Can Pregnant Women Eat Lobster?


Low mercury seafoods are nutrient-dense foods for pregnancy, but what about lobster? Can pregnant women eat lobster? The answer to this question is really important for seafood lovers. If you want to know about the safety of eating lobster during pregnancy, go ahead and read our following article.

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Can pregnant women eat lobster?

Yes! It is safe to eat lobster during pregnancy, but there are some points that you should keep in mind for eating this kind of shellfish. Lobster is the best seafood option for pregnant women, because it is low mercury seafood and a good source of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and omega 3. It can promote brain and mental health as well.


Consider that, you should not eat raw or undercooked lobster while pregnant. Boiled lobster, grilled lobster, lobster salad, lobster rolls and sandwiches are safe to eat for pregnant women. If you want to eat this delicious and healthy seafood, keep in mind these rules;

  • lobster must be fully cooked.
  • It is best to buy fresh lobster and cook it yourself at home.
  • Go to known and reliable restaurants for eating lobster. [1: pregnancyfoodchecker]

Now, you know the answer to this question: Can you eat lobster while pregnant? As we mentioned in the last few sentences, pregnant ladies can enjoy eating lobster if they follow guidelines. In the following part we will cover why it is good to eat lobster pregnancy. Let’s continue.

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Benefits of eating lobster during pregnancy


Here are some benefits of lobster for pregnancy, including;

  • It is rich in protein, iron, zinc, phosphorus, selenium, cooper, magnesium, and vitamin B12 which are the best nutrients for healthy pregnancy.
  • Lobster is great source of lean protein, and it is low in fat and calories. About 3.5-ounce of lobster contains 1 gr fat, 19 gr protein, and 89 calories.
  • It is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for baby’s brain development, fighting against depression in moms, decreasing the risk of preterm labor, and low birth weight. To learn more read article omega-3 while pregnant.
  • Lobster can be prepared in a short time, so pregnant women who don’t have enough time for cooking or don’t like to cook when pregnant, can cook and prepare lobster in a short time, approximately 12-18 minutes.
  • You can serve it in a variety of ways like, in salads, sandwiches, with butter, lemon, etc. [2: healthline]

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How often can pregnant women eat lobster?


Each pregnancy is unique, so it is important to consult a doctor or dietitian about your circumstances during pregnancy, if you want to eat lobster. But in general, it is safe to eat lobster daily in moderation or two-three times a week.

Overall, it is safe to eat lobster during pregnancy. But, it is important to check out the source lobster comes from due to its mercury levels and how it is cooked. The safe option to eat has low mercury levels and is cooked thoroughly. If you pay attention to these two rules, eating lobster won’t cause any problems for you during pregnancy. [3: peanut-app]

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Which lobster dishes are unsafe for pregnant women?


In general, pregnant women should avoid consuming raw or under cooked lobster during pregnancy. Because, harmful bacteria such as, Vibrio Parahaemolyticus exist in raw and undercooked options of this type of shellfish, which lead to food poisoning while pregnant.

Some lobster dishes are unsafe to consume during pregnancy, due to their way of cooking, serving, and even ingredients added to them or used for dressing. Here are three common examples of unsafe lobster dishes for pregnant women;

  • Lobster Thermidor

It is a French dish of lobster meat which is not recommended to eat during pregnancy, because it contains egg yolks (usually raw) and heavy cream, both of with are known to be unsafe for pregnant women to consume.

In addition, it contains Gruyere cheese as topping. Although it is not harmful for pregnant women, it should be double-checked if you want to consume it out. Another reason makes lobster thermidor unsafe is alcohol existing in thermidor sauce.

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  • Lobster Bisque

The reason which makes lobster bisque unsafe for pregnant women is similar to lobster thermidor. Raw egg yolk and heavy cream are thickener in this type of dish lobster and unpasteurized types of them turns this lobster dish to unsafe one to consume during pregnancy.

If you love lobster bisque and are craving for it while pregnant, make it our self at home, and use safe and pasteurized thickener instead raw yolk and unpasteurized cream, in order to make lobster bisque safe to eat.

  • Lobster Ravioli

It is a creamy lobster pasta, which contains ingredients such as cream cheese and egg. Lobster ravioli which a made with soft cheese and unpasteurized egg is unsafe for pregnant women to consume. Therefore, it is better for pregnant women to omit this lobster dish, due to its potential risks. Be aware that, eating pregnancy-unsafe dishes, can put you and even your unborn baby at risk.

Lobster rolls while pregnant; safe or not?


As there are many unsafe lobster dishes for pregnant ladies to consume, there are many safe options which can be eaten while pregnant. What about lobster rolls? Can pregnant women enjoy these kinds of delicious lobster dishes? Fortunately, the answer to this question is yes! Lobster rolls are pregnancy-safe options full of essential nutrients needed for health of the mother and growth of the baby.

Ladies who want to have lobster in pregnancy, can consume lobster rolls while pregnant, which consist of three main ingredients, including bread, fresh, boiled lobster meat, and dressing. There are several recipes for lobster rolls which contain different ingredient, like tomato, avocado, etc.

The only important point is that you should only eat lobster rolls which consist of pregnancy-safe ingredients and don’t have unpasteurized egg in their dressing. If your lobster roll is served with coleslaw on the side, you should skip it, as it usually contains unpasteurized egg.

Hipregnancy recommends you to visit your doctor if you want to eat lobster when pregnant, even before eating safe dishes, such as lobster oil. Because we provide you general guidelines which can be used for all pregnant ladies. But as each pregnancy is unique and has different circumstances, it is better to consult your doctor before eating lobster rolls during pregnancy.

In addition, if you want to eat this kind of dish at restaurants, check the safety of your food ingredients, to not put yourself at the risk of health issues.

Can you eat cold lobster when pregnant?

Studies stated that lobster should be cooked until an internal temperature of 140F to make it a healthy food option. Now, you may think that you can’t eat cold lobster. Is it true? No! You can have cold lobster in the form of salad or even boiled lobster.

Pregnant ladies can have both hot and cold lobster; however, the lobster should be fully cooked. To put it another way, cold lobster cooked before, is safe for pregnancy. Hipregnnacy recommends you eat lobster soon after cooking, as putting it aside can higher the risk of being contaminated with harmful bacteria.

How much lobster can you eat while pregnant?

On the whole, pregnant ladies should include at least 8 ounces and up to 12 ounces of low-mercury seafood in their diet weekly to support a healthy pregnancy. To put it more simply, about 2-3 servings of seafood a week is ideal for pregnant women. The same rule applies to lobster during pregnancy. That means 8-12 ounces of lobster a week is ok for pregnant women.

 Hipregnancy recommends you consult your doctor to find out the adequate amount of lobster you can eat. Because your doctor should check the amount of other varieties of seafood you have in your diet and determine how much lobster you can have in pregnancy.


Lobster is one of the favorite dishes among seafood, but is it safe to consume during pregnancy? Can pregnant women eat lobster? Yes, it is safe to eat lobster while pregnant, but you should follow guidelines for consuming it. Only, thoroughly cooked lobster, which came from sources with low mercury level is pregnancy safe.

Lobster has many health benefits such as, fighting against depression in pregnant women, improving baby’s brain development, as well as decreasing the risk of preterm labor. It is better to consult your doctor before adding lobster to your diet during pregnancy. But generally speaking, it is safe to consume lobster in moderation during pregnancy, or 2-3 time a week.

This article on Hipregnancy covered the top points you need to know regarding lobster and pregnancy. Hope you enjoyed this article. If there are any unanswered questions or missed points, share them with us via comment.


1. Can I eat lobster bisque while pregnant?

If you want to be on the safe side, you should avoid consuming lobster bisque, as it usually contains unpasteurized heavy cream, and is thickened with raw egg yolk. These two ingredients change lobster bisque to pregnancy-unsafe dish.

2. Can I eat lobster ravioli while pregnant?

No, it is better not to eat this kind of lobster dish during pregnancy, as it may contain soft cream cheese and unpasteurized egg, which can put both mom and baby at the risk of infections while pregnant.

3. Is it safe to eat lobster during pregnancy first trimester?

In general, it is safe to consume lobster during first trimester of pregnancy, but it is more advisable to consult your doctor or healthcare provider before adding lobster into our diet during pregnancy, as each pregnancy is unique and has different circumstances. To learn more read article best food for pregnancy first trimester.

4. How much is Lobster mercury level?

Lobster falls into the category of low mercury level seafood and because of that it is known as pregnancy-safe option. The mercury level of spicy lobsters is about 0.09 ppm (parts per million) and North American lobster is about 0.1ppm.

5. Can you eat cooked lobster when pregnant?

Yes, it is safe to eat cooked lobster during pregnancy. Scientifically, consuming fully-cooked lobster in pregnancy provides several health benefits, as this type of seafood is rich in essential nutrients like copper, protein, magnesium, zinc, and iron.

6. Can I eat lobster tail while pregnant?

Yes, of course. Pregnant ladies can enjoy consuming lobster tail, only the full-cooked ones.

7. Can you eat raw lobster in pregnancy?

Strictly no! raw lobster is avoided during pregnancy, as it can put you at the risk of health issues. Listeriosis infection is one of those issues that might happen after consuming raw lobster and other raw seafood options, which is dangerous for the health of the baby. 

8. Can you eat lobster and crab while pregnant?

Yes, lobster and crab are safe types of seafood for pregnant ladies if they are fully cooked before eating. However, it would be best if you consume them in moderate quantities, about two to three servings per week.

9. Can you eat lobster while pregnant third trimester?

Yes, it is safe to consume lobster during pregnancy third trimester as long as it is fully cooked until an internal temperature of 140F. If you want to learn other food options in the last trimester of pregnancy, check what to eat in the third trimester.

10. Is it safe to eat lobster during pregnancy second trimester?

If you cook lobster thoroughly before serving, you can consume it during the second trimester. But, it is advisable to have it in moderate amounts with your doctor’s green light regarding lobster safety for you and your unborn baby.

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