Can You Drink Orange Juice While Pregnant?


Pregnant ladies should drink plenty of water to keep their bodies hydrated since water is needed to form amniotic fluid, build new tissue, enhance digestion, etc. (To learn more, check how much water to drink when pregnant). Drinking juices, like orange juice while pregnant, is another good way to hydrate your body.

In this article on Hipregnancy, there is all you need to know about drinking orange juice in pregnancy, including nutritional facts, benefits, adequate amounts, potential risks, etc. Are you ready to talk about it in detail? If yes, let’s start.

Is it safe to drink orange juice while pregnant?

Is it safe to drink orange juice while pregnant?

Oranges are considered the best fruits in pregnancy since they are packed with key nutrients needed to support a healthy pregnancy. A common query of pregnant ladies to their doctor is: “Can I drink orange juice while pregnant?”

The short answer to the mentioned question is yes!

Orange juice is a nutritious beverage for pregnant ladies. It is high in vitamin C, a vital vitamin required to boost immunity while pregnant. It is not the end of the story. Orange juice contains many other essential nutrients, including potassium, protein, and carbohydrates. (learn more on carbs during pregnancy)

Furthermore, most commercially made orange juices are fortified and contain added vitamins and minerals, such as calcium. In other words, some minerals and vitamins not naturally present in orange juices are added in the fortification process. Calcium is at the top of the added minerals’ list.

It is good to know that calcium is highly required during pregnancy to strengthen the developing baby’s bones and teeth, and improve heart, nerve, and muscle development. In addition, it can keep your bone and teeth healthy; this is why pregnant ladies are recommended to take the best calcium supplements for pregnancy.

Nutrition facts for orange juice while pregnant

Nutrition facts for orange juice while pregnant

Here is the nutritional value of one cup of orange juice:

Calories110 Cal
Fiber1 g
Sodium9.6 mg
Potassium496 mg
Sugar20 g
Protein2 g
Vitamin60 mg
Carbohydrates27 g
Fat0 g

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Why is orange juice good for pregnancy?

Why is orange juice good for pregnancy?

Drinking orange juice while pregnant, in moderate quantities, provides some health benefits, including;

  • Strengthening the immune system

Orange juice is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, which can boost the immune system of the mother and the developing baby. This tasty and healthy juice enables your body to fight against illnesses while pregnant, particularly seasonal flu. It is a magic drink!

  • Keeping hydrated

Drinking orange helps you stay hydrated due to its high water levels. Having orange juice while pregnant first trimester, the time when you experience morning sickness, can prevent dehydration.

  • Preventing constipation

Orange juice is an ideal drink to prevent and cure pregnancy-related constipation due to its high fiber content. Most pregnant ladies complain about constipation during the last trimester of pregnancy; because the baby is heaviest during the third trimester and puts the most pressure on the bowel.

Having Orange juice during pregnancy third trimester is a good idea to help you eliminate annoying constipation!

  • Improving baby’s brain development

This yummy juice is rich in vitamin B6 and folic acid, nutrients needed to support the baby’s brain development and prevent birth defects.

While pregnant, you should eat foods and drinks packed with folic acid into your diet due to its effects on the development of the fetus. Even pregnant ladies should take folic acid before pregnancy. Imagine how much it is important for giving birth to a healthy baby.

  • Controlling blood pressure and improving the respiratory system

Drinking fresh orange juice during pregnancy provides carotene, and aids in improving respiratory system health. In addition, this juice is rich in potassium, which can control pregnant ladies’ blood pressure and prevent preeclampsia while pregnant.

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Orange juice pregnancy craving

Orange juice pregnancy craving

Regarding pregnancy cravings, only old wives’ tales are available. In other words, no scientific proof supports pregnancy cravings, including citrus and orange juice cravings.

However, there is an idea that craving orange juice while pregnant is a sign of giving birth to a baby girl. We can’t tell you that this idea is 100% true since this idea hasn’t been explored enough. It is an old wives’ tale about craving orange juice during pregnancy.

Hipregnnacy recommends you enjoy drinking orange juice during pregnancy when you crave it, without thinking that it can help you predict the gender of your baby. It is better to think about the health of your baby, not the gender. Love your cute baby!

Best orange juice for pregnancy

Best orange juice while pregnant

Orange juices are not made the same. Here are some varieties of orange juice that are good for pregnant women and will not harm their babies;

  • Pasteurized orange juice

Pregnant ladies should try to consume pasteurized foods and beverages to prevent food poisoning early pregnancy. The same goes for orange juice! Pasteurization can kill harmful bacteria that might be present in orange juice.

  • No/low added sugar orange juice

You should avoid highly processed juices containing lots of sugar while pregnant. Opt for orange juices, which have no or a little amount of sugar. These are better choices for you and can be a part of the best diet for gestational diabetes during pregnancy.

  • Fortified orange juice

Orange juices fortified with ingredients like calcium are better options than others. They can help you meet your body’s calcium needs during pregnancy. You can check the label of the juice to see whether it is fortified.

  • Not fresh-squeezed orange juice

It is recommended to avoid drinking orange juices labeled as fresh-squeezed since they are unpasteurized. If you want to drink fresh orange juice in pregnancy, juice oranges yourself at home and drink it soon. Please do not put it aside for a long time to prevent contamination with harmful germs.

Consider that drinking homemade fresh orange juice during pregnancy is okay; however, you should opt for homemade ones if you want to drink fresh squeezed orange juice during pregnancy.

Consult your doctor or healthcare provider before adding orange juice to your pregnancy diet. Your doctor can help you opt for the best way to protect your cute baby.

Can too much orange juice harm an unborn baby?

Can too much orange juice harm an unborn baby?

Overall, pregnant ladies should have a balanced diet to support the unborn baby’s health. Even safe foods that fall into the category of what can pregnant woman eat, should be consumed in moderation. The same rule applies to drinking orange juice.

Drinking too much orange juice during pregnancy can put your overall health at risk, harming your baby. Feeling cramps in the abdomens, diarrhea, erosion of tooth enamel, sore throat, gestational diabetes, and preterm labor are common side effects of having too much orange juice during pregnancy.

Remember that you need to be healthy to protect your unborn baby in the womb. Therefore, do not risk yourself and your baby by drinking too much orange juice or other drinks which can harm your baby.

The complete guide on “what drinks can cause miscarriage“, helps you know which drinks and juices are unsafe for you while pregnant.


While pregnant, you need to have nutritious drinks like orange juice in your diet to keep hydrated and improve the health of you and the fetus. Fortunately, drinking orange juice while pregnant can help you get essential nutrients to support a healthy pregnancy.

In this article on “Hpregnancy”, we did our best to make everything clear regarding orange juice and pregnancy. Wish you enjoyed it. If there is still any unanswered question about drinking orange juice when pregnant, share it with us via comment. We are here to help you!


1. Is orange juice good for pregnancy nausea?

According to reports of many pregnant ladies, it seems that orange juice is good for nausea while pregnant. Moreover, it can keep you hydrated while you experience morning sickness.

2. Is Tropicana orange juice safe during pregnancy?

Since Tropicana orange juice is pasteurized, it is safe to drink it while pregnant.

3. Can I drink pasteurized orange juice while pregnant?

You can try pasteurized orange juice during pregnancy, but only in moderate quantities. Drinking high amounts of orange juice while pregnant may result in diarrhea and acid reflux.

4. How much orange juice to consume in pregnancy?

Generally, it is safe to drink two glasses of orange juice per day during pregnancy. However, since each pregnancy is unique, we recommend you check the adequate amount with your doctor.

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