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Can You Eat Halibut While Pregnant?

When we are talking about fish and how you should eat it, there are many opinions, and overall, most of them are correct because cooking and even eating fish can be a matter of personal preference. But meanwhile, there are conditions

Can You Eat Duck When Pregnant?

When addressing the safety of ingesting various kinds of meat during pregnancy, a typical topic that emerges is whether it's okay to eat duck when pregnant. Pregnancy is a period when food choices are examined for the well-being of both

Is Garlic Safe During Pregnancy?

Garlic is a nutrient-dense vegetable used as flavoring in cooking. This vegetable offers medicinal benefits, beside nutritional benefits. But is garlic safe during pregnancy? Can expecting mothers add it to their diet? This is what we want

What Drinks Can Cause Miscarriage?

Pregnancy and the nine-month that a woman goes through to have a baby that would bring light and inspiration to their life is one of the most pleasant durations of some individual's lifespan; however, this duration has its rules and

Can I Eat Salsa While Pregnant?

In this article on our website,, we want to navigate the culinary side of pregnancy; we have chosen to talk about salsa while pregnant. Pregnancy is a journey of transformation, both for your body and soul. As in your

Can I Eat Tomatoes While Pregnant?

Tomatoes are used in different types of foods, like salads and soups, and they are rich sources of essential nutrients. But is it safe to eat tomatoes while pregnant? Are these red juicy fruits safe for the growing baby? The short answer

Can You Eat Scallops While Pregnant?

Since a mother during the pregnancy lasts for two individuals, it is natural to be more conscious of her intake. Everything that we eat shapes our body, and it affects us mentally. Some foods are safe during the trimester, and some are

Can I Eat Ravioli While Pregnant?

Pasta lovers have heard about Ravioli, and it might be one of their favorite Italian meals. This dish is a kind of pasta that can be filled with different ingredients and cooked like a dumpling. The filling is sealed between two squared

Can You Eat Cod While Pregnant?

Food diet is one of the crucial parts of human life, meaning that it can define the way of life and the well-being of every individual. But when it comes to pregnancy, the importance of this matter arises even more. When pregnant, you eat

Can I Eat Pepperoni While Pregnant?

Pepperoni is a famous ready-made dish that has many fans. The delicious taste of pepperoni has made people of different ages eat it. However, eating too much of this food will also be harmful. Pregnancy is a sensitive period for mother and

Can You Eat Crawfish While Pregnant?

What can pregnant women eat? It's one of the various questions, especially in pregnant ladies' heads. They can eat lots of food during their pregnancy. Seafood is one of those many things that many people love to consume, but there are

Can You Eat Calamari While Pregnant?

When you are pregnant, your body goes through a lot of different changes. One of the main changes in every woman is hormonal changes. Hormonal changes have an intense effect on your mood but also affect many other things, such as food