregnancy-related constipation. Consuming blueberry while pregnant is good for those expecting mothers always complain about constipation, due to its high fiber content.

Can I drink blueberry tea while pregnant?

Can I drink blueberry tea while pregnant?

During pregnancy, it is better to avoid caffeine-containing drinks or drink them rarely. According to studies, pregnant ladies can enjoy drinking blueberry tea, but it is advisable to consult your doctor beforehand.

Hipregnancy recommends you check the ingredient list on the label of blueberry tea before you buy it to ensure about the safety of its ingredients for pregnancy. 

Talk to your healthcare provider about the safe amounts of this tea, follow your provider’s guidelines to support a healthy pregnancy. To know more about teas which can be consumed while pregnant, check best teas for pregnancy.

Blueberry juice while pregnant; safe or not?

Blueberry juice while pregnant; safe or not?

To be on the safe side, you should drink pasteurized juices during pregnancy to avoid food poisoning, caused by harmful bacteria. Fortunately, pregnant ladies can have blueberry juice in pregnancy, but they should avoid unpasteurized varieties.

Checking the label of the juice can help you know whether it is pasteurized. It is recommended not to drink blueberry juice from juice bars or labeled as freshly squeezed. Because drinking this kind of juices of risky for the health of pregnant ladies and their babies as well, as the most of them are unpasteurized.

We recommend you choose pasteurized juices of blueberry while pregnant, like commercially-made one, which are pure and low in added sugars.

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Side effects of eating blueberry during pregnancy

Side effects of eating blueberry during pregnancy

Consuming blueberry while pregnant in moderate amounts is not harmful for you, but having it in large quantities result in the following issues, including;

  • Large amounts of blueberries can trigger allergic reactions, including rashes, asthma, and stomach pain, especially in women with salicylate intolerance.
  • Adding too many blueberries into your diet can lead to digestion issues, like diarrhea and bloating.
  • It can lower your blood glucose level and increase insulin sensitivity.

To prevent any possible dangers, talk to your doctor about the ideal portion size of blueberries that you can have in your diet during pregnancy.


Craving blueberries while pregnant is not bad for expecting mothers, as blueberry is rich in essential nutrients. Pregnant ladies can include this tasty fruit in their meal plans, but only in moderate quantities.

In this article of Hipregnnacy, we provided you the top points you needed to know about consuming blueberry while pregnant. If there is any question regarding blueberries, do share with us via comment.


1. Is it safe to eat blueberry muffins while pregnant?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to consume blueberry muffins during pregnancy. To make your muffins healthier, use whole grain flour, including oat bran, brown rice flour, or quinoa, instead of white flour.

2. What about blueberry pancakes while pregnant?

Blueberry pancakes are safe for expecting mothers. Try those made with whole-wheat flour, flavored with cinnamon, ginger, or vanilla extract. So yummy!

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