What to Eat in The Third Trimester?


Pregnancy is one of most beautiful and significant events. I bet every woman wishes to experience this fantastic feeling someday.

But let us make you aware of something. This process is one of the most sensitive processes in every woman’s body, and everything accessible to the carrier of the fetus can threaten the child and the mother herself, especially in the second and third trimesters.

The third trimester is the essential part of the pregnancy, and today, we will discuss what to eat in the third trimester. Recommend you read on article “best foods for first trimester” if you are in the first trimester.

Suppose you have questions about what to eat in the third trimester. In that case, Hipregnancy is one of the best Healthline websites where you can find answers to all of your questions about pregnancy and everything related to it.

So, let’s get started, and first of all, let’s see what the third trimester of pregnancy is.

What is the third trimester of pregnancy?

This period is the last phase of your pregnancy which lasts about 29-40 weeks or 3 months. During this period, your child changes its position to get ready for the birth, and the child must be about 19-21 inches and 6-9 pounds.

This might be the most challenging process of your pregnancy. In these months, your body will have changes such as fatigue, backache, bleeding, vivid dreams, etc.

As we said in the first paragraph, everything accessible to the pregnant can threaten and affect it.

Foods are considered one of the most important things that affects the baby so let’s see what to eat in the third trimester.

What to eat during the third trimester?

What to eat during the third trimester?

During the third trimester, your baby gains and forms like your body. Different parts of your baby develop, such as nails, hair, etc.

Considering this kind of thing that happens inside your food has one of the fatal effects on the child; after all, most nutrients are gathered in foods such as fruits and veggies.

Now it may be a question for you “what to eat in the third trimester?”

Let’s see the best foods for the third trimester:

  • Vitamin-A

Your baby needs different kinds of vitamins, too, such as vitamin A. This vitamin helps your baby’s bones grow and affects the vision and skin.

You can find vitamin A in fish, dairy products, and carrots.

  • Vitamin-C

It helps your body gain iron and helps your baby grow its teeth, gums, and bones. You can find vitamin C in strawberries, kiwi, tomatoes, and red and green peppers.

  • Vitamin B6

One of the essential nutrients that helps develop red blood cells and the baby’s brain. Bananas, poultry, and beef are the primary sources of vitamin B6.

We don’t have much time to introduce everything that the little one and you need.

What are the healthy snacks for pregnancy third trimester?

After all, every pregnant woman wants to eat delicious snacks during pregnancy.

Now, we are going to introduce you best healthy snacks for your diet third trimester:

  • Apple and cheese.
  • Egg on an English muffin.
  • Homemade trail mix.
  • Greek yogurt parfait.
  • Veggies or chips and guacamole.

Now let’s see what foods we should avoid in the third trimester of pregnancy.

Foods to avoid in the 3rd trimester

Foods to avoid in the 3rd trimester

Well, dear ladies, you should know that you must avoid some foods to secure yourself and your baby.

Now we will introduce what you have to avoid as a part of your third trimester diet and why we recommend you avoid it.

This paragraph in the article “what to eat the third trimester” probably is the most crucial part.

1. Dairy

We recommend avoiding unpasteurized milk, such as ripened goats’ cheese and soft-ripened cheese with a white coating in this category,

Pasteurized or unpasteurized soft blue cheeses, such as Danish blue, Gorgonzola, and Roquefort, are other kinds of dairy you must be careful of.

It may be a question for you guys why we should avoid this dairy during the third trimester.

There is little chance that the unpasteurized diaries contain listeria bacteria and can end up in miscarriage or stillbirth.

2. Meat and poultry

You are required to abstain from consuming certain types of meats and poultry, including the following:

  • Meat that is raw or just partially cooked.
  • Products are made from the liver and the liver itself.
  • All types of pâtés, including vegetarian pâté.
  • Game meats such as goose, partridge, or pheasant.
  • It may be a question for you guys why we should avoid meat in the third-trimester diet.

There is a slight chance of getting infected by toxoplasmosis. This bacterium can lead to miscarriage, and it brings lots of suffering with itself.

3. Alcohol

Alcohol can lead to severe and long-term harm to your baby. If you want a healthy delivery, it’s better not to drink alcohol.

4. Herbal teas

You should not drink more than 4 cups of herbal tea daily in your diet during the third trimester. (Read more about best tea for pregnancy)

What to eat in the third trimester to increase baby weight?

According to studies, including some nutritious food in your diet during the third trimester of pregnancy can help increase baby weight. If ready, Let’s see what to eat in the third trimester to increase your baby’s weight.

  • Fruits

Consuming fruits high in vitamin C, like bananas, strawberries, and kiwis can help your unborn baby absorb more iron from the foods you include in your diet; this can crease the little one’s immune system and helps increase baby’s weight.

  • Avocado

Avocados are rich healthy fats, vitamins C and E, and fiber sources. Adding them to your diet during the third trimester is recommended due to their high nutritional value.

  • Protein-rich foods

Eating protein-rich foods, including milk, yogurt, eggs, and tofu, is essential to support baby’s growth and development.

  • Lentils

Lentils are rich in fiber, fiber, and vitamin B1, all can increase your baby’s weight during the third trimester of pregnancy.

  • Calcium-rich foods

You should add calcium-rich foods to your third trimester diet, like cheese and broccoli, to ensure normal growth of your baby’s bones and teeth.

  • Salmon

Salmon is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, essential for baby’s brain development.
If you know any other foods to eat during the third trimester to increase the baby’s weight, share them with us via comment.

Last but not the least

As you are aware, pregnancy is one of the most critical processes every woman experiences during her lifetime.

Pregnant mothers should be cautious about what they consume because everything can affect the baby.

For example, as we mentioned above, some meats contain some bacteria that can end up in miscarriage, and that would be so suffering, you know? Be careful of your diet during the third trimester.

We ended our article about “what to eat the third trimester.” Suppose you have questions about what to eat during the third trimester; you can find all your answers in Hipregnancy.


1. How much protein do I need in 3rd trimester?

Well, it depends on the pregnant mother’s activity and her weight, but usually, every woman needs about 100 gr in the last month of her pregnancy.

2. What are third-trimester superfoods?

Beef liver, Peanuts, Dark green leafy vegetables, Oranges and orange juice, Nuts, Peas, Beans, and Fortified breakfast cereals are superfoods that contain high amounts of nutrients and proteins.

3. What to eat in the last month of pregnancy for expected delivery?

If you are wondering What to eat in the last month of pregnancy for standard delivery, these foods are the best answers to your question: Fruits, Vegetables, Protein, Whole grains, Healthy fats and oils, and low-fat or fat-free pasteurized dairy.

4. Is the apple the excellent choice to eat in pregnancy 3rd trimester?

As long as their body doesn’t show any side effects from the apple, it’s safe to consume it.

5. Is the banana the excellent choice to eat in pregnancy 3rd trimester?

Banana is a great energy resource and can boost you in the last months of pregnancy.

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