Is It Safe to Drink Milk Tea During Pregnancy?


Pregnancy is a sensitive and challenging time in a woman’s life, and parents should prepare for their duties before the baby’s birth.

Women must get used to this period and its challenges and forget their detrimental habits, such as alcoholic drinks and smoking.

When they learn they are pregnant, women should take care of their body and mental health, stay relaxed and maintain good nutrition since infant development is closely linked to a mother’s health. They should be careful about what drinks can cause miscarriage.

Pregnancy itself raises many concerns for women, particularly in the case of food safety. Milk tea is a popular beverage made by a combination of tea, milk, and sugar; in this article on the Hipregnancy site, we focus on whether milk tea during pregnancy is good.

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Can pregnant women drink milk tea?

Can pregnant women drink milk tea?

Milk tea is a traditional beverage popular with people all over the world; invented in Taiwan, China and is also known as bubble tea. Women should care about their diet since they feed their infants.

Is it safe for you and your baby if you drink milk tea during pregnancy?

As it is evident, milk is an essential nutrient in human life, but when combined with other ingredients like tea, they may turn into milk tea while pregnant, an unhealthy drink.

Pregnant women should avoid sugary drinks, especially ice-blended teas, which are high in sugar.

Pay attention to this tip; homemade iced tea can be made with less sugar or honey.

If you don’t drink alternative caffeine drinks, it is okay. Refrain from judging at first glance; let’s see whether Tapioca pearls or pudding is safe.

Tapioca pearls are offered with more sugar to be tasty for customers. As a result, it brings many calories and little nutrition.

An average cup of either tea milk during pregnancy or tapioca pearls contains about 340 calories.

Take care of your weight and calorie intake as a pregnant woman to protect your baby’s health.

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Benefits and Risks of drinking milk tea during pregnancy

Benefits and Risks of drinking milk tea during pregnancy

In the next section of the article, we will present a concise and helpful explanation regarding the benefits and drawbacks of milk tea for pregnant.

Let’s begin by looking at a cup of bubble tea, shall we? Tea is a beverage that includes caffeine; nevertheless, if you are pregnant, it is OK to take less than 200 milligrams of caffeine daily; yet, consuming more than this amount might be dangerous.

Consider that drinking too much caffeinated-beverages like milk tea in early pregnancy can increase the risk of low birth weight and miscarriage.

And milk, an excellent and nutritious beverage, may have a significant amount of trans fat, which may cause your cholesterol levels to increase.

Last but not least, the syrup is created with a significant amount of sugar (about six tablespoons per cup), and the carbohydrates in this beverage may also increase blood sugar levels.

The individual ingredients of milk tea while pregnant may have some potential benefits; nevertheless, when coupled with one another, they pose a potential risk to the health of expecting mothers.

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Is Taro Milk Tea Safe During Pregnancy?

Is Taro Milk Tea Safe During Pregnancy?

If you wonder about the safety of Taro Milk tea during pregnancy, you can go through this article to find out. Since pregnant women are crazy about drinking Taro Milk tea while pregnant, there is still some debate.

First, let’s see what it is, Taro.

It comes from South India and Asia’s tropical regions, but now it is cultivated in different parts of the world, such as Venezuela, Brazil, and Hawaii.

Taro is the root of the Araceae plant family. To make Taro, the same process is used for making potatoes, such as boiling and mashing. Taro roots are used for making desserts or drinks such as smoothies.

Many health benefits are associated with Taro roots, such as their fiber content, magnesium, potassium, and weight loss properties. However, small amounts of Oxalic Acid can cause kidney stones.

As a result, there is no definitive answer to the question: Is Taro milk tea safe during pregnancy?

There is little evidence to approve the safety or unsafety of Taro milk tea for pregnant. It is better to consume it on average as other beverages, and also, you can ask your doctor to make the risk of abortion low.

To conclude, Taro or pearl milk tea is safe during pregnancy if you moderate your intake. To learn more about pearl milk tea for pregnant, check the boba while pregnant article.

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Is Wintermelon Milk Tea Good for Pregnant?

Is Wintermelon Milk Tea good for Pregnant?

As the name suggests, this drink combines winter melon, milk, and traditional Chinese tea.

A Wintermelon belongs to the cucumber family and contains vitamin B2, which relieves headache pain.

As a pregnant woman, you should consume a lot of fruits and vegetables to earn adequate nutrients for your health and your infant’s development.

Winter melon milk tea does not taste sweet and tastes like cucumber.

It is rich in nutrients and free of caffeine. But there needs to be more evidence to prove that it is entirely safe.

It is recommended to stay in moderation in consuming Wintermelon milk tea during pregnancy, particularly in the first three months.

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Is it good to have Coco milk tea for pregnant?

Is it good to have Coco milk tea for pregnant?

As long as it is not used in place of water, drinking coconut milk tea for pregnant is considered safe.

Additionally, it is safe for use in the kitchen as a culinary ingredient.

It’s essential to remember that pregnant women should avoid drinking too much coconut milk tea since it has a more excellent fat content than other milk alternatives. Also, every pregnant woman should pay attention to tea’s caffeine amount.

Can I drink Indian milk tea during pregnancy?

Can I drink Indian milk tea during pregnancy?

While pregnant, you can drink Indian Milk tea, made with black tea and contains caffeine.

As you know, a high amount of caffeine can be harmful, but you can enjoy its safe amount.

Women who drink one or two cups of Indian Milk tea while pregnant are not exposed to pregnancy risks.

Be careful if you add spices like cardamom or ginger to your Indian milk tea, which can lead to heartburn and indigestion in some pregnant women.

If you suffer health problems after drinking those milk tea while pregnant, avoid them.

Okinawa milk tea for pregnant; safe or not?

Okinawa milk tea has been gaining popularity worldwide in recent years. This milk is a popular drink in Japan. Okinawa is tasty and has a dark caramel color, made with milk, black tea, and brow sugar and served over ice. So, is Okinawa milk tea okay during pregnancy?

Yes, pregnant women can enjoy Okinawa milk tea made with pasteurized milk. Since this milk tea contains black tea, it falls into the category of caffeinated beverages and should be limited during pregnancy.

Too much caffeine is harmful to pregnancy, and because of that, pregnant ladies should limit their caffeine intake. The same rule applies to drinking Okinawa milk tea during pregnancy.

Thai milk tea during pregnancy

If you are wondering if Thai milk tea is safe during pregnancy, Hipregnancy says yes. You can drink Thai milk tea while pregnant, but you should moderate your intake to prevent the risks associated with too much caffeine during pregnancy.

Thai milk tea is made with black tea, sugar, water, honey, evaporated and condensed milk, and herbs and spices. Since it contains too much sugar, having large amounts of it can cause excessive weight gain during pregnancy.

Remember to use pasteurized milk to make Thai tea, as unpasteurized milk is forbidden for pregnant women and can lead to food poisoning.

How many cups of Milk Tea are safe during pregnancy?

How many cups of Milk Tea are safe during pregnancy?

According to conducted studies by The American College of Obstetricians Gynecologists (ACOG), 200 mg of caffeine daily does not result in abortion or preterm birth. On average, a single cup of 1 bubble tea has 340 mg of caffeine.

So it is critical to keep track of how much caffeine you take. Studies have shown that too much caffeine can adversely affect a baby’s development.

If you still insist on drinking Milk Tea during pregnancy, do not mix it with other additives, which can harm the baby.

Some cafes use artificial sweeteners like cyclamate instead of honey to make Mile Tea tasty, but they are toxic and highly trans-fatted, affecting an infant’s growth.

How to make milk tea for pregnant women?

How to make milk tea for pregnant women?

If you do not know how to make milk tea while pregnant, follow the instruction below to enjoy Milk Tea.

First, prepare a cup of green or black tea as you like. Then, pour 200 ml milk into a 350 ml glass cup (Ecooe 350 ml Borosilicate Glass Cup with Double Wall).

You can now mix the tea and honey into the glass.

You can read other articles on our website to get more data about the best tea for pregnancy.

To wrap up

Pregnancy is critical for women and their babies; they are susceptible to harmful effects.

They can improve your health and your baby by feeding a comprehensive prenatal supplement, having a complete diet, reducing toxic exposures, and reducing stress.

This article mainly focuses on drinking milk tea for pregnant women .

It is hard to say you can drink milk tea in pregnancy since there is a lack of studies about milk tea consumption while pregnant, but most experts believe it is safe. However, it contains a small amount of caffeine.

Staying in moderation in caffeine-based beverages for pregnant women is recommended.

We hope the milk tea during pregnancy article provided by the Hipregnancy team could be addressed your concern; if you have any questions or experience in this field, let us know in the comments.


Is it safe to eat matcha milk tea for pregnant?

Eating matcha tea during pregnancy is considered safe if taken in moderate amounts. The same rule applies to drinking matcha milk tea for pregnant women.

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