Consuming Maca During Pregnancy (Safety, Benefits, Risks)


Recently, maca has gained popularity among people all over the world due to its positive effect on fertility. Some people believe it is safe to consume maca during pregnancy, while others ignore it. But what is the truth? Can pregnant women take maca root?

In this article on Hipregnancy, we will cover the answer to the above questions, and all the important points related to consuming maca while pregnant. Keep reading this article to the end to learn more about this plant.

What is maca?

what is maca

Maca is a native plant from Peru, available in powder, liquid, and capsule form. The taste of maca root is nutty, and it can enhance fertility and improve your energy levels. There are several ways to consume maca, like in smoothies, energy drinks, oatmeal, and sweet treats.

This plant is a superfood containing potassium, fiber, protein, carbs, and other key nutrients needed to keep your body healthy. Although this plant seems very useful, many people don’t want to try it because the amount of research in this field is limited, and just a few researches have been done on animal samples, human males, and perimenopausal women.

Although there is not enough information about consuming maca during pregnancy, the members of Hipregnancy team did their best to gather reliable information about this topic. Read the following parts to find out the answers to your questions.

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Is maca safe during pregnancy?

Is maca safe during pregnancy?

Pregnancy isn’t a time to take anything you want. In other words, you should be aware of what you eat or do during this sensitive period because all you do directly affects the growing baby. As a result, you should take the foods falling into the category of pregnancy-safe food options, for example, best fruits for pregnancy.  Now, let’s talk about consuming maca during pregnancy in detail.

Most people doubt consuming this fruit during pregnancy as there is limited research on this root. Some doctors believe it is safe to consume maca during pregnancy, while others don’t recommend that pregnant ladies take it.

Like other healthcare professionals, we can’t tell you whether to have it or not because there are not enough test results to clearly define whether this plant is safe to take during pregnancy.

Hipregnancy recommends you consult your doctor or health care provider about consuming maca in pregnancy and whether it is safe; this can help you to have a safe pregnancy with the help and guidelines of your doctor.

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Key nutrients of consuming maca during pregnancy

The following table shows you the key nutrients that exist in 1 tablespoon of maca powder;

Calories30 cal
Protein1 gram
Sugar4 gram
Fiber2 gram
Fat0 gram
Iron0.4 gram
Potassium130 mg
Carbs6 gram
Calcium20 mg

[1: theprenatalnutritionist]

Health benefits of maca during pregnancy

Health benefits of maca during pregnancy

As we mentioned in the previous parts, there is not enough information based on the safety of maca consumption during pregnancy. However, these limited test results show that consuming maca during pregnancy can be beneficial for pregnant ladies in the following ways;

  • Consuming maca root during pregnancy first trimester can boost your energy and improve memory and focus.
  • Maca can help in balancing hormonal changes during pregnancy.
  • Another benefit of taking maca root pregnancy first trimester is it can help you handle your anxiety and stress. The same goes for other stages of pregnancy.
  • Also, it can make your bones stronger to carry your cute baby.

These 4 health benefits are what the limited tests proved. So, we can’t say that consuming maca during pregnancy can benefit all pregnant ladies. Just more tests and research on different samples can make everything clear about this magic root.

Risks associated with using maca during pregnancy

Risks associated with using maca during pregnancy

Overall, every food items have health benefits and side effects, and maca root isn’t an exception. Here is a list of some risks and dangers associated with consuming this plant during pregnancy;

  • Heartburn
  • Insomnia
  • Skin problems
  • Increasing heart rate
  • Headaches

Surely, more studies and tests are needed to prove the side effects of maca for pregnant women. But now, all you can do is consult doctors about adding this fruit to your diet during pregnancy due to the important relationship between nutrition and pregnancy.

It is up to you to add maca root to your smoothies or drinks during pregnancy. We can tell you there is a long way to scientifically proved that maca roots are pregnancy-safe options.

Can maca prevent miscarriage?

Can maca prevent miscarriage

You may have heard that maca can prevent miscarriage, but there is no scientific evidence to prove this root can prevent miscarriage during pregnancy. You might read online articles which tell you this plant can reduce the risk of miscarriage. Hipregnancy earns you to only rely on scientific articles published in reliable and well-known sources.

Remember that you should not trust everything you read or hear all the time, especially during pregnancy. The best way is to consult your doctor to have a safe pregnancy and give birth to a healthier baby.


Pregnant women should be aware of what they consume during pregnancy. Maca is a plant that has become popular recently among pregnant ladies. But unfortunately, there is not enough information about the safety of this root for pregnant women.

Some believe it is safe, and others don’t recommend it. But what is the truth? It has not been proved that consuming maca during pregnancy is safe.

“What did you hear about maca?”, “Do you have any new information?” Do share your answers with us and other pregnant ladies worldwide.


1. Can you take maca root while pregnant?

To answer the above question, we should say that the number of studies on consuming maca during pregnancy is limited. Hence, there is not enough information to prove whether taking maca root during pregnancy is safe or not.

But available studies indicate that it is safe for pregnant women to take maca root pregnancy first trimeste, 2nd and 3rd trimester, in limited amounts.

2. Is maca powder safe during pregnancy?

As we mentioned above, there is not enough data to support whether taking maca powder for pregnancy is safe. But generally, it seems safe to take it in limited amounts. It is advisable to consult your doctor before taking maca powder while pregnant.

3. Are maca root pills safe for pregnancy?

We can’t recommend taking maca root pills for pregnancy, as there is no scientific proof to support the safety of taking maca pills during pregnancy. If you have any new news or experience about taking these pills, share it via comment.

4. What is the best maca for pregnancy?

According to available and limited studies, red maca seems a good option for increasing women’s fertility. 

5. Can maca root cause miscarriage?

Generally speaking, no scientific evidence supports that eating maca root during pregnancy can cause miscarriage. So, the answer to the above question is a myth. It is advisable to consult your health provider before taking maca during pregnancy to know whether it is safe.

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