Can You Eat Strawberries While Pregnant?


Fruit consumption is recommended during pregnancy, as fruits are a rich source of fiber and many other essential nutrients to support a healthy pregnancy. The same goes for consuming strawberries while pregnant. Strawberry is a yummy fruit, everyone enjoys eating it, and pregnant ladies are no exception.

This article on Hipregnnacy has a complete guide to eating strawberry when pregnant, including its safety, nutritional value, benefits, potential risks, etc. To learn more about eating this tasty, sweet fruit, keep reading this article to the end.

Is it safe to eat strawberries during pregnancy?

Is it safe to eat strawberries during pregnancy?

Fruits must be a part of everyone’s diet! You should always keep in mind this sentence, as the fruits are packed with vital nutrients your body needs to stay healthy. It is good to mention that you should check the safety of fruit for pregnancy before consuming it while you are pregnant, as some varieties fall into the category of foods to avoid during pregnancy, such as pineapple.

Let’s talk about the strawberry. Are strawberries ok while pregnant? The answer to this question is yes; however, you should wash them thoroughly before consumption to avoid food poisoning caused by contaminants like pathogenic microorganisms or toxins.

Eating frozen strawberries while pregnant is not recommended. It is advisable to consume fresh strawberry instead.

Consuming strawberry in pregnancy provides several health benefits for both the mom and the baby. Due to its high nutritional value. So, including strawberries in your diet when pregnant is safe, as long as you wash them completely before eating and have them in moderate quantities.

To learn more about other foods and fruits that can be included in your diet, check what can pregnant woman eat.

Nutritional value of strawberries while pregnant

Nutritional value of strawberries while pregnant

The following table shows you the nutrient content of a cup of strawberries. Let’s look at this table to see how beneficial strawberry is.

Fiber4 g
Magnesium16.5 mg
Folate30 mcg
Calcium25 mg
Phosphorous32 mg
Iron0.7 mg
Selenium1.2 mg
Vitamin A0.0135 mg
Potassium45 mg
Protein1.2 g
Carbohydrates11.7 g
Vitamin C95 mg

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Health benefits of eating strawberries while pregnant

Health benefits of eating strawberries while pregnant

Now is the time to see what strawberries can do to support a healthy pregnancy. Here is a list of health benefits of consuming strawberries in pregnancy, including;

  • Strawberries are rich in vitamin C, which can boost the immune system and help your body fight infections. The same goes for consuming blueberry while pregnant.
  •  In addition, they can improve collagen production, which is vital for building the developing baby’s bone, skin, and cartilage.
  • Consuming strawberries while pregnant can boost your heart’s overall health, reducing bad cholesterol and plaque.
  • Having strawberry in pregnancy third trimester, when the fetus puts the most pressure on the bowel, is a great way to fight pregnancy-related constipation. This is related to its high fiber content. In this manner, it is similar to avocado. To learn more, check avocado during pregnancy.
  • Strawberries are rich sources of vitamin A, to improving eyesight. This vitamin can strengthen the cornea and retina of pregnant ladies’ eyes and boost their eyesight. Eating other fruits rich in vitamin A, like jackfruit during pregnancy provides the same benefit.
  • The folate content of strawberries can protect against preterm birth and fetal structural abnormalities.

Is strawberry juice safe during pregnancy?

Is strawberry juice safe during pregnancy?

Overall, only pasteurized juices are safe to drink during pregnancy, as unpasteurized varieties can be contaminated with harmful bacteria. Therefore, it is safe to drink strawberry juice in pregnancy if it is pasteurized.

However, there are some points that need to be taken into consideration. First you should not overeat strawberry juice or omit strawberry fruit from your diet and have its juice instead. Because strawberry juice doesn’t have vitamins and fiber as much as strawberry fruit.

The second point is related to the sugar content of strawberry juice. Juice has more sugar and calories than fruit; therefore, consuming strawberry juice in large quantities can negatively impact your health.

Hipregnancy recommends you drink commercially-made strawberry juices instead of ones available at bars, known as freshly squeezed. They might be unpasteurized and contain harmful bacteria. Or if you want to prepare this juice at home, use fresh strawberries, wash them thoroughly under running water, and drink the juice soon after preparing.

Can I drink strawberry tea when pregnant?

Can I drink strawberry tea when pregnant?

Drinking tea during pregnancy is not a bad idea, but you should not drink the ones high in caffeine. For example, drinking lemon tea during pregnancy is considered safe, but hibiscus tea is not recommended.

Strawberry tea usually combines dried diced strawberries and herbs or fruits. To be on the safe side, you should check the ingredients of the tea before going to buy it. For instance, it is not recommended to drink strawberry tea containing hibiscus.

Some known brands that make safe strawberry tea for pregnant ladies, including Tiesta, Ahmad Tea Strawberry Sensation Black tea, and Davids tea. Although the mentioned brands are pregnancy-safe ones, you should drink the strawberry tea of these brands in moderation.

Can I drink strawberry milkshake while pregnant?

You might be worried about the safety of strawberry shake in pregnancy. The good news is that you can enjoy a strawberry milkshake while pregnant; however, you should check the safety of the ingredients before drinking it.

The strawberry milkshake is made with strawberries, milk, and vanilla ice cream. Since pregnant women should avoid unpasteurized dairy products, you should check the safety of milk and ice cream before drinking a strawberry shake in pregnancy.

Moreover, it would best if you use fresh strawberries while pregnant and thoroughly wash them to reduce the risk of food poisoning. Remember that you should moderate your intake to prevent excessive weight gain and control your blood sugar levels due to the sugar content of ice cream.

Drinking strawberry a milkshake made in ice cream machines is not recommended since listeria can easily grow in such machines. So, the safest way is to make a strawberry milkshake at home with fresh strawberries and pasteurized milk and ice cream.

Can I drink strawberry lemonade while pregnant?

Strawberry lemonade is a refreshing drink made with strawberries, lemon, and sugar. This drink is considered safe for pregnant women if it is pasteurized.

Drinking strawberry lemonade is the best way to have strawberry in pregnancy first trimester since it can relieve symptoms of nausea during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester.

Hipregnancy warns you about drinking too much strawberry lemonade while pregnant because its sugar content can lead to unhealthy weight gain. Consider that you should not drink strawberry lemoade if you are experiencing acid reflux or heartburn during pregnancy, . Lemonade can worsen heartburn and should be avoided.

Risks associated with eating strawberries while pregnant

Risks associated with eating strawberries while pregnant

Now, you know that strawberry is a pregnancy-safe fruit, but even the safe options may have a few potential risks. Here are two possible dangers of consuming strawberries when pregnant, including;

  • Allergic reactions, such as inflammation and itching in the mouth or throat, particularly in ladies with a family history of allergy to strawberry
  • Food poisoning, due to eating unwashed or not properly washed strawberries while pregnant

Hipregnancy recommends you check the safety of strawberries with your doctor o healthcare provider. Since pregnancy is a sensitive period, you should consult your doctor about your diet, and what is included in it.

Craving strawberries while pregnant; boy or girl?

Craving strawberries while pregnant; boy or girl?

Overall, there is no scientific proof to support thi idea that food cravings while pregnant determine the gender of the baby. However, there is old wives’ tale that craving fruit and sweets is a sign of a baby girl.

Based on this idea, craving fruits like cherries during pregnancy or strawberries can help you guess that your baby is a girl. Consider there is no scientific proof behind this idea; therefore, you should be checked at your provider’s office to know what the gender of your baby is.


Strawberries are safe options for pregnant ladies to enjoy as a part of their diet. Consuming strawberries while pregnant help you meet the needs of your body and give birth to a healthier baby. Having these red, juicy fruits in large quantities is a big no-no, but eating them in moderation is ok.

In this article on Hipregancy, we discussed all the points and rules you need to know regarding strawberry consumption during pregnancy. Do you have any questions about eating a strawberry in pregnancy? If yes, share with us via comment.


1. How many strawberries can a pregnant woman eat?

There is no strict guide regarding the number of strawberries you can eat while pregnant, but keep in mind that eating too many strawberries during pregnancy is unsafe for expecting mothers. A cup of strawberries is be enough!

2. Is strawberry yogurt good for pregnancy?

Strawberry yogurt is considered good for pregnancy if made from pasteurized milk.

3. Can strawberry cause miscarriage?

No, strawberries are safe to eat during pregnancy if fully washed. There is no risk of miscarriage for those who include strawberries in their pregnancy diet. Go ahead and enjoy eating this yummy fruit in moderation.

4. Is it safe to eat strawberry during pregnancy third trimester?

Pregnant ladies can consume strawberries during the third trimester of pregnancy, but should moderate their intake. Eating strawberries in the third trimester can help treat or prevent pregnancy-related constipation as they are rich in fiber.  

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