Ketogenic Diet for Pregnancy (Definition & Effects)


Pregnancy is one every woman’s most significant and sensitive periods. The carrier should be cautious about what she consumes.

Everything accessible to the carrier, such as food, drinks, etc., can intensely affect both mother and child. So, the mother should be cautious about what she is consuming.

In today’s article, we will talk about a ketogenic diet for pregnancy.

It may be a question for you guys: “what is the keto diet?” stay with us so we can discuss the keto while pregnant.

So, let’s get started.

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What is the keto diet?

What is the keto diet?

The keto diet (short for ketogenic diet) requires consuming roughly 75 percent of your daily calories from fat, 15 to 20 percent from protein, and just 5 to 10 percent from carbohydrates.

The main idea behind the keto diet is to delete all the items and products that contain carbohydrates, such as most fruits, all kinds of grains, and some vegetables.

It may be a question for some of you ladies: “why?”

Carbs are the leading energy resource of the body, and when your body runs out of carbs, it burns fat so it can produce ketones, and it causes weight loss in the end.

It causes weight loss besides having a lot of energy without hunger.

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Ketogenic Diets & Pregnancy

Ketogenic Diets & Pregnancy

Most of us enter into ketosis, which usually happens when we fall asleep.

During pregnancy, the mother’s primary goal is to maintain the essential nutrients inside your body and the baby, regulate blood sugar levels, and ensure you get enough calories to sustain your energy.

So, can you do keto while pregnant? Due to ethical issues, no specific research about the keto diet pregnancy exists.

However, an increased number of women tested the keto diet during pregnancy. Every day, dietitians and food experts increasingly recommend a keto diet while pregnant.

If you are interested in keto and pregnancy, talk with your doctor and stay with us so we can show you the reviews of the women who tested the keto diet during pregnancy.

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Ketogenic diet for pregnancy success stories

Many people have tried keto while pregnant and were so grateful that they started this kind of diet during their fantastic journey; let’s look at the success stories of the ketogenic diet for pregnancy.

1. “I was trying to get pregnant about nine months at my first child. After that, when I wanted to have a second baby in my family, I started the ketogenic diet for pregnancy, and I got pregnant the first time, which was amazing.

I don’t believe such things much, but it’s interesting, and I guess it increased my fertility. My weight is down to pre-baby 1. Well, I guess I’m the winner of the game.”

2. “I am a housewife and married to the military. I ran around the household daily to put some weight down. My husband and I tried to get pregnant about five years ago, and I felt awful; in the end, I decided to put some weight down to have a healthy pregnancy.

So, I decided to start the keto during pregnancy. With the help of the keto diet while pregnant, I lost 15 pounds in 60 days and I’m so happy about it.”

These were reviews of dear ladies who tried the keto diet while pregnant and became successful. But there is no sure that the keto diet will work for everybody.

As you know, besides the benefits it can have disadvantages too. So, let’s look over the disadvantages of a ketogenic diet for pregnancy.

Effects of keto diet during pregnancy

The typical keto diet during pregnancy is not that safe. The success stories we mentioned above happen 1 in 1000, and there is no cure that the ketogenic diet for pregnancy goes well in every pregnant woman and can cause several problems in carriers’ bodies, such as Hypoglycemia, ketoacidosis, early labor, and reduced blood flow. 

As you know, keto diets’ main idea is to eliminate all the carbo from our diets.

Our body’s lack of carbo will end up in Hypoglycemia and ketoacidosis, which occurs because of the lack of glucose, which can threaten the baby you are carrying and many other dysfunctions inside the carrier’s body.

Of course, there is a chance that the diet will become successful, but we recommend you stick to a normal and healthy diet.

Keto, while trying to get pregnant.

While a ketogenic diet may help a lady who wants to experience the fantastic feeling of pregnancy drop pounds quickly, it would be best to use it “to kick-start a new health routine and lose weight” before trying to conceive.

Last but not the least

If you want to lose weight and be on the form, the keto diet is one of the best options you can find these days, but we don’t recommend it during pregnancy because of this diet, which you have to delete all the carbos from your diet.

You can use this technique after or especially before getting pregnant to have a healthy and stable pregnancy.

We hope this article about the ketogenic diet for pregnancy will help you.

If you have any experiences with the keto diet during pregnancy, or we just missed something, please share it with us.


1. What are the keto pregnancy symptoms?

Ketosis can happen much more often when pregnant, especially during morning sicknesses, nausea, food aversions, etc.

2. Can keto cause a miscarriage?

Yes, the keto diet while pregnant can cause miscarriage. It’s possible because of the low carb amount in your body, which significantly affects the carrier and the fetus.

3. How long should you be on keto before getting pregnant?

If you started the keto diet and want to continue with this diet, many women suggest beginning 2-3 months before planning on getting pregnant so that your body is fully adapted ahead of time. (Read more about pre pregnancy planning)

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