Is It Safe to Eat Cake During Pregnancy?


Well, we guess every woman who will read this article is happy about the great happening they are living.

Yeah, we mean the pregnancy. Pregnancy is one of the most significant events that every woman wishes to experience. But our dear ladies, you should be very careful about it. Pregnancy is one of the most sensitive events in your life.

Food craving while pregnant is one of the main events that happens to every woman who experiences the feeling of being pregnant. Sweet craving is one of the most common cravings among pregnant women, which can be dangerous in some way.

Sweet cravings can be one of the symptoms of low sugar in your blood, which can be treated by eating sweets. Cakes are among the leading sweets for pregnant women and everyone craving.

Cakes are one of the most delicious pastries all around the world. But dear ladies, you should be aware that everything accessible to you and your baby can affect both of you, so being careful about it will help you in the future.

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Today, we are going to talk about eating cake during pregnancy. Stay with us, and let’s see that, can we eat cake during pregnancy?

Can we eat cake during pregnancy?

Of course, you can eat cake during pregnancy once in a while. After all, every woman craves different things during pregnancy. But we don’t recommend eating cakes too often during pregnancy.

Having a well-balanced and healthy diet during your pregnancy is better so your child can grow well inside.

Try to eat nutrients and drink a lot of water. As we said, eating cakes occasionally is not wrong, but you should avoid eating them too often.

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Why Should You Not Eat Cakes During Pregnancy? (+ 4 Important Disadvantages)

Why Should You Not Eat Cakes During Pregnancy? (+ 4 Important Disadvantages)

1. Risk of infection by the bacteria

While pregnancy, the immune system of the carrier becomes much weaker than before and they should avoid consuming anything that can infect the body of the mother and the fetus.

The bacteria can enter the tomb. Even a homemade cake can contain salmonella, E. coli, Toxoplasma, and many more bacteria. So, it would be best to be careful when eating cake during pregnancy.

2. Unhealthy weight gain  

Well, gaining weight is one of the essential happenings in a woman’s pregnancy process, but this weight gain should be formed in a healthy way by nutrients, not sugar.

Eating cakes, pastries, fast foods, etc., will make you gain empty calories, leading to unhealthy weight gain and making your journey much harder.

And this is one of the main disadvantages of eating cake during pregnancy.

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3. Cakes may contain alcohol.

“Can you eat cake with alcohol when pregnant?” Some cakes may contain alcohol, such as rum, which can be very dangerous to your baby. Alcohol enhances the flavor of the cake and can cause congenital disabilities and early delivery.

 If someday you want to eat a cake that contains alcohol, think twice. It may cause serious harm to your baby.

4. Unhealthy Supplements

Most cakes that sell outside of the home contain unhealthy supplements such as added flavors or taste enhancers, which can cause damage to your baby.

But if you have a sweet tooth, it’s better to eat healthier options so let us recommend some cake recipes you can make during pregnancy.

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Cakes that you can try during pregnancy

Cakes that you can try during pregnancy

As we said in the last paragraph, there are great cake options that we gathered together for our pregnant ladies so they can have an excellent, healthy piece of cake.

So, let’s get started and see which cakes they can try during pregnancy.

  • Angel food cake

This is one of the best options for dear ladies who like to eat cake during pregnancy.

This cake is made with stiffly beaten egg whites instead of butter. It has a light, fluffy texture, so eating it does not harm. We recommend you do not add sugar because it can be harmful.

Note: Avoid this cake if you have gestational diabetes. (For more on this read gestational diabetes food list)

  • Dark chocolate cake

Dark chocolate and unsweetened products can be very beneficial for pregnant ladies. So, you can eat it once in a while. (Again, we do not recommend you to eat it too often). But be careful that the cake doesn’t contain alcohol in it. (Recommend you read article, the side effects of dark chocolate during pregnancy)

  • Yogurt cake

Yogurt is one of the essential items every pregnant woman should have in her diet because it contains dietary calcium and protein, one of the main bacteria that help digestion.

(Digestion happens by the enzyme, which significantly affects the pregnancy.) it would be best if you consumed it quickly as this cake gets spoiled speedily, and it’s one of the best cakes to eat while pregnant. Recommend you read the article yogurt for pregnant.

Note: Avoid this cake if you have gestational diabetes.

Can I eat birthday cake while pregnant?

It is safe to eat birthday cake made with pasteurized ingredients, including egg, milk, and cream, while pregnant. Just have it once in a while, due to its high sugar and fat levels. Otherwise, it can change into a harmful option for you and may cause issues like high blood sugar levels.

Is carrot cake safe during pregnancy?

Yeah, it also has some benefits for pregnant women. Carrot cake contains vitamin A, one of the essential vitamins you need during pregnancy. Vitamin A significantly affects the fetus’s brain development and should be included in your diet.

Can you eat cake icing when pregnant?

Overall, it is better to have plain cake with no icing while pregnant; however, you can eat cake icing made with pasteurized eggs occasionally. Remember that eating cake icing made with unpasteurized eggs during pregnancy can increase the risk of food poisoning and must be avoided.

Is it safe to eat chocolate cake during pregnancy?

Eating chocolate cake during pregnancy is perfectly safe for dear ladies. It also lowers your risk of preeclampsia and gestational hypertension. Although this cake is safe for pregnancy, it should be consumed in moderation as too much of anything harms pregnant women and the growing fetus.

Red velvet cake during pregnancy

Red velvet cake cake during pregnancy

Red velvet cake is a delicious cake made with flour, eggs, sugar, butter, cocoa powder, and food coloring. Since there is no alcohol and raw eggs in red velvet cake, it is considered safe to eat while pregnant. However, you should have it occasionally. Why? Let’s talk about it in detail.

You know that pregnant women should limit their caffeine intake. Since red velvet cake contains caffeine, you should not have it as one part of your regular meal.

Moreover, this cake contains more than 18 grams of fat per slice. As a result, consuming high amounts of it can lead to excessive weight gain, followed by high blood pressure and gestational diabetes.

Hipregnancy recommends you consult your doctor before including red velvet cake in your diet while pregnant. It might not be a good option for you and the growing baby.

Homemade cake during pregnancy

Homemade cake during pregnancy

You may want to know whether you can eat homemade cake when pregnant. It depends! You can enjoy eating homemade cakes during pregnancy, but some points that need to be taken seriously.

There are three risks associated with consuming homemade cakes in pregnancy, including:

  • Listeriosis is caused by consuming raw and unpasteurized dairy products like cream, milk, and butter.
  • Salmonellosis is caused by eating unpasteurized, raw, undercooked, and not fresh eggs.
  • Toxoplasmosis is caused by eating unwashed or not properly washed fruits, placed on cakes. 

If you use pasteurized ingredients to prepare your cakes at home, cook them thoroughly, and wash the fruits properly, you will not have problems after eating homemade cakes. Try to use pregnancy-safe recipes to lower the risk of health issues.

Craving cake during pregnancy: boy or girl?

Craving cake during pregnancy; Boy or Girl

Food craving during pregnancy is related to hormonal changes; however, an old wives’ tale that says food cravings can help you predict the gender of the unborn baby. There is no scientific evidence to prove this idea, but if you want to know the old wives’ tale about craving cake during pregnancy , let us tell you.

Generally, craving sweets during pregnancy can signify giving birth to a baby girl. Since cake falls into the sweets category , craving it during pregnancy can tell you that your baby is a cute girl. As we mentioned earlier, it is just an old wives’ tale. In other words, you may have sweet cravings but give birth to a baby boy.

Last but not the least

The cake is one of the best-tasting sweets around the world. After all, everyone wants to eat cakes during the day, but dear ladies have to put some limitations until the end of the pregnancy.

As you know, everything accessible to the mother can intensely affect both the carrier and the baby. So, it would be best to be careful about what you eat.

Today, we discussed “Is it safe to eat cake during pregnancy?”.

If any questions about eating cake while pregnant still need to be answered, please share them with us via comment.

The Hipregnancy team is always here to help you!


1.Can I eat cupcakes during pregnancy?

Yes, you can eat cupcakes during pregnancy, but it depends on what kind of cupcake you want.

2.Can you eat Victoria’s sponge cake during pregnancy?

You can eat a piece of Victoria sponge cake during pregnancy, as moderation won’t harm you and your baby.

3.Is rum cake safe during pregnancy?

Strictly no! Pregnant ladies should avoid consuming rum cake during pregnancy, as it contains alcohol forbidden while pregnant. There are many other options that you can eat instead without facing any issues.

4.Can you eat black forest cake during pregnancy?

Since black forest cake is high in sugar and fat, it is not a good idea to include it in your diet while pregnant, especially when you have gestational diabetes. Consult your doctor to see whether you can occasionally eat black forest cake.

5.Can you eat buttercream cake when pregnant?

Since buttercream is made with raw egg whites, you should avoid consuming buttercream cake during pregnancy. Eating this cake can put you at the risk of Salmonella while pregnant. 

6.Can I eat Britannia cake during pregnancy?

Generally, Britannia cake is not a healthy option for regular consumption. To be on the safe side, enjoy consuming safe cakes for pregnancy instead of Britannia cake.

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