Can You Eat Feta Cheese While Pregnant?


Today for pregnant women, the care and attention to what they eat are critical.

While the woman is pregnant, she should always remember that having a healthy baby is related to her pregnancy. A healthy diet and good care will help during pregnancy, and both baby as well as the mother needs to be safe.

After all, what a woman consumes while she is pregnant is directly related to the baby, and it is the main source of nutrients for the baby.

Many questions have been asked regarding the consumption of certain food items and cheese during pregnancy. One of these questions is: “Can pregnant women eat feta cheese?”

Many are concerned about whether they can eat feta cheese while pregnant.

It should be mentioned that the respective doctor always gives the best advice, but we can guide you through it as well. However, the final say is what your doctor recommends.

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Can I Eat Feta Cheese While Pregnant?

Can You Eat Feta Cheese While Pregnant

As we know, cheese is made with Pasteurized milk, and it is safe for all to consume, even if you are a woman who is pregnant. So feta cheese isn’t foods to avoid during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, you simply have to follow orders. Orders from yourself and your appetite. Women have sudden cravings for certain food items that they desire to consume at that particular moment. In this case, it can even be a feta cheese.

The pasteurization process has the potential to kill a lot of harmful bacteria. On the other hand, the FDA has recommended and approved that pregnant women should consume feta cheese only as it is made from nothing but pasteurized milk.

On the other hand, the CDC or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns women about feta cheese.

It has been stated that feta cheese has some kind of bacteria that is harmful, namely listeria monocytogenes which can even affect the baby. So, if you want to consume feta cheese during pregnancy, you should opt for pasteurized one.

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What Is Listeriosis in Pregnancy?

Listeriosis in Pregnancy

Well, listeriosis is a condition where the food items with listeria lead women to it.

It is known to be very dangerous and has been stated to be the third leading reason for death. If you are pregnant and you consume anything that has listeria, there are chances that the baby will develop the following issues, such as;

  • Paralysis
  • Seizures
  • Issues related to heart
  • Issues with kidneys
  • Disorders in development
  • And last but not least, blindness

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Is Feta Cheese Safe for The Baby?

Is Feta Cheese Safe for The Baby

You should eat pasteurized feta cheese while pregnant as it is safe for you and the development of your baby. As we mentioned earlier, feta cheese, which is prepared with raw as well as unpasteurized milk, is dangerous and can negatively impact you and your baby.

You should take the infection from listeria seriously as it can lead to miscarriage or even premature labor. It is always good to speak to your doctor about your diet while you are pregnant.

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Are There Any Benefits to Feta Cheese While You Are Pregnant?

Benefits of eating feta cheese during pregnancy

Well, pasteurized feta cheese has its benefits. As it is a milk product, it has been considered a good source of calcium, protein, iron, and vitamin D.

Let’s look at it in detail below.

1- Calcium

While pregnant, calcium is one of the most important things for you and your baby. Calcium plays a very important role, and its role is to build strong bones as well as teeth. So make sure you consume calcium.

Keep in mind you cannot consume any calcium you desire. You need to feed on fruits and vegetables that contain calcium, such as feta cheese.

2- Protein

While pregnant, you should consume a good amount of protein as well. It helps in supporting the detailed growth of the baby as well as the development of the brain.

Feta cheese has also been considered a great source of protein. While you are pregnant, you should remember that you need about 60 grams of protein every day.

Add a lot of eggs, fish, meat, nuts, and last but not least, tofu to your shopping list next time you go shopping, as these ingredients are what you need for a good amount of protein.

3- Iron

While you are a pregnant woman, iron is very important for you as you need about 27 milligrams of it daily; this is double the number of women who are not expecting a baby. So this means that iron is very vital for you in pregnancy.

Other minerals are also needed by your body to easily supply blood to your baby and oxygen. Be aware that if you receive less iron, you will be facing issues such as anemia which is a condition that results from nothing but fatigue, and a risk of an increased level of infection in your body.

Feed on items rich in iron, such as poultry fish, dried beans, lean meat, and iron-fortified cereals for the best amount of iron while pregnant.

Recommend you read on article “foods for iron in pregnancy“.

4- Vitamin D

Feta cheese has a good amount of vitamin D, which is highly required by your body while pregnant.

Ensure you consume enough vitamin D, as its deficiency can lead to many issues for you and your child.

It is better to check with your doctor regarding the amount of vitamin D you should consume daily and stick to that for better delivery and a healthy baby.

On a final note, it should be mentioned that you can eat feta cheese while pregnant but make sure it is Pasteurized. Avoid consuming other cheese that is not pasteurized, as you will be risking your life and the unborn baby in you.

Listeria is your number one enemy while pregnant, so avoid it as much as possible.

If you have other related questions regarding your diet and other pregnancy issues, feel free to connect with your doctor and ask for remedies and advice.


Several types of cheese are delicious and increase your appetite. Feta cheese falls into this category. You can eat feta cheese while pregnant, but it is important to remember to consume pasteurized ones. Feta cheese is high in protein, calcium, vitamin D, and iron.

It positively affects on the baby’s growth and development and reduces the risk of health issues. Consider that adding raw or unpasteurized feta cheese to your diet plan can cause listeriosis infection and harms your baby.

If you know any other points about feta cheese and pregnancy, share them with us via comment.


1. Is feta cheese safe during pregnancy?

It is safe to eat feta cheese pregnancy as long as it is made with pasteurized milk.

2. Is feta cheese pasteurized?

Most feta cheese is pasteurized; therefore, consuming feta cheese when pregnant is considered safe.

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