Is It Safe to Eat Deviled Eggs During Pregnancy?


When it comes to eating eggs during pregnancy, there are many dos and don’ts, due to several recipes available for making eggs, like runny eggs, poached eggs, and deviled eggs.

In this article on Hipregnancy, we will cover the top points you need to know about eating deviled eggs during pregnancy. If you are a fan of this egg form, keep reading this article to the end.

Wish you get the answer to your questions about consuming deviled eggs while pregnant.

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Can you eat deviled eggs while pregnant?

Can you eat deviled eggs while pregnant?

One of the common questions about deviled eggs is, “Can you eat deviled eggs when pregnant?” Here is the answer to this question.

According to studies, eggs are nutrient-dense food for pregnant women and provide several health benefits, including promoting the growth and development of the baby, increasing red blood cell production, developing brain function, reducing the risk of neural tube defects, etc.

Deviled eggs are nutrient-dense foods like other fully cooked eggs, as they contain vitamins, protein, and minerals, key nutrients needed during pregnancy. Pregnant ladies can consume deviled eggs during pregnancy, but they should consider some safety precautions before eating them.

Remember, the egg yolks of deviled eggs must be thoroughly cooked, and the mayonnaise used in the recipe should be pasteurized to reduce the risk of food poisoning while pregnant.

Generally, it is safe to consume deviled eggs during pregnancy in moderation, but Hipregnancy recommends you consult your doctor before adding this food to your diet. If your doctor agrees it suits you, try it out whenever you crave it.

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How to make deviled eggs during pregnancy (Deviled eggs recipe easy)

How to make deviled eggs during pregnancy?

The good news about deviled eggs is that they are easy to make! Therefore, they can be suitable for those pregnant ladies who prefer not to cook during pregnancy or who don’t have enough time for cooking.

Here is a recipe for making deviled eggs that can be used by pregnant ladies and others who like to try out this tasty food.

Let’s take a look at this simple recipe;

  • First, you should hard boil the eggs. (It is up to you how many eggs you want to use.)
  • Let the eggs cool, and then slice them in half lengthwise.
  • Scoop the yolks to a small plate or bowl, and place the egg white on a serving plate.
  • Then smash the yolks with a fork, add some mayonnaise, apple cider vinegar, salt, and pepper, and mix them until creamy.

At last, place the mixture back into the egg white and enjoy eating them. Wish you enjoyed this deviled eggs recipe easily!

Potential risks of consuming deviled eggs during pregnancy

Some potential risks are associated with eating deviled eggs during pregnancy. You may face food poisoning if you consume deviled eggs made with unpasteurized mayonnaise and uncooked or undercooked egg yolk.

Unpasteurized mayonnaise and undercooked or uncooked eggs may contain salmonella and lead to food poisoning in pregnant women, resulting in dehydration, weight loss, and severe cases, miscarriage.

Hipregnancy recommends avoiding deviled eggs made with undercooked egg yolks and unpasteurized mayo to prevent any possible dangers. Moreover, it is best to avoid consuming deviled eggs sitting out for a long time, as they might be contaminated with harmful bacteria.


Deviled eggs are options that you might crave while pregnant. Consuming deviled eggs during pregnancy can be a safe and healthy option if the food is made with pasteurized mayonnaise and thoroughly cooked egg yolk. Otherwise, deviled eggs can lead to food poisoning.

This article on Hipregnancy covered the top points all pregnant ladies need to know about eating deviled eggs. Hope you enjoyed it.

If any questions about eating deviled eggs while pregnant still need to be answered, share them with us via comment.

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Can pregnant women eat deviled eggs?

Pregnant women can enjoy deviled eggs if the egg yolks are well-cooked and the mayo is pasteurized.

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