Can Pregnant Women Eat Hot Dogs?


You can hardly find someone who doesn’t like eating hot dogs, but everything changes during pregnancy. You may have heard warnings about eating hot dogs while pregnant. A hot dog is a tasty deli meat that most pregnant women crave consuming during pregnancy. But can pregnant women eat hot dogs?

Read this article on Hipregnancy to find out the answer to this question and learn more about other points about eating hot dogs when pregnant.

Can you eat hot dogs while pregnant?

If you are pregnant, you may wonder: “Can pregnant women eat hot digs?” Hot dogs have low nutritional value, and they are not a healthy food to add to pregnant women’s diet. But if you crave hot dogs during pregnancy, you should choose thoroughly cooked ones.

Can pregnant women eat hot dogs?

Hot dogs which are not completely cooked may lead to infections like listeriosis. Although they are delicious and cheap, they need a short time to be prepared, they are salty and rich in nitrates which are the main cause of cancer.

Therefore, it is better not to consume hot dogs during pregnancy. But if you are carving to eat this food, try to choose fully cooked options in moderation to reduce the harmful effects of eating hot dogs while pregnant. [1: babymed]

Is it safe to eat hot dogs during the first trimester?

Yes, but there are a few rules that should be followed. First, you should eat well-cooked hot dogs. Second, you should consume hot dogs soon after cooking. And third, have it in limited amounts, not as a part of your regular meals. Read more about this in the best things to eat in first trimester article.

Is it safe to eat hot dogs during pregnancy third trimester?

Although hot dogs are high in fat, calories, and sodium, you can have limited amounts in the third trimester of pregnancy. Hipregnancy recommends you enjoy more nutritious and not-processed foods instead because what you eat directly affects your baby’s growth and develpment.

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What kind of hot dogs are safe to eat while pregnant?

What kind of hot dogs are safe to eat while pregnant?

Hot dogs fall into the category of foods which may contain listeria monocytogenes and cause listeriosis infection. Listeria monocytogenes can be killed by cooking, so only the cooked hot dog is safe to be consumed during pregnancy. A hot dog’s internal temperature should reach 165F/75c to make it safe for eating during pregnancy.

It is important to know that you should be very careful if you want to prepare hot dogs, on the grill or BBQ. In this case, the steaming hot and an internal temperature of 165F indicate a safe hot dog for eating. Consider that the hot dogs outside and inside must be cooked completely. A thermometer ensures you whether it is thoroughly cooked or cool and undercooked inside.

Doctors warn pregnant women to avoid consuming hot dogs purchased from street vendors because they are not cooked safely and may cause listeriosis infection. Furthermore, they may use unpasteurized cheese for garnishing, like blue cheese, feta cheese, gorgonzola, brie, etc., which are the things not to eat when pregnant.

Because of the high amounts of nitrates in packaged hot dogs, they harmf pregnant women and should not be eaten during pregnancy. So, if you want to eat hot dogs and take safer ones, buy a nitrite-free turkey and chicken hot dogs from local health food stores.

Can you eat raw hot dogs while pregnant?

Consuming raw hot dogs are a big no-no during pregnancy since they can harbor harmful bacteria and result in foodborne illnesses. The only safe way to at hot dogs when pregnant is to eat fully cooked hot dogs while steaming hot. Never leave your hot dogs at room temperature to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

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How to cook hot dogs while pregnant?

How to cook hot dogs to make them pregnancy-safe?

Use the following general cooking methods to make the hot dogs pregnancy-safe and reduce the side effects of eating hot dogs while pregnant;

  • Grilling or Broiling

Pregnant women should consume hot dogs cooked until steaming hot and sizzling. So, can you eat grilled hot dogs while pregnant?

Grilling is a safe way to prepare hot dogs during pregnancy, but you should ensure your hot dog grills at a high temperature to kill harmful bacteria. Then you can enjoy consuming it while it is steaming hot. Hot dogs should be eaten soon after cooking and kept from sitting and cool down for a long time after cooking.

  • Oven baking

You can use an oven to make hot dogs safe to eat during pregnancy. Remember that, in this method, you should thoroughly cook them for about 10 minutes at 350F/175c temperature. Also, it would be best if you turn them frequently to cook all sides.

  • Microwaving

Microwaving is another way to prepare this food, but can you eat microwaved hot dogs when pregnant?

Microwaving is not the best way to cook hot dogs, but you can have microwaved hot dogs to avoid food poisoning while pregnant. You can microwave hot dogs with a microwave-safe bowl of water or cook a wrapped hot dog in a paper towel for around one minute until steaming hot.

Just cook hot dogs for about 1-2 minutes in a microwave. Use safer ways to cook hot dogs that ensure they are thoroughly cooked and don’t have harmful bacteria anymore.

  • Boiling

Packet instructions may tell you to simmer hot dogs in the water merely, but this is unsafe during pregnancy. You should boil the hot dogs for about two or three minutes until it is steaming hot, and they should be served soon after cooking, don’t sit for a long time in hot water before serving them. [2: pregnancyfoodchecker]

  • Frying

Frying is another way to cook hot dogs, so can you eat fried hot dogs while pregnant?

Fried hot dogs are not nutritionally beneficial for pregnant women, but they can be consumed during pregnancy in limited amounts. If you want safe fried hot dogs while pregnant, fry them over medium heat for 8-10 minutes.

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What are the risks associated with eating hot dogs while pregnant?

risks of eating hot dogs during pregnancy

As mentioned earlier in this article, consuming undercooked hot dogs during pregnancy can cause health issues among pregnant women. Here are some common risks associated with eating hotdog while pregnant;

  • Listeriosis infection

Listeria monocytogenes are harmful bacteria in deli meats and hot dogs. The risk of listeriosis infection is high among pregnant women due to their weak immune systems. This infection can put both mother and baby at risk and increase the risk of pregnancy complications such as miscarriage, preterm labor, and stillbirth.

  • Sensitivity to ingredients

Hot dogs contain ingredients such as cheese and spices, which may cause allergic reactions among pregnant women. These allergic reactions caused by sensitivity to ingredients may result in problems like bloating and flatulence.

  • Sodium nitrate complications

Sodium nitrates and nitrites are common food preservatives that are used to enhance hot dogs’ color. They can increase the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, cardiac disease, pancreatic cancers, and blood vessel damage.

Can you eat beef hot dogs while pregnant?

Beef hot dogs have different varieties, but two kinds of beef hot dogs are the most popular: Franks and Kosher. Beef hot dogs are safe to eat during pregnancy if fully cooked and served hot. Generally, hot dogs and pregnancy can have a good relationship if you cook hot dogs thoroughly and serve them while steaming hot.

Craving hot dogs while pregnant is not abnormal, but you should limit your intake to prevent health issues like heart disease, hypertension, blood vessel damage, etc. The same goes for consuming beef hot dogs during pregnancy.

Can I eat turkey hot dogs while pregnant?

Yes, turkey hot dogs are safe for pregnant women if taken in moderate quantities. Turkey hot dogs contain lower fat than beef or pork hot dogs and can be a better option for pregnancy, but they are not the best and most nutritious option to include in your pregnancy diet.  

What are the alternatives to eating hot dogs during pregnancy?

You can switch to healthy alternatives if you don’t want to put yourself and your baby at risk of eating hot dogs while pregnant,

You can consume meat-free hot dogs made from healthy and nutritious ingredients like vegetables, soy, and grain substitutes. Fortunately, they are low in fat and do not lead to health issues. Also, they are good options for vegetarians. [3: momjunction]


A common query of pregnant women to their doctor is: “Can Pregnant Women Eat Hot Dogs? “

Hot dogs are low-nutrient food and should be avoided as much as possible during pregnancy. If you are pregnant and are craving to consume this food, try to eat fully cooked ones to reduce the risk associated with eating hot dogs while pregnant, such as miscarriage, stillbirth, etc. Also, it is better to consult your doctor before adding hot dogs to your diet during pregnancy.

This article on Hipregnancy aimed to provide a complete guide on eating hot dogs while pregnant. Hope you enjoyed this post. If any questions still need to be answered, share them with us via comment.

The Hipregnancy team is always here to help you!


1. Can you eat cooked hot dogs while pregnant?

Yes, pregnant ladies can consume cooked hotdogs during pregnancy, but they should limit their intake to decrease the risk of food poisoning.

2. Can I eat hot dogs while pregnant?

Hot dogs are not nutritious for pregnant women, but you can try limited amounts of them if cooked properly.

3. Can you eat corn dogs while pregnant?

Corn dogs are safe to eat during pregnancy when fully cooked. But eating freshly made corn dogs instead of reheated ones is more advisable. 

4. What kind of hot dogs are unsafe during pregnancy?

Hot dogs not consumed steaming hot a short time after being prepared are unsafe for pregnant women. For instance, raw hot dogs and cooked hot dogs left out at room temperature are unsafe to eat while pregnant and must be avoided.

5. Can you eat frankfurters when pregnant?

Frankfurters is another name for hot dogs, so it is safe to eat frankfurters when pregnant if they are completely cooked and served while steaming hot.

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