String Cheese During Pregnancy (Safety, Benefits)


String cheese is one of America’s popular snacks rich in key nutrients needed for the health of the body. Generally, you can bite into string cheese or add it into your dishes. There is question about this cheese that may make your mind busy; “Is it ok to eat string cheese during pregnancy?”

The following article on Hipregnancy will cover the answer to this question and other important points you need to know about consuming string cheese pregnancy. Read on to find out the answer to your top questions related to this topic.

Is it safe to eat string cheese during pregnancy?

Is it safe to eat string cheese during pregnancy?

Generally speaking, cheese is one of the best dairy products to consume during pregnancy, as it provides several health benefits. Hence it falls into the category of “what can pregnant woman eat. There are many types of cheese worldwide, and there are many questions regarding the safety of their consumption during pregnancy, like this one; Can you eat blue cheese while pregnant?

Fortunately, the number of pregnancy-safe cheeses are not limited, such as goat cheese pregnancy or pasteurized cream cheese. There is another popular cheese that can be consumed during pregnancy. Yes, you’re right. It is string cheese!

Hipregnancy recommends you consult your doctor before adding this delicious cheese into your diet while pregnant, as each pregnancy is unique. However, as a general guideline, consuming string cheese during pregnancy doesn’t harm you and your baby as well.

String cheese is a great source of calcium, phosphorus, protein, and vitamins. But is string cheese pasteurized? The answer to this question is yes. String cheese is made from pasteurized cow’s milk, though it is safe to consume this type of fresh cheese during pregnancy.

It will be discussed in detail in the following part. Keep reading to learn more.

Are cheese strings pasteurized?

Cheese strings are pregnancy-safe food options since they are made from pasteurized milk. So to answer the above question, we should say that cheese strings are pasteurized and will not harm moms and unborn babies if taken in moderation.

The pasteurization process can kill harmful bacteria and make string cheese a safe option to include in your pregnancy diet. While string cheese strings are pasteurized, they should be refrigerated for longer durability and better preservation. So, it would be best if you kept them refrigerated after purchase.

Cheese strings are called differently in different parts of the world, like dil peyniri in Turkey or quesillo in Mexico. But the similarity between them is that they are made with pasteurized milk.

Nutritional value of string cheese

String cheese is one of the healthy pregnancy snacks for pregnant ladies to enjoy during pregnancy. The nutrition content of one stick serving of string cheese is as follows;

Calories85 Cal
Carbohydrates1.3 g
Protein6.7 g
Fat5.8 g
Calcium196 mg
Sodium198 mg
Selenium7.6 ug
Fiber0 g
B120.47 ug
Sugar0.5 g

Health benefits of string cheese during pregnancy

Health benefits of string cheese during pregnancy

If you include string cheese in your diet, it will provide the following health benefits, including;

  • The vitamin B12 content of string cheese promotes red blood cell formation and prevents anemia during pregnancy.
  • As string cheese is a great source of calcium, it can support bone health and prevent osteoporosis as well. In addition, it can help the development of your baby’s vital structure, such as the skeleton, resulting in giving birth to a baby with strong bones.
  • The selenium content of string cheese during pregnancy, plus vitamin B12 improve the immune system health of pregnant ladies. Hence, consuming moderate amounts of this type of cheese can reduce the chance of getting sick while pregnant.
  • String cheese contains carbohydrates which are the primary source of energy for the body cells. Furthermore, consuming carbs during pregnancy can keep your blood sugar level stable.

Can you eat mozzarella string cheese while pregnant?

Mozzarella string cheese is safe while pregnant if made with pasteurized milk. String cheese is made with low-moisture mozzarella, and because of that, the risk of contamination with harmful bacteria is low.

Pasteurized mozzarella cheese is used to make string cheese in the United States. So, if you want to eat string cheese in the U.S. or buy U.S. brands’ string cheese, there is no need to be concerned about its safety for pregnancy.

While mozzarella string cheese is considered healthy for pregnancy, it is advisable to consult your health provider before adding it in to your pregnancy diet. If your doctor is okay with consuming this string cheese during pregnancy, go for it.

To learn more about mozzarella cheese, check “Can you eat mozzarella when pregnant?“.

Who should avoid consuming string cheese during pregnancy?

Although string cheese is nutrient-dense food, it can cause allergic reactions or health issues in pregnant ladies, including;

  • Those who are allergic to dairy products, like cheese.
  • And those who have high blood pressure.

It is more advisable to talk to your doctor or healthcare provider before trying out string cheese during pregnancy to prevent any possible dangers.

Always remember that even if it is safe for you to eat this type of cheese while pregnant, you should not have it in large quantities, as the high amounts of any kind of pregnancy-safe foods can change them into unsafe ones.


As there are many types of cheese available on the markets, you may become confused while choosing the best type of cheese to eat while pregnant. String cheese is one of those safe options that you can add it to your meal plan during pregnancy.

In this article on “hi pregnancy”, we covered the answer to the top questions about consumption of string cheese during pregnancy.

Do you think there are any missed points needed to be mentioned? If yes, do share your information with us and other expecting mothers.

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