Can You Eat Scallops While Pregnant?


Since a mother during the pregnancy lasts for two individuals, it is natural to be more conscious of her intake.

Everything that we eat shapes our body, and it affects us mentally. Some foods are safe during the trimester, and some are not.

That is why on the pregnancy website, we try to provide a complete guide on what nutrients you can have scallops while pregnant.

Scallops are consumed as seafood, and they are a kind of shellfish. It has a creamy and firm texture, which tastes a bit sweet, and you do not get overly fish taste of it.

If you overcook the scallops, they become chewy and, for some people, unpleasant. Scallops during pregnancy are our concern in the following passages on Hipregnancy. So, if you are ready, let’s go to learn all about scallops when pregnant.

Can I eat scallops while pregnant?

We want to discuss scallops and pregnancy. If you are a seafood lover, you might be wondering if you have to curb your appetite for seafood during pregnancy. We want to answer these questions: Are scallops safe for pregnancy? Can pregnant women eat cooked scallops?

The good news is that eating scallops while pregnant is generally considered safe. However, there are some essential considerations to keep in mind.

When it comes to consuming any seafood, especially scallops, during pregnancy, the primary concern is ensuring that it is thoroughly cooked.

The traditional preparation method for this dish involves baking, grilling, or pan-frying, and scallops are not served raw, unlike the case with certain types of salmon used in sushi. This assurance should put your mind at ease when considering eating scallops when pregnant.

Scallops are packed with essential nutrients that are not only healthy for the mother but also vital for the baby.

However, it’s important to exercise moderation when indulging in this dish. Therefore, it’s advisable to consume scallops in limited quantities.

Scallops safe for pregnancy is proved here, and has been confirmed and is generally approved by most nutrition specialists.

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Are scallops high in mercury?

Are scallops high in mercury

Some mothers are worried about admitting: I ate scallops while pregnant! You just need to be informed about the scallops’ mercury during pregnancy.

Can you eat it without worry, enjoying it as a seamless meal?

  • First, it’s important to take a deep breath after considering all the clarifications we’ve provided so far.
  • And then the second issue that might make you worried is the amount of mercury you receive while consuming seafood.
  • It’s worth noting that seafood, such as shrimp, salmon, herring, and, most importantly, scallops, are low in mercury.
  • Taking small and measured portions of meals containing these ingredients is not only normally safe but also recommended and beneficial.

If the relationship between scallops and pregnancy is solved for you by now, let’s see what are the benefits of scallops during pregnancy.

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Benefits of consuming scallops while pregnant

Benefits of consuming scallops while pregnant

Scallops, while pregnant and especially through the first trimester, are beneficial as they contain magnesium, vitamin B12, and potassium, as well as omega-3 fatty acids that are great for your baby’s brain development.

They comprise substantial quantities of essential trace minerals such as zinc, selenium, and copper, which play a crucial role in promoting your and your baby’s overall well-being.

Moreover, a diet that consists of seafood, like scallops, offers extra benefits like reducing the risk of obesity and significantly improving heart health.

Another crucial consideration about consuming scallops while pregnant is to ensure that the scallops are not spoiled. If you are purchasing them frozen, please check the expiration dates.

If you like buying fresh scallops, be certain they do not have an off-putting scent. If you have not tried scallops yet, be mindful of the possibility of allergy since this type of seafood is more commonly allergy-provoking, unlike the rest of them.

Can I eat frozen scallops while pregnant?

Frozen scallops while pregnant

To spot this question, we should know that the best food while pregnant is a portion of fresh and organic food, and the ingredients are best.

But then again, you can also enjoy a meal with frozen scallops if they are well-cooked, and there is no need to be worried about it.

The best time to cook and eat scallops when pregnant is when you have bought them so you can prepare them freshly.  

After cleaning them, rinse them carefully with cold water, then cook them well using any method you prefer, such as grilling.

It’s indispensable to recognize that the best food during pregnancy is fresh and organic, with the highest-quality ingredients.

Side effects of eating raw/unsafe scallops during pregnancy

Side effects of eating raw or unsafe scallops while pregnant

Consuming raw scallops while pregnant can cause some health issues for the mother, and not directly to the baby. Since, in this important stage, the health of the mother affects the baby, we try to keep her safe from the first trimester to the third trimester.

Here are some of the allergic reactions to the raw scallops:

  • Tingling in your mouth or your lips
  • Abdominal pain
  • Vomiting
  • Runny nose
  • Coughing

This might be the side effect of eating the unsafe scallops. If there are such symptoms, you better quickly see a doctor. All these signs may be food poisoning after eating raw scallops or a bacterial infection due to being undercooked. So please get in touch with your doctor right away.

The best recipe for scallops when pregnant

The best recipe for scallops when pregnant

There are two types of scallops you have to be notified before buying: Bay scallops and sea scallops. The sea scallops are bigger and softer, while the other ones come in smaller sizes.

Buy the scallops from the authorized places and go for the larger sea scallops as they taste sweet. Or if you want to buy frozen scallops from a market, please pay attention to their expiration date.

The best recipe for scallops during pregnancy is only paying attention to cook them well. Other ingredients depend on the pregnant mother. But the best ones are grilled, and you need to cook them well down during pregnancy.

The best recipe is grilling scallops with garlic, creamy butter, and your favorite seasoning like salt and pepper. If you want to have more golden edges on scallops, you can add a dash of flour while grilling them.

Finish the cooking by adding garlic or some herbs for design. Bon appetite!

The final thoughts

The question of whether mothers can safely eat scallops while pregnant can be answered positively, on condition that you take some precautions.

It’s crucial to ensure that the scallops are thoroughly cooked, and it’s mostly suggested to choose fresh or frozen scallops from reliable places and markets.

Additionally, being mindful of portion sizes and avoiding extreme eating is a sensible approach. As with any dietary choices during pregnancy, it’s advisable to consult with your healthcare provider to make informed decisions that best suit your specific circumstances.

Overall, in the article on, we understood scallops are a delicious and nutritious addition to your pregnancy diet when enjoyed in moderation and with proper food safety measures in place.

So, you tell us your idea about scallops and pregnancy. How do you like to consume the scallops while pregnant? Do you even like meals that contain cooked scallops during pregnancy? Please share your ideas in the box below.


1. Can pregnant women eat scallops?

Pregnant women can eat scallops only if they are well-cooked.

2. Can you eat cooked prawns & scallops during pregnancy?

 Sure, you can eat well-cooked prawns and scallops when pregnant, and it is advantageous.

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