5 Free and Best Pregnancy Nutrition Apps of 2023


The most common problem among pregnant women is using vitamin and nutrient. Actually they don’t know how much nutrient is necessary for the baby. By using a pregnancy nutrition app, you can get helpful information about foods and your diet. In this article we talk more about these kinds of apps.

What do you know about pregnancy nutrition app?

Are you pregnant and you don’t know what to eat? Don’t worry! This problem is really common among pregnant women. As you know getting enough nutrition is really necessary for the baby. The lack of nutrition and vitamin will cause serious problems for the baby.

The best way to understand how much nutrition you get, is using pregnancy nutrition app. Do you know what is pregnancy nutrition app? If you want to get more information about this app, read this article to the end.

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What can I do with pregnancy nutrition app?

What can I do with pregnancy nutrition app?

These kinds of apps are really helpful for a pregnant woman. Here we are going to explain their usage for nutrition during pregnancy completely.

1. Controlling how much nutrient you get

Am I getting enough nutrition for my baby? This question may be in your mind too. Most pregnant women are worry about the weight gain during pregnancy. To have a normal weight gain and also getting enough nutrition, you should use different and nutrient dense foods.

To control what you eat, you can download different apps and use them. You can enter what you eat for a meal in the pregnancy nutrition app, and then at the end of the day, the app will show the total nutrient you get. By using these kinds of apps, you won’t be worry about vitamin deficiency in your body.

2. Controlling the weight during pregnancy

It is necessary to know that you can control your weight with this app too. A common misconception among people is that a pregnant woman must eat as much as two people! This thought will cause overweight during pregnancy and after it. When you are pregnant, your calories should only increase a few per a day.

3. Tracking the pregnancy symptoms

As you know your symptoms changes during pregnancy. Symptoms usually begin 12 days after conception and they may annoy you. You can share these symptoms with a pregnancy nutrition app and then you will understand what is going on in your body. These apps share you some beneficial information about your health care. By passing time you will find out what helps you feel better and then you will focus on that for the next time.

As you know you may have some cravings during pregnancy. Food cravings is common amoung pregnant women. During pregnancy, you may dislike some foods or you may like to eat salty foods or sweets.

Craving is your body’s react to notice you what it needs. By entering your cravings in the pregnancy nutrition app, you will know what kinds of foods aren’t in your diet and then you can adjust the diet accordingly.

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5 best pregnancy nutrition apps free of 2023

Best Apps for Pregnancy Diet & Nutrition

Fortunately, there are several apps to help you have a better pregnancy experience and care of your baby in the safest ways possible. Lister below are some popular types of pregnancy apps you can use to support a healthy pregnancy, including;

  • Pregnancy diet and exercise app

These apps help you follow a nutritious and healthy diet during pregnancy besides an exercise routine. A healthy diet and being active are vital during pregnancy; the first for improving your overall health and provide the nutrients for the fetus’s development, and the second for relieving unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy.

  • Pregnancy calorie tracker app

Calorie tracker apps are excellent tools for pregnant ladies to monitor their food intake and count their calorie intake every day. These apps can indicate whether you eat an adequate amount of healthy foods while pregnant.

  • Pregnancy safe scanner app

Pregnancy scanner apps can help improve your overall health and keep the unborn baby safe. You can use these apps to scan the barcodes on food products to see whether they contain pregnancy-safe ingredients.

  • Free pregnancy apps for iPhone

Some apps are free for iOS users and Android users. However, some of are specifically designed for iPhones, like the WebMD pregnancy app. You can use them to monitor your food intake, follow an exercise routine, contact other pregnant ladies, find healthy recipes for pregnancy, etc.

As you know there are lots of different apps that you can use them but here we are going to introduce some of the best apps.

1. Care Clinic: in this app you can enter your information and then it helps you to have a diet and use your supplements during pregnancy. In this app there is a part that you can note what is in your mind.

2. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker and Baby Calendar: this app is really famous these days. It can remind you to eat your vitamins and get enough nutrients.  

3. BabyBump: by using this app you won’t need anything else. You can enter your cravings, symptoms and your changes weekly.

4. baby center: it is interesting to know that you can connect with other mothers in this app. You can save your photos in this app and also there is a part that you can see the baby’s development there.

5. Baby2Body: one of the most popular pregnancy nutrition app free is Baby2Body, which provides nutrition and exercise guidance during pregnancy. This app contains delicious recipes for pregnancy time and offers tips to help you make healthy food choices while pregnant.


Most of expecting mothers are worry about their baby’s health during pregnancy. They usually use different kinds of apps to make sure that they get enough nutrient. Using these kinds of apps get you more information about pregnancy and its cares. By installing a pregnancy nutrition app, you will have an experienced doctor for own that it can solve your mental concerns.

In this article we tried to give you more information about pregnancy apps. Hope that you like it. If you have any questions about these kinds of apps, please ask your question via comment part.

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