Can You Eat Octopus While Pregnant?


Octopus is a popular seafood that has various effects on the body. Meanwhile, some people, such as pregnant women, should be more careful when eating octopus. Since the period of pregnancy is very sensitive, the mother’s nutrition should be specially controlled.

Consumption of octopus while pregnant should be done in the right amount. Octopus has many nutrients that supply the mother’s body. However, eating too much of it may also cause side effects.

In this article on Hipregnancy, we will specifically examine the effects of octopus during pregnancy, so stay with us until the end.

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Can pregnant women eat octopus?

Can pregnant women eat octopus?

Since nutrition is very important during pregnancy, the mother should have a healthy diet plan for herself. Eating octopus during pregnancy is one of the things that worries pregnant women.

Pregnant women can eat octopus while pregnant, but they must have a specific plan for this. How to cook octopus has a very important role in its health, which should be taken care of. Put the octopus at a high temperature until it is fully cooked and ready to eat.

It is allowed to eat octopus twice a week during pregnancy. Of course, if the gynecologist gives you other advice, be sure to follow it. One of the problems that can be seen in some seafood is the presence of mercury. However, studies show that the amount of mercury in octopus is not high and does not pose a particular risk. If you eat octopus before pregnancy, you can continue to eat it during pregnancy.

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Benefits of octopus during pregnancy

Benefits of octopus during pregnancy

In general, eating seafood has many benefits because it is rich in nutrients. Octopus is also a rich source of protein, vitamins, and minerals that are essential for the human body. When a woman becomes pregnant, the body’s needs will increase. During this period, a large part of the food will be spent on the growth of the fetus. Eating octopus while pregnant has many benefits, some of which we will mention.

  • Improve heart function
  • Reducing the possibility of getting cancer
  • Supply of vitamins to the body
  • Solving the problem of anemia in the body
  • Magnesium supply to the body
  • Reduction of depression

Consuming octopus while pregnant first trimester can help relieve depression and boost your mood at the early stages of pregnancy. Moreover, consuming octopus while pregnant third trimester and second trimester reduces the risk of cancer and boosts cognitive health.

One of the important mineral elements in octopus is iron. As you know, the main cause of anemia is a lack of iron in the body. Pregnant women have a very high need for iron so that blood formation in their bodies can be done well.

Eating Octopus while pregnant makes the body well-supplied with iron. Do not forget that octopus is a rich source of protein. During pregnancy, when the fetus is formed, it needs a lot of protein, so eating octopus can be very useful. Considering the many benefits of eating octopus during pregnancy, be sure to include it in your diet.

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Side effects of eating Octopus while pregnant

Side effects of eating Octopus while pregnant

Eating octopus during pregnancy is indeed beneficial, but it may cause some harm. As mentioned, mercury is one of the substances found in the body of aquatic animals. If mercury has accumulated in octopus, eating it may lead to poisoning.

Therefore, be sure to eat octopus healthily and buy it from reputable centers. Also, it is not recommended to eat octopus more than twice a week because it causes much harm. In the following, we will inform you about some other dangers of consuming Octopus while pregnant.

  • The risk of contracting the infectious disease of toxoplasmosis
  • Damage to the fetal nervous system
  • Infecting with the Anisakis parasite
  • Negative impact on the human nervous system

Studies show that the benefits of eating octopus are more than its disadvantages. However, you should not ignore the mentioned complications because there is a possibility of injury. To be sure, be sure to consult your doctor to inform you about how and how much to use.

How to eat octopus during pregnancy?

Now that you know that there is nothing wrong with eating octopus while pregnant, you should also learn how to consume it. Remember that eating raw octopus is not recommended at all. Raw octopus can cause a lot of problems for you and your baby.

For this reason, make sure to cook the octopus and eat it hot. Steaming octopus is one of the ways ahead of you. You may ask: “Can I eat grilled octopus while pregnant?” The good news is that you can also grill the octopus and then eat it.

Hipregnancy recommends you consider the following points when you want to include octopus in your pregnancy diet including;

  • When you want to buy octopus, make sure it is fresh.
  • If you find after buying an octopus that it has blue spots, do not eat it because it may be poisonous.
  • After the octopus is done cooking, cut it in half with a knife. If the octopus meat is completely soft, you can easily eat it.
  • You can mix and eat octopus with other healthy foods.


Pregnancy is very important for every woman who must maintain her health well. In this situation, a pregnant woman should eat a variety of nutritious foods to strengthen herself and her child.

Eating octopus while pregnant ensures that a large part of the body’s nutritional needs are met. For this reason, this food can be consumed weekly. Of course, eating too much octopus also has risks that should be avoided.

Pregnant women should cook octopus completely and should not eat it raw. In this article, we discussed eating octopus during pregnancy.

If you have any experience with consuming octopus in pregnancy, be sure to share it.


1. Can I eat octopus while pregnant?

You can consume octopus while pregnant, but it should be thoroughly cooked and taken in moderation.

2. Is cooked octopus safe during pregnancy?

If the octopus is cooked at a high temperature, pregnant women can also eat it to supply their bodies with nutrients.

3. Can you eat raw octopus while pregnant?

Eating raw octopus can have various side effects for pregnant women. For this reason, eating raw octopus during pregnancy is not recommended.

4. Can I eat octopus while breastfeeding?

Eating octopus while breastfeeding is also possible, but its consumption should not exceed the weekly limit.

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