Easy Pregnancy Lunches (What to Eat as Lunches for Pregnancy?)


Your body needs nutrient-dense food during pregnancy for fetus growth and development, and because of that, you should not miss any meals during this period. Lunch meal plays a very crucial role in transferring nutrients to your baby. Do you want to know easy pregnancy lunches recipes? Do you want to be familiar with safe and nutritious options?

If so, read this article on Hipregnancy to the end, which covers ideas about lunches for pregnancy and helps pregnant women to prepare pregnancy-safe foods for lunch in a short time.

The importance of lunches for pregnancy

Everyone requires a healthy diet to have a healthy lifestyle, as well as pregnant women. During pregnancy, you must eat well and have healthy, nutritious food in your diet.

The importance of lunches for pregnancy

In other words, the foods you eat can change your baby’s growth way and have the power to turn on good genes or turn off bad genes.

You should not skip lunch while pregnant because you can gain nutrients throughout this meal, which helps meet your unborn baby’s nutritional needs and keeps you full of energy until the end of the day.

Don’t worry if you are at work or lack time to prepare a good lunch for yourself. There are millions of easy pregnancy lunches recipes that you can use to have a pregnancy-safe lunch. These recipes help you save your time and also help pregnant women who can’t cook during pregnancy because the strong smell of cooking makes them feel nauseated.

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Easy pregnancy lunches ideas

Easy pregnancy lunches ideas

Pregnancy is an exciting time for every woman, but sometimes, these exciting moments become stressfull. Because pregnancy requires extra attention and cure, for example, you must consume nutritious foods all the time.

Preparing food and cooking may be hard for you during pregnancy; therefore, you need to know more about time-saving foods that have easy recipes and can be prepared in a short time.

There are several types of food that you can consume as easy pregnancy lunches. Although they may have simple recipes and be prepared very soon, they have high nutritional value. Keep reading to discover easy pregnancy lunches ideas;

  • Sandwiches

All the time, sandwiches are easy and time-saving foods to consume. Pregnant women can fill sandwiches with pregnancy-safe and healthy options and enjoy consuming them as lunches for pregnancy.

To have pregnancy-safe sandwiches, you should choose whole grain bread, which is rich in fiber and keeps you fill fuller for a long time, and add nut butter, fruit, veggies, hummus, cheese, chicken breast, pregnancy-safe fish, etc. to your delicious sandwich.

  • Salads or grain bowls

During pregnancy, you should add nutritious ingredients into each meal as much as possible. Fortunately, grain bowls or salads are the best options to be filled with these nutrients to help you reach your nutritional need while pregnant.

For base, you can cook and prepare a big batch of whole grain for your weekly need and add roasted veggies, beans, legumes, hard-cooked eggs, cubed chicken, salmon, and shredded cheese as topping to your salads or grain bowls.

  • Soups

Soups are one of the options on this list because cooking soup does not waste your time, and also you can keep it in the fridge for a few days. You can add many nutrient-dense ingredients such as lentils and beans to your soup and make it healthy food to consume during pregnancy.

If you don’t want to cook it at home, store-bought soups can be another option that you can enjoy consuming them. Consider that only soups with less than 450 mg sodium per serving are safe for pregnant women.

  • Frittatas, or quiches

Egg, as the main ingredient of frittata or quiche, is rich in protein and has high amounts of choline, a vital nutrient for developing your unborn baby’s brain. Each slice of this food can be an easy lunch for pregnancy and provide nutrients for your body and unborn baby. Suggest you read the article “i ate runny eggs while pregnant.”

  • Leftovers!

Last but not least, you can consume last night’s dinner as lunch if you don’t have time to cook for lunch. It is the easiest way of all!

The best menu of 6 easy pregnancy lunches recipes

The best menu of 6 easy pregnancy lunches recipes

In the previous part, we mentioned basic ideas of lunches for pregnancy to inform you that you can have several food items in your diet as lunch meal during pregnancy. But here, we want to list some kinds of food that you can add to your lunch menu while pregnant;

Hummus and veggie sandwichPlant-based protein combined with all sorts of veggies:
* Whole grain bread
* Slice cucumber
* Shredded carrot
* Baby spinach
Lentil soup with sweet potatoRich source of iron:
* Lentil
* Backed sweet potato
Apple and almond butter sandwichEasy pregnancy lunches for work containing healthy fats;
* Almond butter
* Apple
* Whole grain bread
* Honey
Kale frittata or quiche with cheddar cheeseRich source of choline, folate, and calcium:
* Egg
* Kale
* Cheese
Quinoa bowls with veggies and eggTime-saving dish packed with fiber and protein:
* Eggs
* Roasted Brussels sprouts
* Chopped pistachio
Tuna salad sandwichProtein rich food containing omega-3 fatty acids:
* Canned light tuna
* Whole grain bread
* Olive oil
* Lemon juice

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lunches for pregnancy to avoid

lunches for pregnancy to avoid

Now you know what to eat as lunch for pregnancy, but it is better to know more about which foods to avoid consuming as lunch meals while pregnant. Lunch meat, high mercury level fish, raw sushi, soft cheese, sugary yogurts, unpasteurized or undercooked eggs, and undercooked meat.

These kinds of food should be avoided because they can put you at the high risk of food poisoning during pregnancy.

Therefore, you should not add undercooked hot dogs, salami, bologna, shark, swordfish, tilefish, and cheese like camembert, brie, queso blanco, etc., to your lunch meal during pregnancy. Instead of these unhealthy foods, consume the options mentioned above to meet your nutritional needs during pregnancy. Suggest you read the articles “can you eat hot dogs when pregnant” and “Can Pregnant Women Eat Salami?


Pregnancy is the time that needs extra attention, especially when it comes to consuming food during this period. Easy pregnancy lunches ideas are in the top search for pregnant women because most don’t want to stay at the stove and want to prepare their food as much as possible.

There are several options, such as soups, sandwiches, grain bowls, and quiches, that pregnant women can consume as lunch meals. Always keep in mind that you should add pregnancy-safe options to your diet, and also it is better to consult your doctor or healthcare provider before adding any kind of food to your meal plan during pregnancy.

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