Can Pregnant women Drink Hibiscus Tea?


Most people know that a woman’s pregnancy is potentially one of the most significant and vulnerable times in her life; this is especially true in modern times when science and technology have advanced significantly.

The meals and drinks accessible to a woman during these nine months can positively or negatively affect her physical and mental health.

Hibiscus tea is one of these herbal beverages and the best tea for pregnancy, and it can be both toxic and therapeutic.

As was noted earlier, this period is highly significant and crucial for women. As a result, the subject of whether or not drinking Hibiscus tea while pregnant is harmful is arises often.

Because of the significance of Hibiscus tea during pregnancy, this article Hipregnancy aims to talk with you about this beverage and its effects on pregnancy and provide you with some helpful suggestions and recommendations.

We also like to invite you, dear reader, to participate in this essay with us.

First, let’s look at an herbal beverage known as hibiscus tea and see what it’s like to drink.

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What is hibiscus tea?

What is hibiscus tea?

Herbal teas are now dominating the market for beverages due to their very high demand.

One of these beverages is made from hibiscus, a flowering plant. Hibiscus tea, made by steeping dried flower petals in water, may be served either hot or cold.

After being soaked in cranberries, the water becomes a gorgeous, deep, dark red color, taking on a tangy and refreshing flavor.

In addition to its usage as a tea plant and component of floral arrangements, the hibiscus plant is put for many other productive purposes.

Various plant components produce paper, rope, and even home cures.

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Suppose we are going to talk about the qualities of this plant. In that case, we should mention that it has a high concentration of antioxidants and that, according to the available research and statistics, it can generally affect:

  • Weight Loss.
  • Combating harmful microorganisms.
  • Wellness of the liver.
  • The prevention of cancer.
  • It has a high degree of efficiency.

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You are now thoroughly familiar with hibiscus herbal tea, and we would like to explore the advantages and disadvantages of consuming Hibiscus tea while pregnant.

This is done hoping that you, who may already be a seasoned mother or may one day think about having your children, can use this drink easily.

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If you feel you are prepared to get started:

Can you drink hibiscus tea while pregnant?

“I drank hibiscus tea while pregnant, is hibiscus tea safe for pregnancy?”

Drinking hibiscus tea while pregnant can be risky for pregnant women as it might cause some disadvantages; however, it might result in some positive effects. Since several researches on the safety of drinking hibiscus tea when pregnant is a few, Hipregnancy recommends you consult your doctor before including it in your diet.

Moreover, drinking any tea blend with hibiscus during pregnancy is not recommended. For instance, it is better to avoid raspberry hibiscus tea while pregnant.

So, let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of drinking this herbal tea during pregnancy.

The effects of hibiscus tea during pregnancy: (advantages and disadvantages)

The effects of hibiscus tea during pregnancy: (advantages and disadvantages)

Women eat various meals and drink beverages throughout the day, each of which has the potential to either nourish or hurt their bodies.

Additionally, drinking hibiscus tea while pregnant may have both advantages and disadvantages impacts on the pregnancy, some of which we will list below:


Advantages of deinking hibiscus tea during pregnancy
  • In the first place, it has been shown via research and testing that hibiscus has a relatively high concentration of flavonoids; this can protect the pregnant lady from any harm produced by radical toxic components, known to cause illness and the death of cells.
  • In the second scenario, drinking hibiscus flower tea can help a pregnant woman fortify her immune system, assisting the baby and mother once it develops its immunity.
  • In the third scenario, high blood pressure is standard during pregnancy; hibiscus tea effectively lowers and maintains healthy blood pressure levels.
  • In the fourth scenario, it is essential to note that drinking this tea can help a pregnant woman fight pathogenic organisms, clean the lymph and blood, and strengthen the digestive system. The lady can achieve these health benefits of hibiscus tea during pregnancy when she consumes it.

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Disadvantages of drinking hibiscus tea during pregnancy
  • A pregnant woman’s body may tremble if she consumes hibiscus tea, triggering this side effect.
  • On occasion, pregnant women who drank this kind of tea had ringing in their ears.
  • Consuming hibiscus tea may cause an additional adverse reaction in a pregnant woman’s body, a severe headache.
  • Another possible symptom of drinking this tea is urination, which is painful for the expectant mother.
  • You may get nausea if you consume hibiscus tea as a pregnant woman.
  • Consuming this herbal tea may also result in gastrointestinal trouble or pain in the abdomen region; this is one of the other potential drawbacks.

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The article has provided a comprehensive understanding of tea, including the risks of drinking hibiscus tea while pregnant, such as causing miscarriage, and the potential health benefits of hibiscus tea that drinking during pregnancy may pose!

Assuming that drinking herbal tea during pregnancy does not affect a woman’s health, the question arises during every pregnancy is, “What is the recommended daily intake of Hibiscus herbal tea?”

There is no time or space for anxiety and tension. Let us provide a lucid and thoughtful explanation for the response to this question. Recommend you read on article “can you drink matcha while pregnant?

amount of hibiscus tea during pregnancy

As you read throughout the text, drinking Hibiscus tea may be beneficial and detrimental. However, owing to the topic’s sensitivity that overshadows the pregnant woman’s physical and mental health, there are guidelines and regulations for its intake that must be in a pregnant woman’s plan. Women who are pregnant should both be included and operated on.

Regarding these considerations, drinking hibiscus tea during early pregnancy is not recommended.

Even after that, you should check with a medical professional before using it. Tests conducted on pregnant animals have shown less than desirable outcomes.

Consequently, if you question your physician, “Is drinking sour tea while pregnant dangerous?” You should anticipate hearing a resounding rejection of your proposal. However, according to the recommendations of many authorities, you should not take more than two cups each day.

Can hibiscus tea cause miscarriage?

Can hibiscus tea cause miscarriage?

The short answer to this question is yes. Unfortunately, consuming hibiscus tea while pregnant can increase the risk of miscarriage. Do you want to know how? Let’s talk about it in detail.

First, it is better to mention that the number of research on the safety of hibiscus tea for pregnant women is limited, and what we will tell you is based on these few available studies.

Research proved that drinking hibiscus tea can regulate hormones and delayed periods in women. However, it is not a good thing for pregnant women and it put them at risk of pregnancy complications.

Consuming hibiscus tea in pregnancy at any stage may cause uterine contraction, stimulating bleeding and blood flow to the uterus. All these are related to the emmenagogue effect of hibiscus tea, which can lead to miscarriage. Hipregnancy recommends avoiding this kind of tea as much as possible when pregnant.

How much hibiscus tea causes miscarriage?

Generally speaking, it is better not to take hibiscus tea during pregnancy due to its possible dangers. However, according to studies, more than two cups of this herbal tea can put you at risk and even cause miscarriage. Consider this a general guideline; the mentioned amount can be changed based on your circumstance.

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Can you drink hibiscus tea while breastfeeding?

Avoiding hibiscus tea while breastfeeding is best due to its potential risks. Hibiscus tea has the potential to interact with some medications like acetaminophen, chloroquine, and diclofenac. So, if you are on any of these medications, avoiding hibiscus tea while breastfeeding is a must.

Hipregnancy recommends you opt for other safe teas while breastfeeding instead of hibiscus tea; however, if you are eager to have it, consult your healthcare provider beforehand to prevent any possible dangers.

To briefly paraphrase …

People are studying online these days and are becoming more aware of their physical and mental health by paying attention to it. This is due to the progress made in science and technology in recent years.

Sometimes, unique circumstances call for further research and focus, such as pregnancy, often considered the most significant and delicate moment in a woman’s life.

The effects of Hibiscus tea during pregnancy were the most important topic covered in this article. We examined the potential advantages and risks of drinking hibiscus tea while pregnant.

As was just said, hibiscus tea is one of the numerous types of tea whose safety during pregnancy has not been well researched.

We have concluded that consuming this tea and any other food or drink during pregnancy should adhere to specific guidelines, be done so in moderation, and be done under the supervision of a medical professional.

It is advised to either refrain from drinking hibiscus tea during pregnancy or drink it in the smallest quantity possible until you give birth your baby.

If any questions about hibiscus tea and pregnancy still need to be anaswered, share them with us via comment.

The Hipregnancy team is always here to help you!


1. Can I drink hibiscus tea while pregnant?

Although hibiscus tea poses some advantages, drinking it is not recommended during pregnancy due to its possible dangers, like causing fluctuations in hormone levels and stimulating blood flow to the uterus.

2. Is it safe to drink hibiscus tea during pregnancy third trimester?

It is unsafe to drink this tea while pregnant, except when you are under the observation of your doctor or healthcare provider. You may want to drink hibiscus during pregnancy 3rd trimester to ease or encourage labor, but before taking it, you should know that consultation with your doctor is the first thing you should do.

3. Can pregnant women have hibiscus tea pregnancy first trimester?

Strictly no! There is not a good relationship between hibiscus and pregnancy first trimester. Consuming this herbal tea at the early stages of pregnancy can cause changes in your body’s hormone levels, which is not good for pregnant women.

4. What about drinking hibiscus during pregnancy 2nd trimester?

As with the other stages of pregnancy, drinking hibiscus during pregnancy 2nd trimester is not recommended, but if you crave it, talk to your doctor about drinking it.

5. Is it safe to drink hibiscus juice during pregnancy?

Generally speaking, drinking hibiscus juice is not recommended, as it may cause some dangers, including lowering blood pressure, nausea, headache, etc.

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