How to Get Flat Stomach After Pregnancy?


Pregnant ladies will have big stomach even after delivery. In fact, it takes time to get back to pre-pregnancy body, but it is not as hard as you imagine. Do you want to know: “how to get flat stomach after pregnancy?” Here are some tips for flat tommy after pregnancy.

Read on this article of hipregnancy to figure out what you need to know about the causes of big belly after pregnancy and the fastest ways to get rid of it. Let’s start.

What causes big stomach after pregnancy?

First, it is better to understand the reasons behind having big stomach after delivery. Because you may think that your stomach will get back to pre-pregnancy shape right after childbirth.

Read the following part, which shows you some common reasons why your belly looks bigger than its pre-pregnancy shape, even after giving birth to your little baby;

What causes big stomach after pregnancy?

1- Separated abdominal muscles

Diastasis recti refers to separating abdominal muscles during pregnancy, especially in the third trimester. According to studies, approximately 66% of ladies face with this separation in their abdominal muscles during the last trimester of their pregnancy, which can lead to having big tommy, even by weight loss after pregnancy.

2- Enlarged uterus

At first, the uterus is only about 3-4 inches. But during pregnancy, it can stretch up to approximately 500 times. As enlarging uterus doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time to get back to its normal size after pregnancy.

Generally speaking, the uterus requires about 6-8 weeks to get back to its originally size. It is worth to mention that, you may experience after pains such as uterine contractions and cramping after pregnancy, since 72 hours after childbirth. These are the signs of wrapping stomach after pregnancy and shows uterus is getting back to its normal size.

3- Baby belly fat

Belly fat is the result of gaining more weight during pregnancy, especially when you don’t know how many calories to eat while pregnant. If your stomach is still big after pregnancy, maybe there is some baby belly fat left. Don’t be worry about that, you can burn this fat through breastfeeding and easy exercises.

4- Loose skin after pregnancy

Your stomach skin’s collagen fibers usually break down due to over-stretching during pregnancy, which can lead to loose skin and stretch marks after pregnancy. This problem is common among ladies who want to return to their pre-pregnancy shape.

In the last part of this article we will tell you how to firm your loose skin, but if you want to know about the ways of fading stretch marks, read our another article with the title of how to get rid of stretch marks after pregnancy.

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How long does it take for wrapping stomach after giving birth?

Duration of Wrapping Stomach After Pregnancy

There is an important question to answer before talking about how to get flat stomach after pregnancy; “how long does it take to get rid of a big belly?”

Before covering the answer to this question, it is worth to mention that we can only tell you the general guidelines. Therefore, the mentioned time can be different for you, it may happen early or takes a long time to get flat tommy after pregnancy. So don’t be nervous, if it lasts a little longer than the time we will mention.

Overall, it takes 6-9 months for the stomach to get back to its pre-pregnancy shape and size. During this period, you will lose your weight, the uterus gets back to its size, and breastfeeding helps you to burn your fats. Just be patient, and use the following tips to slim your belly.

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How to get flat stomach after pregnancy?

wrapping stomach after giving birth

Now is the time to be familiar with our magic tips for flat tommy after pregnancy. Although we will tell you the tips to get flat stomach, it is better to consult your doctor or health care provider before making any decisions. Let’s take a look at the following tips;

  • Breastfeeding

Do you know breastfeeding has several health benefits for you and your baby? Breastfeeding can provide crucial nutrients for the baby, strengthen baby’s immune system, and help you lose weight after pregnancy, which leads to get flat stomach. If you breastfeed your baby, you need 300-500 calories each day, which comes from eating foods, and burning fats as well.

  • Postpartum massage

Getting a massage after pregnancy not only increase blood-flow to abdominal areas, but also improves skin’s elasticity. In other words, oils which are used for massage, nourish the skin cells and improve collagen production. In addition, massaging helps your body to release oxytocin hormone, which can improve involution process and getting uterus back to its normal size.

Keep in mind that, if you had C-section, you will need to consult your doctor about the best time to get postpartum massage. As a general guide, you should not get massage after pregnancy, until all your incisions completely recover.

  • Wearing a postpartum girdle

Surely, you think about how celebrities get back to their pre-pregnancy shape right after childbirth. Do you want to know their secret? They wear postpartum girdle 1 or 2 days after delivery.

Wearing girdles after pregnancy can promote blood circulation, support abdominal muscles, decrease pain from involution, and help the uterus get back to its original size as well. All of these speed up childbirth recovery, which the most important thing you need after pregnancy.

  • A healthy diet

You should always consume healthy and nutrient-dense foods, especially after pregnancy. Because your body needs nutrients for recovery and nourish the little baby. Adding healthy foods to your post-pregnancy diet helps you lose weight and get back to your previous style.

  • Postnatal Fitness

Do you want to know how to get flat stomach after pregnancy? Exercise, exercise, exercise! You require at least 150 min of moderate aerobic activity per week to get flat tommy after pregnancy. Post-pregnancy friendly exercises, such as yoga and walking, can help in reducing baby belly fat, as well as strengthening abdominal muscles.

How to firm stomach loose skin after pregnancy?

How to firm stomach loose skin after pregnancy?

There are some factors impact on your skin’s elasticity. Can you guess some of them? Let us tell you! Age, genetics, number of pregnancies, and weight gain during pregnancy are 4 important factors that impact regaining elasticity of your skin. You need to firm your loose skin if you want to get flat stomach after pregnancy.

Here are some easy and natural remedies that can help you to firm your skin after pregnancy, but keep in mind that, sometimes the only way can help you firm your loose skin is surgery.  Wish you get good results of the following tips before going under knife.

  • Drinking plenty of water should be on the tops of your skin-care routine. You can make your skin hydrated with through drinking water, and improve its elasticity and moisture.
  • Use hydrating products rich in collagen and vitamin to nourish your skin. If you want to get best results, you should use the firming creams, which are designed to use after pregnancy. Don’t expect a miracle to happen, because these creams only can improve the overall appearance of your skin and don’t work for the severe cases.
  • Getting a skin wrap treatment can be beneficial, too. This technique involves masking the stomach with clay or other botanicals, and then wrapping the area with cloth or plastic bandages. In this process, your skin is nourished and heated to improve its texture and elasticity.


Most ladies want to know how to get flat stomach after pregnancy. Because getting back to pre-pregnancy shape is really important for new moms and impact their confidence. There are several tips for flat tommy after pregnancy, such as wearing postpartum girdle, using hydrating cream, having a healthy diet, and so on.

You should not forget to consult your doctor before choosing these tips to get rid of your postpartum issues, because your doctor is the best one that can help you based on your needs.

Now tell us if you have any experience about big belly after pregnancy. What did you do to get a flat stomach after delivery? Please share your experience with us and other new moms facing this problem.

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