Is It Better to Have Covid Vaccine Before Pregnancy?


There are some men and women who don’t want to get COVID-19 vaccine, due to their concerns about the effects of the vaccine on their fertility. Scientifically, not only there is no concern about getting covid vaccine before pregnancy, but also it can be really helpful for the body. So, don’t be reluctant to get vaccinated against COVID-19!

In this article of Hipregnancy, we will cover what you need to know about covid vaccine before pregnancy and safety recommendations. Keep reading to the end to see all important points you need to figure out.

Is it better to get covid vaccine before pregnancy, or during and after that?

There is a keep-in-mind sentence about getting COVID-19 vaccine;

“The sooner you get vaccinated, the sooner you get protected.”

The above sentence easily shows the importance of getting covid vaccine before pregnancy. It means, if you get vaccinated before pregnancy, you will be safer whenever you get pregnant, as well as your baby.

There is an idea among ladies who are planning for pregnancy, about getting vaccinated against covid after pregnancy, in order to protect their babies better by passing on vaccine’s antibody to them. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in America (CDC), it is true that receiving an mRNA covid vaccine while pregnant can build antibodies which can pass into the cord blood and might help protect bay against this dangerous disease. It is important to mention that the levels of protection caused by covid vaccine in babies are unknown and more studies are needed to collect data.

It is recommended to get covid vaccine before pregnancy, if you are trying for a baby or might become pregnant any time in the future. Also, your partner should get vaccinated, as well as you. In addition, pre-pregnancy test is needed for extra care.

Keep in mind that if you get vaccinated before pregnancy, and after receiving one shot of covid vaccines needed two does to provide good protection against COVID-19 such as, Pfizer-BioTech or Moderna, you should get second shot as soon as possible. It is suggested to get a second shot of the vaccine after 3-6 weeks.

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Does covid vaccine before pregnancy impact women’s fertility?

Does covid vaccine before pregnancy impact women’s fertility?

Women who are in love with children, and want to be mother in the future, should be aware that what they do now, will impact their ability to get pregnant in the future. The most important question arises here is that, does covid vaccination cause fertility problems?

Let’s start the answer to this question by discussing the idea about immune responses caused by COVID-19 vaccine. At early stages of developing covid vaccine, some researchers believed that there is a similarity between the proteins exist on the surface of the COVID-19 virus and one of the proteins used by embryos to implant in the uterus early in pregnancy.

They thought the immune responses which are built after covid virus vaccination, can cause fertility problems in women, increase the chances of getting pregnant in ladies, or make it more difficult to get pregnant. Later and after more investigations and researches about this idea, it was proved that not only these proteins are not similar, but also they are much more different than what they thought at first.

For example, research studies on ladies who received covid vaccine before pregnancy and got pregnant on their own, or those who had difficulties for getting pregnant and became pregnant with help after vaccination, showed that there is no evidence that receiving COVID-19 vaccine before pregnancy has any side effect on fertility.

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Studies of fertility in healthy males after getting covid vaccine

Studies of fertility in healthy males after getting covid vaccine

According to a recent small study of 45 healthy males who get covid vaccinated, there is no evidence shows that this type of vaccine can lead to fertility problem is males. In other words, researches proved that the characteristics of the sperms such as, movement and quantity, will not change after receiving vaccine.

Some people think that fever caused after receiving covid vaccine shot can reduce sperm production, but it is not true. Although fever caused by illness can lead to short-term decrease in sperm production, there is no scientific evidence shows that fever caused by COVID-19 vaccine can have a negative effect on sperm production. in addition, if males don’t get vaccinated, covid infection can decrease the sperm counts in them, which can lead to male fertility problems in severe cases.

 So, men should not be worry about vaccination, and it is better for them to get vaccinated as soon as possible, if they want to be safe and have a healthy baby in the future.

Managing side effects of covid vaccine before pregnancy

Managing side effects of covid vaccine before pregnancy

It is normal to experience fever, pain, and discomfort after getting vaccinated. So, don’t be worry about these side effect and consult your doctor about taking over-the-counter medicine that can make you better and relieve your pain. Doctor may recommend to take medicines such as, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and antihistamine based on the side effects affected your body, to reduce your pain and discomfort.

According to studies on covid vaccine, the acetaminophen is the best and safest option to use after receiving covid vaccine before pregnancy. Keep in mind that, you should not take acetaminophen or other medicine mentioned above before getting COVID-19 vaccine, in order to reduce or prevent its short-term side effects.


It is recommended to receive COVID-19 vaccine for all people, especially ladies who want to have baby now or in the future, as well as their partners. Getting covid vaccine before pregnancy can protect ladies’ body against covid virus and makes their body ready to get pregnant in a safer situation.

COVID vaccination in ladies does not have any side effects on males and female’s fertility. In fact, if you do not get vaccinated, the infection caused by this harmful effect can lead to pregnancy difficulties. So, receive this vital vaccine as soon as possible to avoid any harmful effects that may happen by this dangerous virus.

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