How Many Times Should I Eat In A Day While I Am Pregnant?


There have been many theories and hypotheses that eating certain meals and foods when pregnant can be one of the essential parts of these 9 months, and therefore there are many things that you have to know in this regard.

Meals you eat daily would give you the strength to go on with your day, and when you don’t eat, you get tired and hungry, and your body functions less productive.

But keep in mind that when you are pregnant and expecting a baby, this matter gets more and more sensitive by the day.

So, in this article, the Hipregnancy team will offer you some insight and research results regarding the act of eating during pregnancy and how many times I should eat when I am pregnant.

We will be answering all the matters, so let’s get started with the statement, shall we?

How many times a day should a pregnant woman eat?

How many times a day should a pregnant woman eat?

As we have mentioned, when we function daily, we are using the food that we have eaten and stored in our system; this means that when you cut the food from the body, you will be exhausted because you don’t have enough fuel.

But usually, when we are hungry, we will eat the same number of meals every day, which can be up to 4 if you consider the brunch; however, when you are pregnant, things are a tad different than usual.

When pregnant, you will have to change how you consume your food; you have to divide the 4 meals throughout the day

because getting hungry when pregnant can cause dizziness, leading to worst problems.

So, how many times a day should pregnant women eat to answer the question? We have to say the four meals are divided by the hours of the day until 2 hours before sleeping.

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Now let’s move on.

How do I know if I’m eating enough during pregnancy?

How do I know if I'm eating enough during pregnancy?

As we have said, the body has specific reactions to hunger; you will get low energy and then start to get anxious and angry; when you are pregnant, this effect will be magnified.

If you get starving during pregnancy, your head will be dizzy, and you may even have blackouts and headaches, so you have to avoid these effects.

Keep in mind that the first symptom that appears when you are pregnant and hungry is the shaking of the muscles and the body; this indicates that your body needs food, and since you are eating 2, you have to answer this call in the best way possible.

So, make sure to eat enough so that none of these symptoms appear on you when you are pregnant.

We also have an article about healthy pregnancy dinner recipes that you should check out because these dinners are delicious.

Now let’s get to the next section and see if it is bad only to eat twice a day while pregnant.

Is it bad to only eat twice a day while pregnant?

The human bodies are different from each other. Therefore, their needs will be different as well.

So, to answer this question, we have to look t our bodies and consult our doctor to find the best diet suited for us as pregnant women; remember that certain things are forbidden when pregnant, and staying hungry is one of them.

Make sure always to be well-fed and put your child as the priority.

And also, from the scientific aspect, you have to eat always three meals a day as a standard human, and the same can go for pregnancy.

And in addition, here is a list of pregnancy lunch ideas that you might be interested in.

We must mention pregnancy hunger because it happens often, and you must eat enough to prevent it.

Is it bad to eat once a day while pregnant?

Your body will need every bit of strength necessary to handle the matter of pregnancy because the nutrition and the body’s resources will be decreased, so you have to feed well.

The meals you eat also matter, and because you need certain nutrition from others, you should have specific food to maintain health for you and your baby and healthy fats during pregnancy.

But following the explanations, we have to say that eating only one meal a day cannot be enough to fuel a standard human body, and because of this fact and factoring in the pregnancy, we have to say that eating one meal a day is not healthy at all.

Diets can be different; however, your doctor should approve your diet because it matters for the child’s health and yours.

Not eating enough while pregnant during the first trimester

As we have mentioned, in 9 months, you are pregnant, and as long as you breastfeed, you have to maintain a decent diet and get enough at the correct times.

However, some individuals do not take this matter very seriously and do not pay enough attention to how much they eat.

When you are pregnant, during the first trimester, the foods to eat are crucial, so make sure to know everything about these meals.

If you do not eat enough during pregnancy, the riskiest thing that can happen is you blackout because you are hungry and hit the ground, and the baby gets hurt.

This can be one of the scenarios that can happen if you do not eat enough during the first trimester of the pregnancy.

So, ensure a good and beneficial diet to support you through this period.

And also, here is the list of what pregnant women can eat. So make sure to check it out.

Now let’s get to the next section and talk about when you start eating more when pregnant.

Let’s get going.

When do you start eating more when pregnant?

Eating more or less is not a matter of will; sometimes, your body tells you how much food you need.

But you must remember that certain acts you must follow or avoid.

For instance, when you start the pregnancy period, you have to get more because the earlier steps of the baby’s development are dependent on this matter.

And therefore, the different sections of this pregnancy will require a certain amount of food.

But do not worry because your body will tell you how much food it wants, and you are responsible for fulfilling this desire.

There are some easy pregnancy breakfasts that you can read about, and we are sure you can benefit from them.

Now let’s get to the next section and see what happens I you do not eat well during pregnancy.

Symptoms of not eating enough while pregnant

We have mentioned that if you do not pay enough attention to your diet when you are pregnant, bad things will happen that can damage you and your baby, so it is crucial that you have to follow these rules.

However, when you are hungry when pregnant, some symptoms warn you that it needs food.

So here is the list of the symptoms of not eating enough while pregnant:

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Insomnia
  • Stomach problems
  • Blackouts
  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Hyper-emotions

These are some of the side effects of not eating enough when pregnant, and we are pretty sure that you will watch your diet and keep yourself as healthy as possible.

How many calories should a pregnant woman eat per day?

As human beings, we need calories to give us the energy to go on with our day and function our body, and these calories are essential in the body’s metabolism.

But when you’re pregnant, your needs for calories increase, meaning you have to consume more to maintain your perfect strength.

Pregnant women will need 1800 calories in the first trimester, 2200 calories when they are in the second trimester, and 2400 calories at the end of the pregnancy.

And also, there are foods to avoid during pregnancy; you must read this article to learn about them because they matter a lot.

And also, here is an article that states the third-trimester foods that can come in handy.

So, make sure to calculate the calories in pregnancy that you consume to get the perfect amount.

And now, let’s get to the end of the article and finish the statement, shall we?

The end…

Having a baby is a blessing and a lot of fun, but the steps you must take before having the baby are more complicated than they look.

Some even say that the nine months of pregnancy is the hardest part of a woman’s life, and then some matters have fundamental importance in this period.

And eating better when pregnant is one of them.

In this article, we have talked about the meals you have to eat when pregnant, and we have concluded that the calories and amount of food you consume during pregnancy matter.

You have to split the meals; we have explained the full proof of the matter, so read it thoroughly.

In the end, the Hipregnancy team is very much glad that you decided to stay with us until the end of the “How many times a day should a pregnant woman eat?” article, and if you have anything to add, let us know from the contact section of the website.


1. How much fat should a pregnant woman eat per day?

As the results show, pregnant woman has to include the calories from fats in their meals, and it should conclude that 25-35% of them should be fats.

2. Is it normal to eat every 2 hours when pregnant?

When you’re pregnant, your body needs extra food, so it is customary to crave food every 2 hours and ensure to eat enough during this hunger.

3. Cannot eating enough during pregnancy cause miscarriage? Is it true?

When you don’t eat enough, you open yourself to some risks that can harm the baby and cause miscarriage, so make sure to read the symptoms o pregnancy hunger in the article and eat well.

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