Can I Eat Lox While Pregnant?


Everyone loves to consume sea food, and no one disagrees about it. You can make different foods from various seafood, such as calamari, crabs, or other creatures. But there is a question that goes around the heads of the ladies. Are sea foods good for pregnancy?

Well, we cannot answer it generally because it changes from fish to fish and the connection of it with the pregnancy. Pregnant ladies should be careful about what they eat during pregnancy.

They have to maintain a proper diet so that they can consume different kinds of nutrients and vitamins, and need to know what foods to eat and what foods to avoid during pregnancy.

So, they have to eat things in moderation. In case you are confused, diet does not only mean that you have to lose weight or anything similar.

Diet means finding a balance between the meals you have, especially for pregnant ladies who need to gain 350-500 calories more than others.

Sea foods are great to answer these needs, but you must be careful about the mercury substance. It may be questioned for you ladies: what is the mercury substance?

Don’t worry; we will talk about everything related to sea food.

One of the foods which are made of salmon is lox. We are going to explain to you what lox is and the effects of lox while pregnant.

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Now let’s see what lox is before talking about lox during pregnancy.

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What is lox?

What is lox?

Lox is a very thin salmon fillet cured with salt and cold smoked.

This recipe is consumed in different parts of the world, but Canada’s motherland of this unique and delicious food. Lox is usually served with cream cheese and bagels.

Well, now that we said what it is, lox, it’s time to see if eating this seafood during pregnancy is safe or not.

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Can you eat lox when pregnant?

One of the common questions about lox and pregnancy is: “Can pregnant women eat lox?” Let’s talk about the answer to this question.

Well, fish have lots of good benefits. One of the main benefits that make people, especially ladies, want to eat lox during pregnancy is the nutrient it contains inside itself.

But well, you must know what threatens you and your baby when you want to consume salmon during pregnancy, right?

You have to consume seafood in moderation because of the mercury substance. Don’t worry; we will talk about it as soon as we explain the benefits of the lox while pregnant.

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Benefits of eating lox during pregnancy

Benefits of eating lox during pregnancy

As we said before, lox while pregnant is one of the best nutrient resources you can find.

100 grams of the lox during pregnancy provides nutrients and resources such as:

  • Fat4 grams
  • Protein: 18 grams
  • Carbs: 0 grams
  • Vitamin B12: 136% of the Daily Value (DV)
  • Vitamin D: 86% of the DV
  • Vitamin E: 9% of the DV
  • Selenium: 59% of the DV
  • Iron: 5% of the DV
  • Zinc: 3% of the DV

Fish contains excellent resources, as you can see above, and now we will introduce you to some of the resources and their effects during pregnancy.

point Vitamin B-12

Vitamin B-12 is one of the main items inside the lox while pregnant, which helps the body maintain the nervous system of the carrier and the baby. Also, researchers say that when vitamin B-12 combines with folic acid, it becomes one of the main factors that help prevent congenital disabilities such as pina Bifida and other spinal discs.

point Omega-3

Well, omega-3 is the main reason ladies want to consume lox during pregnancy. Omega-3 is essential for the significant development of the fetal brain and retina.

It may also play a role in the gestation length and decrease the size of perinatal depression or prevent it.

It also contains other elements, such as iodine.

Now that you know the possible benefits of the lox while pregnant, you might want to know its disadvantages. So, let’s get started.

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Disadvantages of lox during pregnancy

Disadvantages of lox during pregnancy

Everything we are consuming indeed will have benefits and disadvantages at the same time, so let’s see the disadvantages of it.

point The mercury substance

As you can see in the last paragraph, seafood and lox are exceptional resources of omega-3, protein, and other vitamins.

But the main deal that prevents pregnant women from eating lox while pregnant is mercury, which is dangerous during pregnancy because it can cause fetal development and congenital disabilities, lead to cognitive impairment, and increase the risk of cerebral palsy.

But it’s that dangerous that it prevents a woman from consuming lox during pregnancy?

Note if you watch the amount of mercury you are eating. You must know which fish to avoid during pregnancy because of the high amount of mercury and which fish are low in mercury.

Also, if you want to be concerned about the mercury level, you must cook the fish properly, or you can get different diseases such as listeria.


As you can see, smoked salmon is delicious and nutritious, but you have to be careful when you want to consume it, and you have to avoid eating cold, heated things such as lox during pregnancy.

We don’t want to make you sad, but you have to be careful because you’re caring for another life inside your stomach, and you are responsible for that child and should pay attention to eating lox while pregnant.

You have to maintain a proper diet to get whatever your child wants. And don’t worry about any disadvantages if you cook correctly then there is nothing to worry about.

Thanks for reading our article about whether it is OK to eat lox while pregnant. If you have any other questions, “pregnancy” is the best website where you can find the answer to all of your questions.

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1. I ate lox while pregnant. Is it OK?

Of course, it is if you cook it properly and kill all the bacteria inside the fish. You don’t have to worry about mercury if you moderate your lox while pregnant diet.

2. What are the benefits of eating lox during pregnancy?

Lox has fat, protein, vitamon B-12, omega-3, etc.

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