Can I Eat Coleslaw While Pregnant?


Hormonal changes during pregnancy make your immune system weak. Hence, you should avoid consuming pre-prepared and cold foods while you are pregnant to reduce the risk of health issues. Coleslaw is a type of cold and pre-prepared salad that many of you may crave for when you are pregnant. But is it safe to eat coleslaw while pregnant?

The answer to this question is here in this article. Read on the following article on “Hipregnancy” to learn more about consuming coleslaw during pregnancy, whether you can have it in your diet or not.

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Can you eat coleslaw when pregnant?

Can you eat coleslaw when pregnant?

Coleslaw, also known as cole slaw, or slaw, is a kind of delicious salad, containing vegetables and mayonnaise. Other ingredients like raisins and pineapple can be added into the recipe of basic coleslaw and make different variations of this yummy salad.

Now is the time to talk about eating coleslaw during pregnancy! As coleslaw is one of cold dishes, it can be contaminated by listeria. In addition, adding mayonnaise, which is made from unpasteurized raw eggs, to coleslaw can increase the risk of listeriosis infection and salmonella.

Hence, it is better to avoid consuming coleslaw while pregnant if you are not sure about the safety of its ingredients, like used mayonnaise, or vegetables. Furthermore, it is recommended to avoid consuming coleslaw that has come from a large container or has been exposed to the air, as it might be contaminated by bacteria.

Hipregnancy warns you about listeriosis infection and food poising during pregnancy, as these issues can put the health of both mom and the baby at risk. For more on this, see all about food poisoning and pregnancy.

There is good news for coleslaw fans! If you make coleslaw with mayonnaise containing pasteurized eggs (read more on eggs during pregnancy), and properly washed vegetables, you can reduce the risk of food poisoning and enjoy eating this salad when you crave it.

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How to store coleslaw while pregnant to keep it safe?

How to store coleslaw while pregnant to keep it safe?

If you can’t give up consuming coleslaw due to coleslaw craving while pregnant, you should do your best to choose the safe options and follow guidelines to store them. Here is what you are looking for! Read on to learn how to store coleslaw:

  • Consuming coleslaw as fresh as possible should be your priority. Generally speaking, it is more advisable to eat coleslaw short after preparation to reduce the risk of food poisoning.
  • Never leave your salad at room temperature, as it can increase the risk of being contaminated by bacteria. Keeping your salad in the fridge is a better option to store slaw during pregnancy and decreases the risk of health issues.
  • If you want to go on a picnic and coleslaw as one of your food options to enjoy, you should use a cooler to keep your salad fresh and safe to eat during pregnancy.

Now is the time to take a look at frequently asked questions about consuming coleslaw while pregnant, which might be your questions as well. Are you ready? Let’s continue.

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Is it safe to eat store-bought coleslaw while pregnant?

Is it safe to eat store-bought coleslaw while pregnant?

Overall, pre-prepared and cold products fall into the category of what not to eat in pregnancy, as they provide proper conditions for the growth of bacteria. Coleslaw is one of those cold dishes that can’t be cooked to kill the bacteria. Hence, it is not recommended to eat store-bought coleslaw, especially those coming from large containers.

Hipregnancy recommends you not to eat pre-prepared salads bought in supermarkets or stores to reduce the risk of sickness during pregnancy.

Consider your immune system is much weaker compared to others during pregnancy, therefore, it is better not to put yourself and your baby at the risk of health issues by consuming store-bought coleslaw while pregnant.

Is it ok to have coleslaw dressing while pregnant?

Is it OK to have coleslaw dressing while pregnant?

The answer to this question depends on the safety of coleslaw dressing’s ingredients. But generally, coleslaw dressings bought in jars or bottles are safe to eat during pregnancy, as they are pasteurized and contain pregnancy-safe ingredients.

Vinegar, oil, and herbs as seasonings are a few examples of added ingredients to coleslaw dressing, which are safe for pregnant women and their babies as well. Remember, if you want to make mayonnaise-based dressing at home or want to buy it at a store, only choose the mayonnaise made with pasteurized eggs to reduce the risk of salmonella.

In addition, consult your doctor or healthcare provider about using coleslaw dressing, even the safe options. Your doctor can help you choose the best option suitable for you based on your circumstance.

Can pregnant women eat restaurant coleslaw while pregnant?

Can pregnant women eat restaurant coleslaw while pregnant?

Coleslaw available in restaurants should be treated the same way as store-bought coleslaw. This means, even if you have a high desire for eating coleslaw at a restaurant, you should forget your craving and don’t order coleslaw.

Hipregnancy recommends you forget KFC coleslaw while pregnant as it is a restaurant coleslaw should be avoided to increase the risk of health issues.

Even if the coleslaw has been made with mayonnaise containing pasteurized eggs, it should be avoided. This is related to high moisture content of pre-prepared or packaged versions of coleslaw, which makes it a good place for the growth of listeria monocytogenes.

Can I eat homemade coleslaw while pregnant?

Fortunately, there is a safe option for coleslaw fans, homemade coleslaw!

Although it is safe to eat homemade types of this salad, you should consider some points. For example, vegetables used in coleslaw should be thoroughly washed, and the added mayonnaise should be pasteurized. Furthermore, you should not keep the salad too long after preparation, even those kept in the fridge.

Ask your doctor about the adequate amount of coleslaw that can be consumed during pregnancy. But as a general guideline, you should not over eat foods while pregnant, even the safe options. Remember, eating in excess can change the safest option into the worst one!

Is kfc coleslaw safe during pregnancy?

A general recommendation for pregnant ladies is to skip KFC coleslaw and eat homemade coleslaw instead. KFC coleslaw might be contaminated with harmful bacteria and trigger food poisoning while pregnant; therefore, you should avoid consuming coleslaw at KFC or other restaurants.

Since coleslaw is a high-moisture food, if it is made with improperly washed ingredients or not used soon after being prepared, there will be a risk of listeriosis. Listeria infection can cause serious problems, including miscarriage, stillbirth, and preterm labor. As a result, if you want to minimize issues during pregnancy, you should forget about having kfc coleslaw while pregnant.

Pregnancy-safe coleslaw recipe

Here is a simple recipe to have a healthy coleslaw during pregnancy. Let’s continue to see how you can prepare coleslaw at home;

icons8 ingredients 64 Ingredients

  • ¼ white cabbage, shredded
  • ¼ red cabbage, shredded
  • 1 red onion, chopped
  • 2 carrots, grated
  • Mayonnaise
  • Salt and pepper to taste


To prepare this yummy coleslaw, mix cabbage, carrot, and onion together, stir in pasteurized mayonnaise, and add a pinch of salt and pepper to taste. Instead of mayonnaise, you can add fresh lemon juice. Enjoy having your coleslaw, but only in moderate quantities.

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Typically, pregnant ladies crave for coleslaw, which is a pre-prepared, cold salad. Unfortunately, some types of this salad, including store-bought, and restaurant slaw are unsafe for them. However, they can enjoy consuming coleslaw while pregnant if it is made with pasteurized mayonnaise.

In this article on “hi pregnancy”, we covered all the important points and questions pregnant ladies might want to know about consuming coleslaw while pregnant.

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Can I eat tesco coleslaw when pregnant?

It is not recommended to have prepacked coleslaw like tesco coleslaw during pregnancy since it might be contaminated with harmful bacteria such as listeria.

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