Can I Drink Coconut Water While Pregnant?


Pregnant ladies should be aware of what they drink, since some drinks can cause miscarriage. One of the most popular drinks among pregnant ladies is coconut water. But is it safe to drink coconut water while pregnant? Typically, drinking coconut water in pregnancy is considered safe and good for health. This fact is evidenced by a number of studies on the safety of coconut water for pregnant women.

This article on Hipregnancy is where you can find the answer to your questions regarding drinking coconut water while pregnancy. To learn more about this sweet drink, keep reading this article to the end.

Is coconut water safe during pregnancy?


Pregnancy has many ups and downs when it comes to diet, particularly drinks and beverages you include in your pregnancy diet. Some drinks are safe and some are not. On the whole, it is generally said that drinking pasteurized, and low-caffeine beverages is safe for pregnant women. For instance, drinking moderate amounts of pasteurized orange juice while pregnant is not harmful for mom and the baby.

Coconut water is one of the healthiest drinks on the table for pregnant women, as it is packed with essential nutrients, minerals, and vitamins need to improve your overall heath during pregnancy. It is a fat-free and refreshing drink that can ease your morning sickness which is a common complaint among pregnant ladies.

It is recommended to have pasteurized coconut water while pregnant to minimize the risk of any health issues caused by consuming drinks contaminated with harmful bacteria. While most commercially-made coconut water available at stores are pasteurized and safe for pregnancy, it is advisable to check the label before buying. Let’s walk through the benefits of this yummy drink!

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What is the best time to drink coconut water during pregnancy?


Drinking coconut water at any stages of pregnancy is beneficial, but only in moderate amounts. You may want to know the best time for drinking coconut water while pregnant. Is there any time considered as the best time to drink this beverage? Yes, early morning hours!

Morning is the best time for absorbing nutrients and natural electrolytes. As a result, if you drink coconut water in the morning during pregnancy, its nutrients will be easily absorbed.

Consider, you can enjoy drinking this drink whenever you want, no matter morning or night. It depends on you to choose the time to have. Morning is just a recommended time to have to improve the chance of absorbing nutrients present in coconut water, and to ease morning sickness as well.

There is another refreshing drink that you can have in the morning, named lemon tea. the refreshing scent and taste of this tea can reduce nausea and vomiting, result in make you feel better. To learn more about it, check lemon tea during pregnancy.

When should I start drinking coconut water in pregnancy?


Since pregnancy is a sensitive time, you should be aware of the safety of what you drink during this period, as well as the best time to start having your selected beverages.

The good news is that you can enjoy having coconut water at any time during pregnancy, including first, second, and third trimester. Even, you can drink coconut water at early stages of pregnancy. However, you should have it in moderate quantities.

Your doctor is the best one who can help you how much coconut water is safe for you, based on other foods and beverage that are listed in your pregnancy diet. So, consult your healthcare professional to know the adequate amount of coconut water that you can have in pregnancy.

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What are the benefits of drinking coconut water while pregnant?

benefits of drinking coconut while pregnant

Now, let’s see what the health benefits of drinking coconut water are. The following part will show how you can benefit from coconut water in each trimester of pregnancy;

  • Coconut water pregnancy first trimester

Drinking coconut water while pregnant, especially first trimester, can keep you hydrated. This beverage is about 95 percent pure water, which can be a good option for those who can’t drink an adequate amount of plain water. To learn more about the importance of water for pregnant women, highly recommend you read “how much water to drink when pregnant”.

Moreover, coconut water in the first trimester of pregnancy can ease the symptoms of morning sickness, replace the electrolytes from nausea and vomiting, and replenish lost fluids as well.

Do you want to know what you can eat during the first trimester? If yes, check the best foods for first trimester.

  • Coconut water during pregnancy second trimester

Coconut water can relieve muscle and joint pain, which might experience in the second trimester due to physical changes. Do you want to know how it can relieve joint pain? Let us tell you. Coconut water is packed with magnesium, a great option for relieving your pain.

Furthermore, drinking coconut water while pregnant can soothe acid reflux and provide nutrients needed for fetal development, including calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Consider that calcium is highly needed during pregnancy for growth of the baby’s bone and teeth.

This micronutrient provides many other health benefits. There is a complete guide on the best calcium supplements during pregnancy. To know calcium health benefits, read the mentioned article.

  • Coconut water pregnancy third trimester

Including coconut water in your pregnancy diet can improve digestive health, regulate body PH levels, and prevent constipation, particularly in the third trimester when an extra pressure is on your bowel. The same benefits go for having watermelon during pregnancy.

In addition, drinking watermelon can boost immunity and lower the chance of illnesses during pregnancy. It is an excellent choice for those struggling with preeclampsia or high blood pressure since it is rich in potassium. It is good to know that potassium can regulate blood flow and blood pressure.

If you want to know about other food options that are good for you during the third trimester of pregnancy, look at a helpful article on Hipregnancy titled “What to eat in the third trimester?”.

How much coconut water should I drink while pregnant?


Generally speaking, consuming excessive amounts of anything, even healthy foods, can hurt you. So, it would help if you moderate your intake to have a risk-free pregnancy. You might want to know how much coconut water is safe for you during pregnancy.

Your doctor should tell you how much you can drink coconut water per day. Because your doctor checks the list of foods and drinks in your diet and determines the adequate amount of coconut water your body needs, depending on other items in your pregnancy diet.

It is generally recommended not to drink more than 2 cups of coconut water daily when you are pregnant. But, as we mentioned in our last sentences, it is advisable to consult your doctor to know how much you can have this sweet drink in pregnancy.

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Coconut water in pregnancy fair baby

“Drinking coconut water can give me a fair baby. Is this idea true? Is coconut water helpful in this way?”

You might have heard that drinking coconut water is pregnancy has a relation with giving birth to a fair baby. Let us tell you the truth! Do not listen and think about such ideas, since there is no scientific evidence to prove them.

Having coconut water while pregnant can be good for your health and the developing baby. This is evidenced by a number of cases when pregnant ladies improved their health by drinking moderate amounts of coconut water. But, giving birth to a fair baby is not on the list of its proven benefits.

It should be noted that giving birth to a fair baby depends heavily on genetics, and no proven food or drink makes your baby fair.

Best coconut water for pregnancy

When it comes to drink coconut water while pregnant, there are two options: fresh raw coconut water, and store-bought coconut water.

You may wonder whether it is safe to drink raw coconut water. Drinking unpasteurized coconut water straight from the nut is safe for pregnant women since it is sterile. However, it is recommended to drink it right away. Otherwise, you should refrigerate fresh coconut water.

The other option on the table for pregnant women is commercially-made coconut water, which is pasteurized and safe to eat while pregnant. Some safe brands containing the best coconut water for pregnancy are listed below, including;

  • Harmless Harvest,
  • Vita Coco,
  • Zico,
  • Taste Nirvana,
  • And naked.

Hipregnancy suggests you check the label of commercially-made coconut water before buying. Since your coconut water should be pure and contain no additives or added sugar, checking the label can help you opt for a healthy product.

Side effects of coconut water while pregnant

On the whole, having coconut water is considered safe for most pregnant ladies, but excessive amounts can have some potential risks. Since coconut water is rich in potassium, it can significantly lower blood pressure and even higher the risk of hyperkalemia.

Hyperkalemia happens when there is too much potassium in your blood, which  can result in muscle weakness, heart issues, and even paralysis. As a result, drinking excessive amounts of coconut water while pregnant is a big no-no.

Studies stated that drinking coconut water is not a healthy choice for pregnant ladies with the following issues, including;

  • Low blood pressure
  • Impaired kidney function
  • Severe diarrhea

To be safe, consult your doctor before including coconut water in your diet to minimize the chance of problems.


To conclude, coconut water is a pregnancy-safe drink, as long as taken in moderation. Drinking coconut water while pregnant provides some health benefits, including boosting immunity, reducing symptoms of morning sickness, and improving digestion. Alternatively, excess amounts of coconut water can higher the risk of low blood pressure and hyperkalemia.

his article on Hipregnancy aimed to highlight the vital points regarding drinking coconut water during pregnancy. Hope you enjoyed this article! If still there are any unanswered questions, please share them with us via comment.


1. Is it ok to have coconut water during pregnancy gestational diabetes?

Considering the fact that coconut water should be drunk in moderation, you can drink unsweetened and pure coconut water during pregnancy if you have gestational diabetes. This juice is low in carbs and aids in controlling blood sugar levels.

2. How often to drink coconut water while pregnant?

There are no guidelines for the frequency of drinking coconut water in pregnancy, since it depends on what includes in your diet. However, it is recommended to have less than two cups of coconut water per day.

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