Can You Eat Vodka Sauce When Pregnant?


Vodka sauce is a famous pasta sauce you might crave during pregnancy. Since a healthy diet is essential to pregnancy, you should check whether it is safe to eat vodka sauce when pregnant before including it in your diet.

This article on Hipregnancy explores the safety of vodka sauce for pregnant women. So, if you are a vodka sauce lover, keep reading this article to the end to find out the answer to your questions regarding consuming vodka pasta sauce while pregnant.

Is vodka sauce safe during pregnancy?

Is vodka sauce okay during pregnancy

Pregnant ladies should be aware of the relationship between nutrition and pregnancy since what they eat during the nine months of pregnancy directly impacts the growth and development of the fetus. We want to discuss whether you can have vodka sauce when pregnant.

Generally speaking, consuming vodka sauce while pregnant is considered safe, but it should be taken in moderation. Vodka sauce is not harmful to the growing fetus; however, drinking vodka is not recommended, similar to drinking wine during pregnancy.

If you want to make vodka sauce at home, you should opt for recipes with small amounts of vodka to enhance your dish’s flavor. A common opinion is that you should limit your intake of vodka sauce while pregnant, as there is no safe amount of alcohol for pregnant women.

Hipregnancy recommends you consult your health provider before adding vodka sauce to your pregnancy diet to ensure consuming it will not harm your unborn baby. Let’s continue to learn more about vodka sauce pregnant.

Does the alcohol cook out of vodka sauce?

Does the alcohol cook out of vodka sauce

One of the top questions about vodka sauce is: “Is there still alcohol in vodka sauce?” Alcohol evaporates while cooking vodka sauce, but that doesn’t mean no alcohol will retain after cooking.

The amount of alcohol remaining in vodka sauce once ready to eat depends on: temperature, ratio, and cooking duration. Consider 100% removal of alcohol in vodka sauce when pregnant is rare, but if you cook sauce thoroughly, there will remain a small amount of alcohol.

In other words, the amount of alcohol remaining in vodka sauce after cooking is low and is not dangerous for your health and the unborn baby. To make vodka sauce at home, add vodka at the beginning of cooking till the alcohol can have enough time to evaporate.

Penne with vodka sauce when pregnant

Penne with vodka sauce when pregnant

Penne with vodka sauce is considered a safe dish for pregnant women as long as it is consumed in moderation. Since this food contains alcohol, taking too much of it can harm the baby. Excessive amounts of alcohol during pregnancy can cause premature birth, miscarriage, and low birth weight. Moreover, it can cause the unborn baby to develop fetal alcohol spectrum disorder or FSDA.

Hipregnnacy recommends you limit your intake of penne with vodka sauce while pregnant and follow the below-mentioned guidelines once you want to have it, including;

  • Add a small amount of vodka to your dish.
  • Wash fresh basils thoroughly under cold running water before using them as a topping for penne with vodka sauce. (read more about basil during pregnancy)
  • Only use pasteurized cheese and cream to lower the risk of food poisoning while pregnant.
  • It is best to increase cooking time to let the alcohol burns off.

Can you eat store-bought vodka sauce while pregnant?

Can you eat store bought vodka sauce while pregnant

Like homemade vodka sauces, store-bought vodka sauce is safe to eat in moderation during pregnancy. The only point that needs to be considered is to check the ingredient label of commercially-made vodka sauces before purchasing them.

The level of alcohol in store-bought vodka sauces are not the same, some might have more alcohol, and some might have a small amount of alcohol. It is advised to check the label and opt for one with low alcohol levels to minimize the risks associated with having alcohol while pregnant.

Is bertolli vodka sauce safe during pregnancy?

Bertolli vodka sauce when pregnant

Bertolli vodka sauce is one of the popular commercially-made vodka sauces, which provides a classic and creamy flavor. Consuming this vodka tomato sauce while pregnant will not cause any problems if taken in moderation and cooked thoroughly before serving.

Since Bertolli vodka sauce is yummy, you might often crave it while pregnant. Although this sauce makes your pasta tasty, you should control your cravings and not overeat pasta made with this sauce.

Consider even after cooking this Bertolli vodka sauce when pregnant, there will remain alcohol in your dish. To be safe, have this sauce in moderate quantities or use the nonalcoholic sauce to make your favorite pasta when pregnant.

Can I eat vodka sauce while breastfeeding?

Studies stated that vodka sauce could be eaten while breastfeeding as there is not too much alcohol in this sauce to harm the infant. However, Hipregnancy recommends you breastfeed your baby 1 or 2 hours after consuming a dish containing vodka sauce; this ensures that no alcohol will pass to your newborn through breast milk.

It is best to talk to your doctor before having vodka sauce while breastfeeding. The same goes for other food options you want to try during pregnancy or postpartum.


Craving vodka sauce when pregnant is not abnormal and might happen in any pregnancy. The good news is that pregnant ladies can enjoy this sauce but should follow moderation. Moreover, they should cook the sauce thoroughly to remove its alcohol as much as possible.

This article on Hipregnancy aimed to cover the top and vital points all pregnant ladies need to know regarding the consumption of vodka sauce pregnant. Hope you have enjoyed it. If there are still any questions that need to be answered, or missed points, share them with us via comment.


1. Can you eat jarred vodka sauce when pregnant?

It is safe for pregnant women to have jarred vodka sauce if consumed in moderate quantities and cooked properly. It is recommended to check the nutritional label of a jarred vodka sauce before buying to choose the product with the lowest alcohol level.

2. Can you have sauces with alcohol when pregnant?

While it is best to avoid alcohol in any content during pregnancy, consuming moderate amounts of sauces with alcohol is considered safe when pregnant if cooked thoroughly.

3. Can I eat penne alla vodka while pregnant?

Yes, a moderate amount of properly cooked penne alla vodka is safe for pregnant ladies and will not harm the developing fetus.

4. Is vodka pasta sauce safe during pregnancy?

You can enjoy pasta vodka sauce when pregnant but you should not overeat this sauce and cook it properly before serving.

5. Can you eat pink vodka sauce when pregnant?

Pink vodka sauce can be eaten during pregnancy in moderate quantities. You can use pink sauce instead of vodka sauce to have creamier sauce. Remember to cook pink vodka sauce thoroughly before eating it during pregnancy.

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