Is It Safe to Eat Cured Meats During Pregnancy?


Since ancient days people tended to preserve their food whether to eat it in the seasons of cold or they just wanted some backup; this resulted in the methods that even these days some individuals would use to prepare foods like meat, while some say that these methods are dead, we think the opposite.

If prepared right, these kinds of foods will be immaculate.

In this article, the Hipregnancy team will discuss cured meat and eating cured meats during pregnancy.

This is an excellent matter because the research done in this field is pretty complete, and you will get to a resolution at the end of this statement.

So, the only thing that we will say is to get started with the article and see if it is safe to consume cured meats while pregnant.

We shall begin the statement.

Can I eat cured meats while pregnant?

Can I eat cured meats while pregnant?

The primary history suggests that in the olden days, there was no electricity, and people would live in built spots to preserve valuable food like meat in the ground or someplace cold. Still, later on, several other methods of curing foods came along.

Cured meats are natural means that got slated, smoked, dried and preserved for longer than usual.

Remember that when you want to dry or salt meat, the meat is still raw, and one of the most common things inside the raw meat is the parasites.

As you may know, these parasites would go straight to your intestines and start eating you from the inside.

While some suggest that cured meats while pregnant are unclean, we have to disagree.

Nowadays, technology has advanced. There are many innovative and hygienic methods of curing meat, so if the meat is prepared in a decent environment, you can eat the cured meat during pregnancy.

Now let’s get to the next section, shall we?

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Uncured meats pregnancy

Uncured meats pregnancy

We have described that in most cases, when you want to eat any food when you are pregnant, you have to cook it first because heat can eliminate most of the issues that the food or the meal could have, for instance, when the meat has parasites it can be killed by cooking the meat properly. Hence, you have to keep that in mind.

And also, you have to know that in critical conditions, some meats are safe to eat, but when you are pregnant, you should not take the risk because it can cost you, your baby or even your health.

These facts conclude that eating uncured meat while pregnant is a decent option for the condition that it is cooked; if by uncured you mean raw meat and all, you should strongly avoid it because raw red meat can cause intense digestive issues.

And later on, some organ failures as well.

Fish meats like salami are also dangerous if not cooked for pregnant ladies, so if pregnant women can eat salami, just read the article to get the answer.

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So, always cook your meat, and let’s get to the next section and keep going.

I accidentally ate cured meat pregnant: what shoud i do?

I accidentally ate cured meat pregnant: what shoud i do?

As we have mentioned in the previous sections of the article, when you eat raw meat, there is a chance that you might get salmonella, even a parasite, which will result in later work and issues.

Following this logic, you have to avoid eating cured meats while pregnant.

But let’s say that you accidentally ate cured meats during pregnancy; then what? Is there a solution?

If something like this happens, you have to know that the first thing to do is to call your specialist and inform them about the incident that happened, but while you are doing that, go to the ER room, and then in the clinic, they would tell you if you need to do something or not.

But you have to know that the clinical examinations will determine whether the food you eat is good.

But do not worry while there is a risk of something happening; if you act fast, everything will be fine.

If you also wonder if you can eat pepperoni while pregnant, we have to say that it depends on the cooking of the pepperoni and if it is well done, you can eat it.

Cooked cured meats pregnancy

Cooked cured meats pregnancy

On the other hand, you have meats that are cured and well cooked; these are the best kind for a pregnant lady to consume, meaning if you want to eat cured meat while pregnant, you have to cook it thoroughly, and then you are ready to go.

Remember that you have to cook the meat all the way; if the meat stays medium or even medium rare, you might get the same troubles.

So, if you are at a restaurant, specify that you are pregnant and want your meat to be well done.

And if you grill at home, just cut the meat and ensure it is cooked.

If you ask yourself, can I eat ham while pregnant? We have to say yes because ham is a hygienic type of cured meat, so there is no need to be worried about it.

Now that you know in what conditions you can eat cured meat during pregnancy, let’s get to the next section and talk about the pros and cons, shall we?

What are the Pros and Cons of eating cured meat while pregnant?

In this section of the article, we will discuss the pros and cons of eating cured meat while pregnant and keep in mind that we are talking clinically.

So, let’s get to the list:


When you eat red meat, you are intaking the protein and keratin needs of your body.

And following this matter, when you eat enough meat, your body will have a high energy source to work on your hair, nails and your skin, so make sure to keep the regular impact of red meat going unless you are vegan, and that is something else.

Like ham, prosciutto when pregnant is an alternative you can use instead of ordinary cured meat.


Eating cured meats while pregnant is a gamble for these ladies because when you eat raw meat, we have mentioned that sometimes there is a chance of problems happening, and to avoid that, you have to avoid cured meats during pregnancy.

Remember that we also specified how to eat this kind of meat, so read the whole article, and you will get what you want.

And some other inquiries like can you eat lunch meat while pregnant

They are complex, so we have prepared an article for them that you can check out.

Can you eat uncured ham when pregnant?

Generally speaking, it is best to avoid consuming hams that are cured rather than cooked while pregnant since they may contain listeria, salmonella, or toxoplasmosis parasites. However, eating cooked uncured ham or cooked cured ham pregnancy is considered safe.

If you want to have ham when pregnant, you should cook it until an internal temperature of 165 F or until steaming hot before serving to make it a pregnancy-safe option. This rule applies to consuming of all varieties of cured meats during pregnancy.

In sum, to have a safe pregnancy and minimize the risk of infections, avoid including uncooked ham in your pregnancy diet. It is recommended to consult your health provider regarding how much you can have cooked cured or uncured meat during pregnancy.

Now let’s get to the end and finish the article, shall we?


Pregnancy can be one of the exhausting periods of your life because of all the Dos and Don’ts, but looking at the bright side of the matter, you will have a baby, and you can love and cherish it.

But to have a healthy and fixed pregnancy, you must know about certain things; for example, you should never eat raw meat.

In this article, we discussed curing meat and eating cured meat while pregnant, and then we discussed what might happen if the food was not cooked properly. Another factor you must remember is what you should do if you accidentally eat cured meat during pregnancy.

So, check out the article and then do your actions.

Also, here is the usual list of Foods to avoid in pregnancy that you have to know about because, by now, you know how much food matters in pregnancy.

In the end, the Hipregnancy team is very much glad that you have decided to stay with us until the end of the” Can I eat cured meats while pregnant?” article and if you have anything to add to this statement, make sure to keep in touch with us.


1. Can you eat uncured pepperoni when pregnant?

Only consuming cooked pepperoni is fine during pregnancy. Having uncooked uncured pepperoni is a big no-no for pregnant women since it can cause infection and harm the mom and the developing fetus.

2. Is it safe to eat cooked cured meat pregnancy?

Yes, pregnant women can enjoy eating cured meats as long as they are fully cooked before serving. Consider that consuming uncooked cured meat while pregnant can increase the risk of food poisoning.

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