Can You Get LASIK While Pregnant?


Numerous people have bad eyesight and need glasses or eye contact to see clearly. Another way is to go under LASIK eye surgery. Regarding LASIK eye surgery, there are also several questions concerning it, and one of the top queries is: “Can you get LASIK while pregnant?

In this article, Hipregnancy aims to answer some of the most asked questions regarding these two subjects, answers to which will help determine whether LASIK while pregnant is possible or not. We also show the relationship between LASIK and pregnancy, and whether pregnancy can affect LASIK and vice versa.

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Pregnancy and Eyesight

Pregnancy and Eyesight

Remember that women’s eyesight may change or not change after pregnancy. However, if change happens and remains after pregnancy (which happens in 10 to 15 percent of cases), you should always think of LASIK before pregnancy or after that.

Eyesight changes can happen for several reasons, such as dry eye and visual disturbances.

  • Unfortunately, dry eye is one of the symptoms of changes in the eyes during pregnancy. Therefore, wearing glasses and contact lenses can be challenging for these women during pregnancy.
  • Some pregnant women have reported observing blind spots and flashing lights during their pregnancy.

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How effective is LASIK eye surgery?

How effective is Lasik eye surgery?

Based on the research conducted on LASIK, patients can expect an immediate result from this surgery. Four to five hours should be enough to improve eyesight.

According to surgeons, the result of LASIK eye surgery can last for a lifetime. However, the eye’s chariness can change back or decrease as time passes, and it is entirely related to the age of the patients. On the other hand, people who have undergone surgery can return to their normal activities as soon as their vision improves.

You can consult your physician if you have any questions about how long the result will stand.

If you agree, let’s discuss the answer to this question: “Can you get LASIK while pregnant?”

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LASIK and Pregnancy

Lasik during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the start of many changes happening in a mother’s life. For example, they avoid certain bad habits such as alcohol, smoking, driving, hard exercise, etc.

It is also a period in which the baby’s life depends on the mother, and whatever happens to the mother, from the change of medication, diet, etc., can directly impact the baby. Many physicians advise mothers to avoid any medication, surgery, and other activities that may risk the baby’s life for the above reason.

We know that having eye surgery is crucial. However, medical practitioners say you should not think of LASIK while pregnant because pregnancy can affect the results you expect from this surgery.

Many young mothers are asking whether they should get LASIK before pregnancy. Or whether it is safe to go under LASIK during pregnancy. For the next part, we will answer these two questions.

What happens if you get LASIK while pregnant?

What happens if you get LASIK while pregnant

If you want to do LASIK while pregnant, you should expect eyesight and vision to change since numerous hormones are released into the body.

In other words, if you expect vision correction from laser eye surgery, remember that LASIK during pregnancy causes inaccurate results. It can cause other vision problems, resulting in more expenses associated with additional eye surgeries. Hence, it is not advisable to get laser eye surgery during pregnancy.

Trust us; no one wants to undergo multiple surgeries in one row. Also, LASIK while pregnant causes you not to experience the full result of surgery, and if you take medication while pregnant, you may disturb your baby’s health.

The main risk of having LASIK during pregnancy is that you will not experience fully corrected vision post-pregnancy. Furthermore, the medications you are prescribed before and after surgery can enter your bloodstream.

So, Can you get LASIK while pregnant? We advise postponing laser eye surgery if you are pregnant or think you may become pregnant.

Can you get LASIK before pregnancy?

If you and your husband are thinking of pregnancy after LASIK, the good news is that you will not need to wait too long to execute your pregnancy plans.

You only need is to wait just enough for your eye’s vision to heal better. After that, your plans are safe to execute. Mostly, one month after the surgery will be enough. You can always rely on your physician to discuss your plans for peace of mind.

If you have already done your research and decided to go under the surgery to get rid of these symptoms, you can benefit from the following advantages of this eye surgery:

  • Many women do not prefer to wear glasses or contact lenses for different reasons, Such as dry eyes, frequent headaches, fatigue, etc. They are seeking other methods to improve their eyesight. If you are one of them, you can also consider laser eye surgery. However, as mentioned above, never consider LASIK while pregnant.
  • If your eyesight is not good enough to do your chores during the day or night, you can always consider this surgery (we know how hard it can be to find your glasses or contacts during the night). With this surgery, you can walk around in your house, streets, etc., without stumbling into another object and hurting yourself.
  • What does eyesight mean if you cannot see your loved ones? One of the main reasons you should consider LASIK before pregnancy is to enjoy having your family around and seeing them without any trouble. Improved eyesight means seeing your family and newborn baby clearly and spending time with them.

Do not forget to consult your physician and discuss your symptoms to make the right decision.

How long after pregnancy can you get LASIK?

Nursing moms must wait until breastfeeding ends to have laser eye surgery. But why? Are there any reasons to support this idea?

Since you might experience eyesight and curve of the cornea changes during breastfeeding, you should not have LASIK eye surgery while breastfeeding. Experts recommend waiting at least 6-8 months after breastfeeding is ended for doing LASIK.

Consulting your doctors ensures the right time to consider this surgery; therefore, consult your doctor before planning for LASIK.


Every woman can suffer from an eye problem, and many treatment options exist, such as glasses, contacts, and surgery (especially LASIK). This eyesight problem can cause numerous issues for women during pregnancy to do their daily work. So, can you get LASIK while pregnant?

The Hipregnancy team introduced you to LASIK eye surgery for the above reason. This eye surgery will help your eyesight and related problems improve and treat. However, pregnant women have a specific period to do this surgery. According to this article, LASIK while pregnant, should be completely avoided due to inconclusive results caused by pregnancy.

However, women can do LASIK before pregnancy and after that. However, at least 6 to 8 months is recommended after breastfeeding.

Our Hipregnancy website contains some of the most useful articles concerning numerous conditions and symptoms and their treatment.

For further questions, you can always rely on our Hipregnancy team and their expertise to solve your issues.


1. Is it safe to get LASIK safe while pregnant?

Getting LASIK during pregnancy is unsafe, as the prescribed medications for surgery can enter your bloodstream and negatively affect the developing baby.

2. How long to wait after LASIK to get pregnant?

Ideally, you should wait 1-6 months after LASIK to get pregnant.

3. Can pregnancy ruin LASIK?

Yes, you will not get a good result from laser eye surgery during pregnancy and will not experience fully corrected vision.

4. Can you get LASIK while breastfeeding?

No, having laser eye surgery while breastfeeding is not a good idea. However, you can do it after breastfeeding is finished.

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