Is It Safe To Eat Chicory During Pregnancy?


Foods and consumables are essential to us; we humans get less energic and angry and sometimes even depressed when the body does not have enough resources it should.

Eating food and other consumables is rather crucial.

However, when someone is pregnant, they usually have to be more careful with what they eat than someone who is not.

When pregnant and wanting to drink or eat something, you must first speak to your gynecologist or research the consumables you intend to intake during pregnancy.

In this article, the Hipregnancy team wants to tell you about a special drink that has many benefits for the body. However, there are controversies about using this drink when pregnant.

The chicory beverage.

The chicory during pregnancy is the most and first concern of this article, so let’s get started with the statement and see if using chicory while pregnant is ok or not.

We shall begin.

What is chicory?

Chicory is a woody plant native to Europe, but it can be found in China, Australia, and North America. This plant is also known as coffee weed and blue daisy, and it has bright blue flowers (rarely white or pink flowers instead).

Different parts of chicory, like roots, flowers, leaves, and buds, are used for natural remedies as they are rich in vitamins and minerals. It is good to know that chicory can be used in cooking, too. So, if ready, let’s continue to see whether you can have chicory root while pregnant.

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Can I drink chicory during pregnancy?

Can I drink chicory during pregnancy?

The first matter we would like to discuss is safety because, as they say, it is better to be safe than sorry, right? Especially when we are talking about pregnancy, another life is at stake.

We have scavenged the internet and medical documents to discover whether it is safe to consume chicory during pregnancy and have found some fascinating facts.

The FDA and CDC have been conducting experiments on the effect of chicory on pregnant ladies, and the results are fascinating.

Based on an article and research conducted in 2014, these companies declared the chicory “generally safe during pregnancy.” This means that when you are pregnant, you can use chicory drinks; however, as we mentioned, it is generally safe, meaning there are exceptions that you must keep in mind.

And the key to using this fantastic plant safely is the correct dosage, meaning you have to ensure that you take this drink in the right amount.

Also, as we said, some solutions from ancient times, like the traditional Medicinals pregnancy tea.

Now let’s elaborate on chicory while pregnant, so let’s get to the next section.

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Health Benefits of Eating Chicory during Pregnancy

Health Benefits of Eating Chicory during Pregnancy

However, we mentioned that this plant has some side effects, but there is a lot to this unique substance.

This plant has been known for some benefits from ancient times, so let’s see what they are, shall we?

  • Digestive Health

This plant is known for solving digestive and gut issues; therefore, having chicory during pregnancy third trimester might help releive constipation. Remember that we don’t advise using it just because of this fact, and you must consult your specialist first.

  • Blood sugar

This plant can also benefit the blood system; research shows that using this plant as a beverage or food can balance your blood sugar.

  • Anti-inflammatory

As the name suggests, this plant can also help with inflammation, but as we said, ensure that your specialist is on board with this action.

These are some benefits of chicory during pregnancy, but is it safe?

Let’s move on to find out.

Is Chicory Root Safe During Pregnancy?

Is Chicory Root Safe During Pregnancy?

As promised, let’s elaborate on the safety matter of the chicory while pregnant.

There are some basics about having chicory root during pregnancy that you have to know about.

First of all, you have to know that consumption of the chicory can decrease blood saturation, meaning that your blood will flow more straightforwardly, and following this fact, when you bleed, like a nosebleed, you will bleed way more than usual.

This is considered a safety hazard for pregnant women because if the bleeding rate increases and a minor incident happens, there is a possibility of miscarriage.

So, consult your specialist before using the chicory in pregnancy.

Now let’s get to the next section and move on.

How much chicory root is safe during pregnancy?

How much chicory root is safe during pregnancy

Research on this matter shows that there are some dosages for this plant or its roots, but it is a complex matter, so let’s explain.

The matter of dosage in the chicory root is undefined because the vital substance you have to focus on is the inulin extracted from the source of the plant.

So, we hope that it is clear there is no dosage for the roots of the plant, although the powder is something else.

FDA and most gynecologists recommend using 2-3 tablespoons of chicory for every cup of water, and you have to take up to 3 grams daily. However, it is possible to increase this dosage over time up to 10 grams per day; however, your specialist should approve it first.

Now, what about after birth and the breastfeeding period?

Let’s find out.

Is chicory root safe during breastfeeding?

After birth, everything you consume can affect the milk your body produces for the baby, so you have to watch what you eat and drink all the time.

As we mentioned, since ancient times, this beverage has been an alternative to coffee; however, research shows that just like the dosage of the chicory during pregnancy, you have to keep the intake of this substance moderate, and you should obey the rules that we have listed in this article.

However, remember that no side effects are proven in this matter, but you have to talk to your specialist

 because of the nutrition facts.

We insist you talk to your doctor because the human body is different, and you might have a higher tolerance based on the blood tests that your doctor prescribes.

So, once more, make sure that your gynecologist knows about this.

Chicory root induces labor.

Another concern for many expecting ladies is the chicory effect during labor.

As you know, going into labor can be one of the most painful feelings; sometimes, there is bleeding, and you know that the baby is coming and it is time to deliver.

As we mentioned, this plant will make the blood flow more straightforward, and based on this fact, you have to cut out the chicory drinks and even foods that are related to it before the hour’s due time.

It would be best not to use chicory when there is only one week to the labor and the birth date.

Now let’s get to the next section and answer yet another question on this matter:

Is chicory root in tea safe during pregnancy?

Is chicory root in tea safe during pregnancy?

We said that there could be different forms of chicory when you want to buy it, whether in the form of a raw root or powder, but sometimes you can see it as a tea bag.

Now, is it safe to consume chicory tea during pregnancy?

Like any other answer we have given you, you have that it would be safe to use this tea, but you have to control your intake, meaning that you should use it with the suggested amount.

Remember that because the risk in this scenario is the life of the unborn baby, you have to take this matter extra seriously; in other words, you have to avoid the overconsumption of this substance to avoid miscarriage.

Some other teas can have the same impact, so we advise you to read the matcha pregnancy and hibiscus tea pregnancy article.

And FDA has also talked about peppermint tea while pregnantnettle tea pregnancy, and is chamomile tea safe during pregnancy?

Now let’s get to the next section, which would be the last of the article.

Chicory inulin pregnancy

We mentioned that there is something called the inulin inside the root of the chicory, and it gets extracted and then used to mix with water or coffee. Even in some cultures, they would use this substance in the food as well.

Consuming chicory root fiber during pregnancy provides inulin, which can improve digestive health and blood sugar control. But you should have it in limited amounts to prevent possible dangers.

Since this substance is the primary substance of this plant and all of the activities happen via this material, you have to keep in mind that you have to use the exact dosage we suggested.

But the matter is that you will not find the inulin in any market or pharmacy, meaning that when you see a chicory powder, it is probably the inulin.

Research conducted in 2019 by the FDA shows that taking this substance in a large amount is unsafe for pregnant ladies and can cause many troubles.

You can also find out more about the best tea to drink while pregnant, and use them during your expectancy time.

Now, let’s end the chicory during pregnancy article, shall we?

In the end

Chicory is one of the plants that have lots of benefits for the body, but when you are pregnant, your body system is different, meaning your needs will also change.

This article discussed using the chicory while pregnant and some specific conditions you must know about.

And then, we talked about the side effects and the safety of this plant for pregnant ladies.

Keep in mind that the information offered in this article is based on research, and you have to consult your doctor.

As you may understand by now, the dosage is essential when discussing the chicory during pregnancy.

In the end, the Hipregnancy team is thankful that you decided to stay with us till the end of the “Is It Safe to Eat Chicory During Pregnancy?” article; make sure to share our feedback with us, and if you have any inquiries, ask away.


1. Is chicory root inulin safe during pregnancy?

The chicory plant is one of the ancient medical plants; however, using it in pregnancy can have some risks that we mentioned in the article; make sure to check it out.

2. Does chicory root cause miscarriage?

It can do that; this plant has some common effects on the body, so you must know everything about it before even using it for something as simple as tea.

3. What are Fiber one bars and chicory root pregnancy?

As you may know, different substances may have other effects on the body during pregnancy; this is why we have gathered some information regarding this matter in our article. So, make sure that you get all of the information that we have offered.

4. Is it safe to drink chicory coffee during pregnancy?

It is advisable to consult your health professional about whether you can include chicory coffee in your pregnancy diet. Drinking too much chicory coffee during pregnancy can cause uterine contractions, digestive discomfort, and allergic reactions, including tingling, swelling, pain in the mouth, etc.

5. Is roasted chicory in tea safe during pregnancy?

Taking chicory in large amounts is unsafe for pregnant women; however, having limited amounts of roasted chicory in tea is safe during pregnancy. Remember to consult your doctor before adding this tea to your diet.

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