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I’m Dr. khoddami, an obstetrician who loves to help unborn babies to live in the world as healthy as possible.

I decided to lunch hipregnancy on Sep 7, 2021, to help pregnant women have healthy pregnancy, all over the world. Hipregnancy is supposed to cover all information you need to know for your pregnancy journey.
I have more than 20 years’ experience as an obstetrician in many hospitals and official clinic. Now, I want to share my knowledge and experiences about pregnancy, pregnancy diet, delivery, etc. to pregnant women and others who want to know more about pregnancy and its special healthcare.

Dr. Gholami and Dr. Ghaffari are two of the best obstetricians who help me in this way.

Dr. Gholami is one of the best obstetrician, I have met and worked with. She had the chance to help new mothers and experience child birth since she graduated.

Dr. Ghaffari is another author of hipregnancy who is so expert in her career. She specializes in carrying pregnant women during pregnancy and labor for several years.



My name is Dr. Khoddami, and I am here to help you during your pregnancy period. I, as an obstetrician and gynecologist, provide care related to pregnancy, as well as childbirth. Now, it is more than 20 years that I try to treat my patients with compassion and understanding. Managing Hipregnancy and sharing beneficial posts is my one of my top goal in life, because it can help me to transfer my knowledge and experience to pregnant women in any parts of the world.





I am Dr. Ghafari, an obstetrician and gynecologist, with more than 10 year experiences of treating pregnant women during pregnancy and labor in several hospitals.

I’m proud to be one of the authors of hipregnancy and to help Dr.khodami in this way, and also sharing my information about pregnancy, diet, etc. to pregnant women all around the world, as a member of world medical association.





My name is Dr. Gholami, and I am treating women throughout their pregnancy and deliver babies for more than 15 years. Since I went to college, I decided to become expert in my major, in order to help pregnant women having enjoyable experience of their pregnancy and having healthier babies. Now, I am one of the authors of hipregnancy, and I do my best to write accurate, and essential information about all aspects of pregnancy, based on the medical and scientific knowledge that I obtained throughout study and also my experience in these years.



They are really expert in their major and have beneficial information about pregnancy and labor. Hipregnancy team and I try to prepare articles with beneficial, accurate, and important information about pregnancy which can help you take care of your baby. We aim to help pregnant women and their baby to stay as healthy as possible during pregnancy and increase their chances of having a better and easier delivery. We do our best to answer your top questions during pregnancy until your delivery time.
If you are pregnant, and you want medically accurate and up-to-date content, hipregnancy is here to help you.


Alintera niut says: I am 4 months pregnant and I used to drink alcohol sometimes. Hipregnancy website has given me useful information about harmful foods and helped me a lot to quit alcohol.

Niassa says: I am 38 years old and 6 months have passed since my pregnancy. Unfortunately, I have gestational diabetes and this problem bothers me a lot. I went to the doctor but did not get a good result. Your article and the diet you mentioned were really helpful to me and my diabetes has been treated very well.

Dr.bojar says: Red meat and soy are rich in protein, vitamins and iron are highly recommended for pregnant women. I am Dr.Bojar from India. Thanks to the good team of hipregnancy for this very scientific and informative article.