What Is Weston A Price Pregnancy Diet Plan?


Mom’s diet before, during, and even after pregnancy is crucial because their body needs nutrient-rich foods to prepare for conception, build baby’s body during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Today, we cover Weston A Price pregnancy diet in this article of Hipregnancy, which is full of nutrient-dense foods to help you give your child the healthiest life possible.

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Weston A Price Foundation

Dr. Weston A. Price (1870-1948) was a Cleveland dentist who decided to travel to isolated parts of the world to discover the cause of dental decay and physical degeneration in the children. In the early 1930s, he began his research on human beings who were lived on the parts of the globe untouched by western civilization such as South America, Africa, Australia, northern Canada, Polynesia, and Europe.

For over ten years, Dr. Price continued his research and at last he found that parents’ nutrition and diet are key factors impact on the baby’s health (e.g., having beautiful teeth, resistance to disease, good physiques.) He analyzed the foods used by those people and gathered a list of nutrient-dense foods.

Weston A Price pregnancy diet contains foods that are high in the fat-soluble activators, K, D, A, D, and also high in minerals. Weston Price has been called the “Isaac Newton of Nutrition” due to his discoveries and presented his research conclusion with thousands of photographs in “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration book”.

Weston A Price Pregnancy Diet

Eat eggs daily, preferably from pastured chickens 2 or more/every day
Add additional egg yolks to salad dressings, smoothies, scrambled eggs, etc. most days of the week
Eat cod liver oil, to supply 20,000 IU vitamin A and 2000 IU vitamin D2 teaspoons /per a day
Eat butter, preferably from pasture-fed cows4 tablespoons/every day
Drink milk, preferably raw and from pasture-fed cows32 ounces or 1 quart whole milk/ every day
Eat lacto-fermented condiments and beverages such as cheese, yogurt, kefir, cultured raw butter, etc.every day
Use coconut oil in smoothies or cooking, etc.2 tablespoons/every day
Eat fish or lard, for vitamin Dmost days of the week
Eat fresh seafood, particularly wild shellfish, salmon, and fish eggs2-4 times/per week
Use Bone broths in stews, soups, and saucesmost days of the week
Eat fresh liver3-4 ounces/once or twice per week
Eat fresh lamb or beef consumed with the fatmost days of the week
Use traditional sweeteners in moderation (e.g., raw honey, date sugar, maple syrup, maple sugar)most days of the week
Eat fresh and naturally preserved vegetables and fruitsevery day
Eat naturally leavened, soaked grains, nuts and seedsevery day

Avoid eating junk foods, sugar, alcohol, soft drinks, cigarettes, white flour, commercial fried foods, trans fatty acid (e.g., hydrogenated oils), caffeine and drugs, even prescription ones.

WARNING: Cod liver oil contains substantial levels of omega-3 EPA, and it shouldn’t be taken during pregnancy unless the entire Weston A Price Diet is followed exactly. Because it can cause health problems such as haemorrhaging during the birth process, if not balanced by arachidonic acid (ARA), a type of omega-6 fatty acid. If you want to take cod liver oil, you must add egg yolks, liver and meat fats to your diet because of their high amount of omega-6.

Everyone knows that diet plays a key role in having a healthy child, however, Dr. Weston A. Price found that what both parents eat before pregnancy can affect development and health of the baby as well.

He understood the importance of preconception nutrition for both parents and concluded both of them should be eating all of these nutrient-dense foods before pregnancy, for at least six months before conception to prepare themselves.

Men and women should try and practice eating healthy and nutrient-rich foods even before pregnancy and after that. Because the quality of egg cell and sperm highly depends on the quality of their diet and nutrition.

It is better for pregnant and nursing mothers to follow the entire WAP diet, however, it does not mean you have to avoid using Weston Price Pregnancy Diet because of not accessing to the some sections of this diet. WAP diet helps you to have smarter and healthier babies. [1: westonaprice]


The health the baby in highly depended on the mother’s diet before and during pregnancy. Weston A Price Pregnancy Diet Plan is full of nutrition dense foods like, egg, milk, cod liver oil, fish, butter, coconut oil, etc. that are Safe to eat before conception and during pregnancy.

WAP diet plan is high in minerals and fat-soluble activators which can improve baby’s health. Dr. Weston A Price also recommends to avoid some foods and drinks such as sugar, junk foods, alcohol, cigarettes, commercial fried foods, trans fatty acid, caffeine, etc. because of their negative side effects on pregnancy.

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