Can You Drink Chamomile Tea While Pregnant?


It is important to know that a pregnant woman shouldn’t use some herbal teas. Some teas, like Chamomile tea, arent safe during pregnancy. If you want to use this tea during pregnancy, you should talk to your doctor first. In this article, we will talk more about Chamomile tea during pregnancy, so read it to the end.

As you know, we can make tea from herbs like chamomile, black tea, and green tea. A cup of tea can make you energetic, and quench your thirst. If you are a fan of a cup of tea, you should know that drinking all kinds of teas isn’t safe during pregnancy.

Do you know which kinds of teas are safe during pregnancy? Which teas shouldn’t be used in this period? It is important to know that some doctors recommend limiting Chamomile tea while pregnant because it may harm the baby.

We will talk more about this kind of tea in this article, so if you want to get more information about chamomile tea and pregnancy, read this article.

Herbal and non-herbal teas

 As you know, there are two kinds of teas. Some of them are herbal, and some others are non-herbal. Non-herbal teas are made from tea plants’ leaves and usually have caffeine. Researchers say pregnant and breastfeeding women should limit caffeine use because a baby can’t process caffeine in her system.

Also, some other foods or drinks contain caffeine, and you should stay away from them during pregnancy.

Black and green tea contain a lot of caffeine so it is better not to use them often. Some other teas other herbal and are made from plant’s roots. These teas are naturally caffeine-free and safe, but if you want to use them during pregnancy, you should first talk to your doctor.

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Is chamomile tea safe during pregnancy?

benefits of chamomile tea while you are pregnant

“I drank chamomile tea while pregnant, can you have chamomile tea while pregnant?” Let’s talk about this in detail.

Chamomile tea has been used since the time of ancient Egypt. It’s one of the best tea for pregnancy. There are different kinds of chamomile tea, such as German or Roman, that the German one is more is more famous.

Drinking chamomile tea has lots of benefits for health, and also it has a calming effect. Chamomile tea includes a dose of antioxidants; it has anti-inflammatory properties.

This popular tea can prevent colds and other kinds of illnesses. Still, Chamomile tea during pregnancy may not be good for pregnant women, and most doctors tend not to use this tea during pregnancy.

If you want to use chamomile tea when pregnant, you should be sure to use commercially prepared chamomile tea because this type of tea is safe for a pregnant woman.

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Using Chamomile tea during pregnancy and its risks

Using chamomile tea during pregnancy and its risk

As we said, chamomile tea has many benefits for tour health and can make you calm and relax. Researches show that chamomile tea may be dangerous during pregnancy because this tea contains anti-inflammatory agents.

The negative effects of chamomile tea during pregnancy may only occur in some pregnant women, so if you want to use this tea, first discuss it with your doctor. Some doctors may limit the amount you drink, while other ones may prefer that you should not drink it at all.

Drinking and not drinking Chamomile tea during pregnancy depends on your pregnancy condition.

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How to drink chamomile tea during pregnancy?

How to drink chamomile tea during pregnancy?

If your doctor is satisfied with using chamomile tea during pregnancy, you can also ask her how much to use. Your doctor should decide how much chamomile tea you can use during pregnancy but don’t forget that you shouldn’t overdrink it. If the doctor objectes to drinking this tea, you can use other beneficial herbal teas.

For example, Nettle tea is safe during pregnancy, and some other doctors may advise drinking red raspberry leaf tea. These two kinds of tea are safe for pregnant women, and most doctors recommend them.

It is better to know that you should avoid drinking herbal teas for weight loss because your supplements may cause complications or interactions with these herbal teas.

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Precautions to take when drinking chamomile tea while pregnant

Here is all you need to know while drinking this herbal tea during pregnancy. Let’s take a look at these vital points, which should be followed to prevent any health issues related to drinking chamomile tea while pregnant;

  • First, you should consult your doctor about whether you can add chamomile tea to your diet. If your doctor agrees with adding this kind of tea to your diet, ask them about a safe dosage that can be eaten daily.
  • The next step is buying tea from reliable sources, which can ensure you, there are no harmful additives in it.
  • It is better to use dried flower heads of chamomile for making tea, as the leaves of this flower can make your tea bitter.
  • The final and also the most important point is to use it in moderation. Generally, pregnant ladies can use 15 grams of chamomile extract to make tea while pregnant. But Hipregnancy recommends you consult your doctor about the safe quantity of chamomile tea if you want to be safe.

If anyone drinks chamomile tea while pregnant but does not follow the above guidelines, it will risk the health of the mom and the baby.

Does chamomile tea help induce labor?

One of the top questions about drinking chamomile tea is linked to its effect on inducing labor. Is it true that you can use chamomile tea to induce labor?

Unfortunately, the answer to the above question is not scientifically proven yet. There is no medical evidence to prove this idea. Therefore, we can’t say that drinking chamomile tea during pregnancy can help labor induction. We know that drinking excessive amounts of this kind of herbal tea can lead to miscarriage and preterm birth.

Drinking chamomile tea in moderation while pregnant has several health benefits for moms-to-be, as we mentioned its benefits in previous parts of this article. Alongside, if you overdo it, you will put yourself at risk of uterine contractions and miscarriage.

Can you drink sleepytime tea while pregnant?

Sleepytime tea is a relaxing tea produced by Celestial Seasonings. You might wonder whether it is safe to drink sleepytime tea pregnancy. This herbal tea contains soothing herbs that can help you feel calm at bedtime,

Since the main components of sleepy time tea are chamomile and lemongrass, drinking sleepy time tea while pregnant is considered unsafe. As mentioned before, drinking chamomile tea can higher the risk of uterine contractions. So, it is best to avoid it or have it in limited amounts during pregnancy.


There is a lot of research about herbal and non-herbal teas, but doctors don’t know whether drinking chamomile tea during pregnancy is safe. According to this sentence, it is better to use caution and ask your doctor about drinking them.

In this article, we tried to give you some new information about Chamomile tea pregnancy and hope you like it. In this part, you can ask your questions via comment, and if this article was helpful to you, share it with your friends.


1. Will chamomile tea cause miscarriage?

Drinking too much chamomile tea first trimester can higher the chance of uterine contractions, resulting in miscarriage and loss of pregnancy.

2. Can I drink chamomile tea while pregnant first trimester?

Drinking a limited amount of chamomile tea during the first trimester is fine, but large amounts of chamomile tea while pregnant should be avoided.

3. Is it safe to drink chamomile tea during pregnancy second trimester?

Drinking chamomile tea during the second trimester is okay, but you should limit your intake due to its possible dangers.

4. Can pregnant women drink chamomile tea third trimester?

Pregnant women can try chamomile tea during the third trimester; however, they must limit their consumption.

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