Can You Eat Cottage Cheese While Pregnant?


Pregnant ladies should be cautious about what they consume. Some foods must be consumed a lot because of the nutrients, vitamins, and many other things, such as fruits and veggies. But we must say that overeating is not that good, so you must find a balance when consuming different foods and drinks.

One of the main foods that everyone loves is cheese. Cheese has different types. Every kind of it is so delicious and can be added to other foods. Today, we will focus on one specific cheese in this article on Hipregnancy: Cottage cheese.

“Is it safe to eat Cottage cheese while pregnant?” You will find the answer to this question and other questions about cottage cheese and pregnancy.

So, let’s get started.

Can I eat Cottage cheese while pregnant?

Is it safe to eat Cottage cheese during pregnancy?

Yes, cottage cheese is safe during pregnancy, but you must be careful that the cheese is pasteurized.

Usually, the cottage cheese you buy from the outside is pasteurized, or even if they didn’t pasteurize the cheese itself, they used pasteurized milk while making it.

If the cheese or the milk in which cheese is made is not pasteurized, consuming cottage cheese while pregnant is risky because it can increase the risk of listeria contamination.

As we said, pregnant cottage cheese has many benefits, which we will discuss later in this article.

Besides being safe, you can add it to different foods if you love the cheesy flavor of different food types.

As you are aware, cheese is consumed cold most of the time, which makes the meal safe as long you eat it right after you take it out of the refrigerator.

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Is all cottage cheese pasteurized?

Cottage cheese during pregnancy is safe until its wholly pasteurized. Let us give you good news.

Most cottage cheese you buy from the supermarket is now wholly pasteurized. You only have to be careful about what kind of cottage cheese you consume during your pregnancy, but you don’t have to make it such a big deal.

What cottage cheese is best for pregnancy?

What cottage cheese is best for pregnancy?

We cannot say cottage cheese is best for pregnant ladies because the condition changes from person to person.

Still, if we want to classify cottage cheese, we have to type them into three categories based on what USDA says: dry cottage cheese, low-fat cottage cheese, and high-fat cottage cheese.

All of them are safe if you consume them pasteurized, but the best cottage cheese while pregnant is the one with the lowest sodium or fat amount, or if you want to finish the high-fat one, you must use it in moderation.

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Cottage cheese benefits during pregnancy

Cottage cheese benefits during pregnancy

If you read the article carefully, you can see that cottage cheese during pregnancy is categorized into three different groups, and the benefits of each one change.

As we said, we recommend that pregnant ladies consume low-fat, low-sodium, or high-fat in moderation. You also can buy sodium-free, lactose-free cottage cheese while pregnant.

Now, if you are ready, let’s become acquainted with the advantages, which are as follows:

  • Protein

Cottage cheese while pregnant is one of the best sources of protein. Protein is one of the essential items for the growth of the baby. You need at least 71b gr of protein per day, and you can consume 28 gr from cottage cheese.

  • Calcium

Calcium is another essential item during pregnancy. The carrier and the baby both need to have strong bones.

Calcium is the leading resource that makes bones more durable and more substantial. Suppose the carrier doesn’t consume a specific amount of calcium daily.

In that case, the body will decrease the amount of calcium in her body and try to maintain the calcium amount for the baby, and the carrier’s bones will be weaker daily.

Besides, its calcium helps develop the heart and nerves and boosts muscle growth.

The average calcium amount every lady should consume daily is about 1000 milligrams, and those under 18 need 1300 per day.

  • B-12

Vitamin B-12 is one of the essential items to maintain the nervous system. Also, researchers say that combined with folic acid, it helps prevent different congenital disabilities such as pina Bifida and other spinal.

As you can see, cottage cheese while pregnant has lots of benefits to you and your child during pregnancy, but as you are aware, everything that has benefits indeed will have disadvantages too. Want to help us find out?

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Disadvantages of eating cottage cheese while pregnant

Disadvantages of eating cottage cheese while pregnant

Well, you should be careful when consuming things during your pregnancy. Cottage cheese has many benefits for both the carrier and the baby, but it has a single disadvantage: the lactose problem.

As you are aware, some ladies experience lactose intolerance during their pregnancy, and ladies should avoid consuming them because they will be going a little duffer after finishing them. But well, it can be avoided by moderate consumption or buying no lactose cottage cheese during pregnancy.

Last words

Cottage cheese is one of the safest fairy products on the market. You only have to worry about lactose intolerance, which is not a big deal and can be solved quickly.

And if you look at the benefits and disadvantages of it, just nothing compared to it.

Cottage cheese while pregnant, is an excellent protein, phosphorus, B-12, and calcium resource. Each of them plays an essential role during pregnancy, and you must consume them in a specific amount per day.

And do not worry that most of the cottage cheese you see daily in your neighborhood market is pasteurized.

Thanks for reading our article “Can you eat cottage cheese while pregnant?”.

If you have anything to add or if we missed something about cottage cheese when pregnant, please share it with us.


1. Can pregnant women eat cottage cheese?

Pregnant women can enjoy eating pasteurized cottage cheese while pregnant in moderate quantities.

2. Can you eat cultured cottage cheese while pregnant?

As long as it is pasteurized, most of the soft cheeses while pregnant are safe to consume and have many benefits.

3. Is pasteurized cottage cheese safe during pregnancy?

As we said before, cottage cheese while pregnant is safe if it is pasteurized.

4. What would happen if I ate expired cottage when cheese pregnant?

It’s fine until you don’t smell a horrible smell. You don’t have to freak out, but if it tastes bad or smells bad, we recommend seeing a doctor if you start to feel sick. Always check the expiration date before consuming something, ladies.

5. Is cottage cheese pregnancy craving normal?

Yes, it’s normal. Fairy craving is one of the most common cravings among ladies. You crave cottage cheese because of the increased need for calories, or your body wants you to give more calcium to yourself and the little one inside.

6. Can cottage cheese discharge during pregnancy?

Yes, cottage cheese can cause vaginal discharge, which your vagina produces white fluid from it to make it clean and fight bacteria inside. The main thing that causes release is thrush.

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