Can You Have Dragon Fruit While Pregnant?


Pregnant ladies should include the best fruits for pregnancy in their diet to give birth to a healthier baby. There are several fruits worldwide that you can enjoy eating during pregnancy. What about dragon fruit? Is it safe to eat dragon fruit while pregnant? This is what we want to talk about.

In this article on Hipregnancy, we will cover all you need to know regarding consuming dragon fruit when pregnant, whether it is safe or not. Keep reading to learn more about this magic fruit.   

What is a dragon fruit?

What is a dragon fruit

Dragon fruit is a fruit with a sweet taste and sharp flavor, native to the regions of South America, and Mexico and it is present in the Indian subcontinents, too. It is good to know that dragon fruit has another name: pitaya. Dragon fruit is available in 3 types including;

  • Red-fleshed pitaya
  • White-fleshed pitaya
  • Yellow-skinned pitaya with white flesh

Pitaya, or dragon fruit, has a scaly outer covering and is similar to kiwi in terms of inner texture and black-colored seeds. It is very nutritious and contains essential nutrients to boost your overall health. To learn more about its nutritional profile, keep reading. Also, read the article titled kiwi while pregnant.

Nutritional value of dragon fruit

Nutritional value of dragon fruit

The following table will show you how much nutritious dragon fruit is. Let’s take a look at the number of nutrients that per 100 g serving of dragon fruit or pitaya will provide you;

NutrientsA 100 g serving of dragon fruit
Calorie264 kcal
Calcium107 mg
Carbohydrate82.1 g
Vitamin C6.4 mg
Dietary fiber1.8 mg

As you see, dragon fruit contains calcium, vitamin C, carbohydrates, and dietary fiber, but is dragon fruit ok during pregnancy? Can pregnant women eat dragon fruit? Yes! To learn about it in detail, check the following part.

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Dragon fruit in pregnancy; good or bad?

Dragon fruit in pregnancy; good or bad

Fruits are a good source of nutrients for pregnant ladies; consuming fruits such as strawberries while pregnant, or jackfruit during pregnancy is highly advised. The same rule applies to eating dragon fruit while pregnant.

Dragon fruit is nutritious, and having it during pregnancy will not harm you and your baby. Consuming this fruit provides several health benefits, which are discussed in the following section.

To enjoy eating dragon fruit when pregnant, opt for whole fruit instead of pre-cut fruit. This rule applies to any other fruits you want to include in your diet while pregnant, as the pre-cut fruit might be contaminated with harmful bacteria like salmonella.

Since you do not eat the outer skin of dragon fruit, there is no need to wash it thoroughly before eating. However,a quick wash is recommended to be on the safe side and prevent toxoplasmosis.

Although dragon fruit is generally considered safe, Hipregnancy recommends you consult your doctor or healthcare provider beforehand, particularly if you have food allergies during pregnancy.

Benefits of dragon fruit while pregnant

Benefits of dragon fruit while pregnant

The potential benefits of dragon fruit in pregnancy are as follows;

  • Dragon fruit is a rich source of carbohydrates and can keep your blood sugar level stable and provide the energy your body and the developing fetus need. Moreover, eating dragon fruit during pregnancy first trimester aids in relieving morning sickness.

To learn more about the importance of carbohydrates, check carbs during pregnancy.

  • Pitaya has a high amount of dietary fiber, which aids in maintaining overall digestion. Consuming dragon fruit during pregnancy third trimester can help eliminate constipation. The same goes for the consumption of watermelon during pregnancy.
  • The calcium content of dragon fruit while pregnant can provide the calcium to develop the fetus’s structure. Moreover, dragon fruit during pregnancy second trimester and other trimesters can keep your bones and teeth healthy.

You might need to take supplements. There is a complete guide on best calcium supplements for pregnancy. Check it to know who should take it.

  • Dragon fruit contains healthy fat for pregnancy, which is required for the fetus’s brain development. It is good to know that if you consume healthy and good fat while pregnant, you can reduce the chance of childhood obesity in your baby.
  • The iron content of dragon fruit or pitaya can boost the hemoglobin levels in your body while pregnant, increasing your blood cells’ capacity to carry oxygen and minimizing the risk of anemia.

Can you drink dragon fruit juice while pregnant?

Can you drink dragon fruit juice while pregnant

Generally speaking, dragon fruit juice can be consumed during pregnancy, but some points need to be considered.

First, you should only drink pasteurized dragon fruit juice while pregnant. Since unpasteurized pitaya juice might contain harmful bacteria, like E. coli, it should be avoided during pregnancy.

The second point concerns the ingredients added to the dragon fruit juice. Drinking juices with added sugar, like dragon fruit juice cocktails, is not recommended, particularly if you have gestational diabetes.

The third point is that it is better to have homemade dragon fruit juice instead of store-bought juice with added sugars. However, it would be best if you drant it in moderation to prevent the potential risks mentioned in the last part of this article.

The last point is that drinking dragon fruit juice occasionally while pregnant is a good idea; however, if you want to benefit from its dietary fiber content, you should opt for the whole fruit instead of its juice. Why? Let us tell you. Dragon fruit juice contains lower levels of fiber! There is another fruit juice that is nutritious for pregnant ladies. Orange juice! If you are an orange juice lover, check our article “orange juice while pregnant“.

Dragon fruit gestational diabetes

Dragon fruit gestational diabetes

According to studies, gestational diabetes can occur in about 7% of pregnancies. If you control your gestational diabetes, it will not harm your baby. You should eat foods that are nutrient-dense and can control your diabetes. To learn more about these foods, check the best diet for gestational diabetes during pregnancy.

Now, we want to discuss whether consuming dragon fruit while pregnant is good for gestational diabetes. Studies show that the seeds of dragon fruit can prevent and control type-2 diabetes by regulating blood glucose levels.

However, no scientific evidence proves the idea that having dragon fruit during pregnancy can help you manage your gestational diabetes. As a result, check with your doctor whether you can have this fruit to control your gestational diabetes.

How to eat dragon fruit while pregnant?

How to eat dragon fruit while pregnant

You know that it is safe to have dragon fruit in pregnancy, but do you know how you can include dragon fruit in your pregnancy diet? Here are the ways to have pitaya while pregnant;

  • You can consume dragon fruit raw, like other fruit, but only in moderate quantities.
  • It is a good idea to make a smoothie with dragon fruit. (To know more about other varieties, check best smoothies for pregnancy)
  • Drinking dragon fruit juice is another way to include this fruit in your pregnancy diet.
  • Try dragon fruit jam if you enjoy consuming jams with pancakes or bread.
  • Those who like fruit salads can add slices or cubes of dragon fruit to their yummy salads.

All the ways mentioned above are safe for pregnant ladies as long as you follow the moderation rule when you consume dragon fruit.

Side effects of dragon fruit during pregnancy

Side effects of dragon fruit during pregnancy

While consuming dragon fruit is generally considered safe for pregnant women, having this fruit in excesses, especially more than one dragon fruit per day, may result in the following side effects, including;

  • Raising blood sugar levels
  • Increasing the risk of developing gestational diabetes
  • Allergic reactions, like rashes, itching, sneezing, and burning sensation in the mouth

If you experience the above symptoms, stop eating dragon fruit and talk to your doctor. To be safe, consume pitaya in moderation while pregnant to prevent any health issues.


Dragon fruit is a sweet and yummy fruit and can be consumed during pregnancy. Having dragon fruit while pregnant provides several health benefits to you and the developing fetus, as long as you consume it in moderation.

In this article on Hipregnancy, we did our best to answer your top questions regarding the consumption of dragon fruit when pregnant. Hope this article has helped you! If there is any unanswered question about dragon fruit for pregnant women, share it with us via comment.


1. Can you eat dragon fruit seeds while pregnant?

Yes, you can eat dragon fruit seeds when you are pregnant. These black-colored seeds help manage type-2 diabetes, too.

2. What fruits should be avoided during pregnancy?

Most fruits are safe to consume while pregnant; however, papaya, grapes, and pineapple should be avoided. It is good to know that consuming limited amounts of foods like pineapple while pregnant will not harm you.

3. Is it safe to eat red dragon fruit during pregnancy?

Yes, eat red dragon fruit while pregnant is generally considered safe. Red dragon fruit is high in antioxidants, vitamin C, and iron, all good for you during pregnancy.

4. Can you eat yellow dragon fruit during pregnancy?

Yes, yellow dragon fruit is great for consumption during pregnancy and will not harm you and the unborn baby.

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