Is It Safe To Drink Hot Chocolate During Pregnancy?


Hot chocolate is a well-known beverage worldwide, and most like to drink it; pregnant ladies are no exception! But is it safe to drink hot chocolate during pregnancy? Yes, Pregnant ladies can try hot chocolate; however, some points need to be taken into consideration.

We are here to discuss all the important points you need to know about hot chocolate and pregnancy. So, if you are ready, let’s start this article on Hipregnancy and see if it is safe to drink hot chocolate while pregnant; we shall begin.

Can you drink hot chocolate while pregnant?

Can you drink hot chocolate while pregnant?

Based on studies and our experience with pregnant ladies who consult with us, drinking hot chocolate during pregnancy occasionally can’t harm them or the baby, but those who drink too much of this beverage may experience abnormal weight gain and gestational diabetes. Let’s talk about it in detail.

The first thing that we have to say is the caffeine inside of this fantastic drink; when you overtake caffeine, your body will have a higher metabolism and higher blood pressure as a result, and then if you are pregnant, this can be an issue.

When a pregnant lady’s body gets these conditions, there is a chance of early birth, contractions, and stillbirth, which may cause harm to the child that you have; this means you must balance and limit your caffeine intake in hot chocolate.

It is best to have hot chocolate made with no-fat or low-fat milk and the one with a little amount of sugar, as drinking beverages that contain high amounts of sugar can increase the chance of excessive weight gain and gestational diabetes.

Consider that drinking hot chocolate in the first trimester of pregnancy without any limit can be fatal, and you can lose the baby.

So, make sure that when you want to drink some hot chocolate, you make it at home, and if you do not have the mood to do that, make sure to tell the barista to adjust your hot chocolate according to your conditions.

Now let’s get to the next section.

Pros and cons of drinking hot chocolate when pregnant

Pros and cons of drinking hot chocolate when pregnant

Now that you know you can have some hot chocolate, let’s get to the pros and cons of drinking hot chocolate while pregnant:


  • Balances the blood sugar
  • It’s perfect for winter-day drinks
  • Raises the oxytocin level in the body
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Provide your body the micronutrients like magnsium, iron, calcium, potassium, vitamin D


  • Too sweet for some individuals
  • It can raise blood sugar and blood pressure
  • Can cause a miscarriage
  • It should be made with milk

These are some of the pros and cons you had to know about, and now that you do, let’s get to the next sections to learn more about hot chocolate and pregnancy.

Can I drink Starbucks hot chocolate while pregnant?

Can I drink Starbucks hot chocolate while pregnant?

Some stores and cafes can decently serve hot chocolate; however, there is a catch.

When pregnant and wanting hot chocolate, you must tell the person preparing your drink to use more milk instead of hot chocolate powder.

Remember that you have to specify that you are pregnant for them to take it seriously and avoid any inconveniences that may come later.

No matter if you are going to Starbucks or any other famous coffee shop, you have to do as we say to get good hot chocolate for the state that you are in.

Because the child’s life is essential, please review the information we give you to avoid any problems.

If you want to know more about caffeine pregnancy, read the article carefully.

Is Swiss miss hot chocolate safe for pregnancy?

As we have mentioned in the previous section of the article, hot chocolate has some caffeine and is not related to the industrial way of preparing hot chocolate powder.

The coco plant and fruit have caffeine in them, which means that when you use any beverage with cocoa powder, it will logically have caffeine.

And we said that using caffeine at a high level can be unsafe for a pregnant lady, so in answer to your question, all of the hot chocolates have the same base.

But there are conditions that these drinks have different tastes, and that is because of the brand of the hot chocolate, so the ingredients inside of the hot chocolate are the same.

Also, you can see that you can drink matcha while pregnant—question and the article that answers it. (Check benefits of matcha while pregnant)

And because of the caffeine fact, you must avoid hot chocolate in high amounts no matter the brand and origin of the beverage.

Can hot chocolate cause miscarriage?

Can hot chocolate cause miscarriage?

Based on the facts we have said by this point, you know there are risks for everything.

When you drink tea, there is a risk of choking; however, it doesn’t mean it will happen.

We are trying to say that when you want hot chocolate, use it carefully; based on the facts, you must control your intake to avoid caffeine.

We might also add that the amount of caffeine inside the hot chocolate is meager; however, when the drink you prepare has more cocoa powder, it is more likely to have more caffeine.

In the matter of miscarriages, you must remember that the hibiscus tea pregnancy and chamomile tea while pregnant are also things you must keep in mind.

So yes, hot chocolate can cause miscarriage if you drink it too much or use too much hot chocolate powder for making your hot chocolate while pregnant.

Also, here is the list of the foods that can cause miscarriage in pregnancy. You have the complete set of info.

We hope this information will help, but you have to talk to your doctor in this regard as well, and then you have to go and drink hot chocolate during pregnancy.

Craving hot chocolate pregnancy, boy or girl?

The legend suggests that when you are pregnant and crave something, you can use that information to determine whether you are having a boy or a girl.

However, there has been no proven scientific fact about this hypothesis. At the same time, the statics show that it is possible to tell what is the gender of the baby based on the craving; there are no scientific reasons why this would happen.

This is why most people are skeptical about this matter.

But if we presume that cravings can tell the gender of the baby, as statistics show, when a pregnant lady craves something sweet, it is more likely a girl.

But as we have said, there are no indications that can prove this fact, and the only natural way you can know the gender of the baby is via using ultrasound, a medical process that you have to take in a clinic or a hospital.

And in the end, here is an alternative list of the best tea for pregnant women that we have gathered for you.

But before ending, we have a related article that you have to read regarding the milk of magnesia during pregnancy.


Pregnancy is a sensitive period when you have to be extra careful about what to eat and drink because it can impact the development and even the life of the baby.

In this article, we have been talking about hot chocolate and whether it is safe to consume hot chocolate while pregnant and dark chocolate during pregnancy.

Keep in mind that there are many factors in drinking this substance, and we tried to cover all of them in this article; the only thing you have to do is that you should be using the information that we have gathered to fix your beverage diet.

The last factor that you have to keep in mind is how much water should i drink while pregnant.

In the end, the Hipregnancy team is happy that you came to the end of this article about drinking hot chocolate in pregnancy, and we are looking forward to hearing all your feedback and inquiries.


1. Can pregnant women drink hot chocolate?

Pregnant ladies can drink hot chocolate, but they should moderate their intake as it contains caffeine.

2. What is pregnancy hot chocolate recipe?

As we have said in the article, you have to know how to make hot chocolate; the only thing that you will need is cocoa powder, sugar, and milk; keep in mind that you have to keep the levels of sugar and cocoa powder in a balanced range so you won’t hurt the baby.

3. How much hot chocolate can I drink when pregnant?

Based on the facts that we have presented, if you keep the hot chocolate balance, you will be able to drink up to 3 cups a week but make sure to make the hot chocolate as we have instructed to eliminate all of the risks it might have.

4. How is Nestle hot chocolate during pregnancy?

The beverage brand hardly matters because the base of these beverages is the same, and if you have a hot chocolate with high sugar levels, you have to replace it; however, nestle hot chocolate is one of the best that we have tried so far.

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