Is It Safe to Eat Parsley When Pregnant?


Everyone pays attention to what they eat these days, especially pregnant ladies. Parsley is one of those herbs that adds tremendous flavors to dishes, and most likely, everyone loves to have parsley in their diet.

But is it good for pregnant ladies to add parsley to their diet while pregnant? This is our main discussion today.

When pregnant, it is essential to ensure the thing you are consuming will not affect the baby or yourselves.

Now it’s time for our central question:” is it safe to eat parsley when pregnant?”.

We are going to explain everything that we can. Still, if you want to know everything possible about pregnancy, Hipregnancy is one of the best sites to gather all information in this field.

Let’s start with: what parsley is. Then, we will discuss whether you can eat parsley during pregnancy.

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What is parsley?

Parsley is a popular cooking herb, native to the mediterranean region. This herb can enhance food taste and provide several health benefits. For instance, it can prevent diabetes, cancers, hypertension, and cardiac disease. Moreover, parsley can promote healthy urine pH and decrease the risk of developing kidney stones.

Parsley is a rich source of vitamin K, which is essential for bone health and blood clotting. Anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties are other positive aspects that make parsley a nutritious and beneficial herb for improving human beings’ overall health.

Now it’s time to see whether pregnant ladies can enjoy this herb in foods. So, follow the article to find the answer to your questions about eating parsley when pregnant.

Can pregnant women eat parsley?

Although parsley contains various nutrients and provides several health benefits, consuming excessive amounts of it should be avoided during pregnancy. In other words, you can consume parsley when pregnant, but you should moderate your intake to prevent certain risks like uterine contractions.

Hipregnancy recommends you consult your doctor before including any item in your diet to ensure nothing will harm you and the developing fetus. Let’s continue to see the advantages and disadvantages of eating parsley during pregnancy.

Parsley during pregnancy: Advantages & Disadvantages

Parsley during pregnancy; Advantages & Disadvantages

Parsley is known as an herb that adds aromatic flavor to different dishes. After all, everyone loves to add this herb to their foods.

So, do you want to know what advantages and disadvantages of eating parsley when pregnant are? Let’s find out then:

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Folic acid is one of the main substances that have an intense effect on the growth of the nervous system. And guess what? Parsley is an excellent source of folic acid.
Many women waiting for a baby most probably experience oxidative stress during pregnancy. Parsley during pregnancy is an excellent source of vitamins B and C, which helps a lot of pregnant ladies cope with oxidative stress.
As you know, the immune system becomes much weaker than before when you are pregnant. Our body needs many antioxidants to be potent against different viruses, bacteria, or whatever causes sickness. And parsley is an excellent resource of antioxidants, which helps us a lot with confronting illnesses.
Well, no one wants to experience swelling while pregnant. Parsley in pregnancy is an excellent resource of magnesium and potassium, so it’s good against rushing and heart conditions.
Besides being careful of the baby, the mother of the child should take care of herself during pregnancy. Parsley is excellent for pregnant women to make their bone structure stronger. Besides, it’s great for the osteoarticular system of both carrier and child.
Skin is one of the essential things for dear ladies. After all, the ladies love to have soft and great skin. Parsley when pregnant will do everything for your skin, so you don’t have to use different kinds of biochemical substances and ruin your skin.

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Foremost, parsley contains myristicin inside it. Myristicin is one of the main substances that increase the risks of consuming parsley when pregnant. One of the main disadvantages of myristicin is that it makes the babies’ heart rate high, which is dangerous.
Parsley oil is much more dangerous than consuming it just regularly. Parsley oil may lead to serious harm if you drink it so often, such as kidney damage, and it may lead to hemoglobin problems in the baby.
As you know, the immune system becomes much weaker during pregnancy, leading to different allergies. Some ladies would become allergic to the parsley, and you shouldn’t consume it.
Now we are returning to the myristicin, but this time with another substance that makes parsley during pregnancy dangerous: apiol. These two substances together can cause severe harm to the mother and the child. We will give you some examples of the risks of parsley during pregnancy so you take these more seriously: miscarriage, abortion, and preterm labor.

Well, it’s enough, I guess, huh? As you can see, parsley has many health benefits and side effects and can be very helpful or harmful for dear ladies during their pregnancy.

As you can see, if parsley is so dangerous besides being so beneficial, you have to be careful about the amounts of parsley you use during pregnancy.

Like we said before, if you use it in dishes typically, it would not harm your body and has many benefits that help both of you.

Not only that, it has lots of benefits after pregnancy.

Shall we talk about them a little?

4 Benefits of parsley after pregnancy

4 Benefits of parsley after pregnancy
1. Breastfeeding is one of the essential parts of post-pregnancy. Parsley has a beneficial effect on the lactating process. It may help with the stimulation of breast milk.
2. The quality and quantity of breast milk have many positive effects on the baby. Well, parsley has an intense impact on the quality and the amount of breast milk.
3. Many ladies want to become pregnant after the first time they experience that feeling, and they want to share it one more time. Parsley helps you with that a lot if you’re going to get pregnant again.
4. It’s usual to experience irregular period cycles after your pregnancy, so parsley helps you with that.

Parsley tea for pregnant

Parsley tea is a popular herbal tea made by steeping parsley leaves in hot water. You may think that this herbal tea can be a good choice and natural remedy for relieving pregnancy discomforts due to its anti-inflammatory properties. But is this true? Can you drink parsley tea while pregnant?
The answer to the above questions is no! Drinking parley tea during pregnancy is not recommended as it contains apiole and myristicin, two compounds that may lead to uterine contractions and miscarriage. Therefore, you should not try parsley tea if you are pregnant.


As you can see, parsley has lots of benefits for pregnant ladies. Besides advantages, it’s delicious and adds a great taste to the dishes.

But you have to be careful about the consumption of parsley when pregnant; we especially recommend avoiding using it as oil.

Not only parsley, but you also have to be careful about many things during your pregnancy; in other words, you must be cautious about what you consume.

Thanks for reading our article, and if you want to know more about parsley during pregnancy, you can contact us in the comment section.

Also, you can check the Hipregnancy site and get all kinds of information about pregnancy.


1. How much parsley is bad for pregnancy?

Ladies should avoid large amounts of parsley when pregnant. In other words, consuming parsley for medicinal purposes, in the form of oil or extract, and drinking parsley juice or tea is forbidden during pregnancy, as it may lead to miscarriage.

2. Is cooked parsley safe during pregnancy?

Consuming cooked parsley used in foods to enhance the taste of your dish is not bad for you while pregnant. But you should not overeat such foods to prevent any possible risks associated with eating parsley while pregnant.

3. Is it safe to eat parsley during pregnancy first trimester?

Parsley has lots of benefits, such as containing folic acid, different vitamins, and substances that significantly affect the immune system of the child and the mother.

4. Is parsley safe during pregnancy?

Eating parsley while pregnant is considered safe, but excessive amounts of it are harmful for pregnancy.

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