Traditional Medicinals Pregnancy Tea (Safety & Ingredients & Uses)


With pregnancy coming up, every parent starts looking for food and drinking sources to boost the healthy development of the baby and the mother herself. Among the superfoods and supplements, organic and healthy supporters have become more popular and slightly essential than ever.

Traditional Medicinals Pregnancy Tea is one of these herbal superpowers that support a healthy pregnancy with zero calories.

This mildly sweet and minty tea identifies itself as the best tea for pregnancy. And according to the ingredients of it, they are not wrong in calling it the best traditional pregnancy tea.

Here in Hipregnancy, we’ve decided to dig into what this tea is and how pregnant women can enjoy and benefit the most from it. Let’s dive in.

Is Traditional Medicinals Tea Safe During Pregnancy?

Of course the first question that comes into the mind of every parent is “Is Traditional Medicinals Tea Safe During Pregnancy?” To answer this question, first, we should take a peek into its main ingredients, though we’ll cover each one of them in the following sections.

Traditional Medicinals Pregnancy Tea is made up of raspberry leaves, and according to its description, some other herbs are added for maximum effect.

Therefore, as all the ingredients of this medicinals tea come from herbal sources, we can conclude that consuming it to a moderate amount, is safe during pregnancy.

A significant disclaimer both on the box and on the website of this product states that none of the statements “have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration”.

Therefore, a quick consultation with your health provider is beneficial in determining if Traditional Medicinals Pregnancy Tea is safe for you or not. But it is worth mentioning that all of the Traditional Medicinals products are non-GMO verified. [1:]

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Traditional Medicinals Pregnancy Tea Induce Labor

Traditional Medicinals Pregnancy Tea Induce Labor

Traditionally raspberry leaf, as the main ingredient of this product, is known for preparing the womb for childbirth. However, just relying on traditional routines is not ideal to conclude if this tea can induce labor or not.

In one study on less than 200 women, raspberry tea has shown some results relating to easing and inducing labor. This study suggests that this tea can shorten the second stage of labor by 10 minutes.

Also, in the same study, it’s been shown that women who consumed raspberry leaf during their pregnancy have fewer chances of requiring a c-section, artificial rupture of the bag of waters, or vacuum-assisted birth.

Therefore, we can conclude that based on ‘some’ studies, and also based on traditions, raspberry leaf in tea or tablet supplement form can have positive effects on labor. [2: babycenter]

Traditional Medicinals Pregnancy Tea Ingredients

Traditional Medicinals Pregnancy Tea Ingredients

Formulating tea blends is a professional specialty that requires training and expertise. But with Traditional Medicinals Pregnancy Tea, you shouldn’t be worried about that.

Raspberry leaves are harvested by hand from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and with the help of specialist herbalists, some other herbs get blended, and the final product is something amazing.

Supplement facts of this product is as following table:

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 tea bag (makes 8 fl oz)
Servings Per Container: 16
 Amount per Serving%DV
All Herbal Ingredients:
Organic raspberry leaf††700 mg
Organic stinging nettle leaf175 mg
Proprietary Blend:875 mg 
Organic spearmint leaf 
Organic fennel fruit 
Organic rose hip 
Organic alfalfa herb 
Organic lemon verbena leaf 
†Daily Value (DV) not established.
††40% Fair Trade Certified ingredients by dry weight.

As evident from this table, this product has one main ingredient that needs more explanation: [3:]

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Organic raspberry leaf

Raspberry leaf, which is the main ingredient of this product, has many benefits for uterine and pregnancy, including strengthening the uterine muscles, shortening labor, and easing labor pain.

Providing healthy nutrients, antioxidant and anti0inflammatory effects, lowering pre-term and post-term birth, reducing nausea, and easing labor pains are some other benefits of raspberry leaf.

Traditional Medicinals Pregnancy Tea Reviews

Traditional Medicinals Pregnancy Tea Reviews

Their scientific knowledge and clinical experiences have made Traditional Medicinals Pregnancy Tea one of the best herbal teas in this industry, and there are many positive reviews associated with it. Among many retailers for this product, two of them are the most outstanding:

  • On Amazon

This product has 76% 5-star reviews from 13,625 ratings on Amazon alone. More than 3,800 people reviewed Traditional Medicinals Pregnancy Tea with very few dissatisfied customers.

  • On Walmart

Another major retailer which has this product on sale is Based on reviews on this website, Traditional Medicinals Pregnancy Tea has 4.8 out of 5 stars based on 44 reviews.

These reviews suggest that not only the product is recommended by most reviews and past customers, but also it is a reliable brand that has earned its name in this industry. [4: happilyevaafter], [5: amazon], [6: Walmart]

Instructions to Use Traditional Medicinals Organic Pregnancy Tea

According to the official website of this product, in order to fully enjoy this herbal tea, you should follow these steps:

  1. Pour 8 Oz freshly boiled water over 1 tea bag
  2. Cover the container and let the teabag be completely steep inside
  3. After 10-15 minutes, squeeze and remove the tea bag from the container

The maximum recommended usage for this product is 3 cups per day.


Traditional Medicinals company is known for its healthy traditions and herbalism with more than 60 teas. Traditional Medicinals Pregnancy Tea, in particular, is made for pregnant women and lots of the world’s top retailers like Amazon and Walmart have it for sale.

The reason to bring up these retailers is because of their (non-inauthentic) user reviews. Besides good reviews, when we look inside its ingredients, we see nothing but herbal and natural sources of some nutrients that are healthy for pregnant women.

As always, you should be careful about any possible allergies you might have and be sure to check with your health care professional about its safety for your particular condition.

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