Can You Eat Hot Cheetos While Pregnant?


Food cravings are usual among pregnant ladies, but there are some foods that should be avoided or limited during this period. For example, consuming junk food during pregnancy should be limited. Hot Cheetos are common types of junk food that most pregnant ladies crave for. Here, we want to talk about consuming hot cheetos while pregnant.

If you are a hot Cheetos lover and want to learn more about consuming this hot chips while pregnant, keep reading this article of Hipregnancy to the end.

Spicy foods during pregnancy; Safe or Not?

Spicy foods during pregnancy; safe or not

Pregnancy has many dos and don’ts when it comes to diet. In other words, pregnant ladies should follow a healthy, balanced diet and avoid unhealthy foods. To learn more about these foods, check best food in pregnancy.

Let’s talk about consuming spicy foods during pregnancy, whether they are safe for pregnant ladies and the unborn baby as well. Generally speaking, there is no scientific evidence to prove that having spicy foods is harmful for pregnancy.

Although you can include spicy foods in your pregnancy diet, you should have them in moderation to prevent their potential risks, like heartburn, indigestion, morning sickness. To be on the safe side, talk to your doctor before adding spicy food into your diet, to check if you can have it and how much is safe for you.

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Is it okay to eat hot Cheetos while pregnant?

Is it okay to eat hot Cheetos while pregnant

One of the common example of spicy foods is hot Cheetos, also known as flamin’ hot Cheetos. You may want to know if you can eat hot Cheetos during pregnancy first trimester, second or third trimester.

According to studies on the safety of hot Cheetos for pregnancy, it is considered safe to eat this hot chips while pregnant, as long as be consumed in moderate quantities. One serving of hot Cheetos contains 170 calories, 250 mg of sodium, and 11 g of fat. Since hot Cheetos is high in calories, sodium, and fat, large amounts of it can higher the risk of health issues like high blood pressure and excessive weight gain.

Hipregnancy advices you talk to your healthcare provider before eating hot Cheetos while pregnant, particularly if you have spicy food allergy or if you are susceptible to heartburn and indigestion. Even if your doctor is ok with having it in pregnancy, do not overeat this chips. There are many other healthy snacks you can enjoy instead. There is a complete guide on good pregnancy snacks. Don’t miss it!

What are hot Cheetos made of?

What are hot Cheetos made of

Hot Cheetos are high calorie snacks containing artificial color, MSG, cornmeal, citric acid, vegetable oil, and seasoning. These snacks are poor in essential nutrients, but rich in sodium and fat. We can’t say that the ingredients of hot Cheetos are unsafe for pregnant ladies; however, it is recommended to have them occasionally.

The ingredients used to make hot Cheetos are not forbidden for pregnancy and can be part of your diet, only in small quantities. If you want to eat Xxtra hot Cheetos while pregnant or Flamin hot Cheetos during this period, follow the moderation rule to prevent their side effects, which are mentioned in the following part. Keep reading to see what happens if you eat large amounts of hot Cheetos in pregnancy.

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Side effects of hot Cheetos during pregnancy

Side effects of hot Cheetos during pregnancy

Consuming large quantities of spicy Cheetos while pregnant can have a negative impact on your health. Let’s see, what are the potential side effects of hot Cheetos while pregnant;

  • Heartburn; eating hot Cheetos during pregnancy second trimester and third trimester can worsen heartburn and indigestion, by making the acid reflux more common.
  •  Diarrhea; having too much hot Cheetos may lead to diarrhea, dehydration, and stomach irritation.
  • Morning sickness; consuming large quantities of hot Cheetos during pregnancy first trimester can worsen morning sickness, including nausea and vomiting, by releasing stomach acid.

To minimize the chance of above-mentioned health issues, have spicy chips rarely and in limited amounts. Try other nutritious alternatives, like best fruits for pregnant or other healthy foods instead. 

Craving hot Cheetos while pregnant; boy or girl?

Craving hot Cheetos while pregnant; boy or girl

You might hear that food cravings can help you guess the gender of your unborn baby, but there is no scientific evidence to prove this idea. In other words, the link between the gender of unborn baby and pregnancy cravings is not scientifically proved yet.

There is only old wives’ tale that say craving spicy foods during pregnancy can be a sign of giving birth to a baby boy. As a result, craving hot Cheetos during pregnancy may indicate that your baby is a boy. Remember that it is just an idea. To determine the gender, you should visit an ultrasound technician. 

Can I eat hot Cheetos while breastfeeding?

Can I eat hot Cheetos while breastfeeding

Not only you need to eat healthy foods during pregnancy, but also you should have a healthy, nutritious diet while breasting. In other words, your nutrition during breastfeeding supports the breast milk production and plays a vital role in the growth and development of newborn.

Having hot Cheetos in moderation is considered safe for pregnant ladies. The same goes for breastfeeding mothers. That means it is ok to eat hot Cheetos while breastfeeding, but there are two important points you should be aware of before including these hot chips in your diet;

  • The first is that you should see the label of the product to check the safety of ingredients before you buy hot Cheetos.
  • The second is to have this snack occasionally, with your doctor green light for including hot Cheetos in your diet after pregnancy.

Can hot Cheetos cause miscarriage?

Can hot Cheetos cause miscarriage

No, there is no scientific evidence to indicate that eating hot Cheetos while pregnant can cause miscarriage. High amounts of this spicy food might result in some problems like heartburn or diarrhea, but there won’t be any risk of miscarriage after consuming it.

You don’t need to be worried about loss of pregnancy if you are pregnant and crave for hot Cheetos. Enjoy consuming it once in a while!

Do you want to know which foods can higher the risk of miscarriage? If yes, check foods can cause miscarriage, which can help you know 20 foods that can result in loss of pregnancy.


Hot Cheetos is a well-known snack among spicy foods lovers. If you are pregnant and want to eat this hot chips, you should consider that eating hot Cheetos while pregnant will not harm you and the growing fetus, as long as you have them in small quantities. Otherwise, they trigger health issues.

In this article on Hipregnancy, we provided you the vital tips you needed to know regarding consumption of yummy hot Cheetos in pregnancy. Hope you follow the guidelines to have free-risk pregnancy!

If any questions regarding hot Cheetos stuck in your mind, do share with us via comment.  


1. What happens if you eat hot chips while pregnant?

Hot chips will not harm you during pregnancy, as long as you eat them in moderate quantities. However, having them in excess can worsen morning sickness, cause diarrhea, and result in heartburn.

2. Is it safe to eat cheese puffs while pregnant?

Yes, it is ok to consume cheese puffs when pregnant, but it is advisable to consult your doctor beforehand.

3. Can you eat flamin hot Cheetos while pregnant?

Yes, you can eat flamin’ hot Cheetos when you are pregnant, but only in moderate quantities and on occasion. This snack is yummy, but large amounts of it can cause addiction and lead to health problems like heartburn and indigestion.

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